8 Best Free Ways to Boost Traffic on Your Website in 2022 (Updated)

8 Best Free Ways to Boost Traffic on Your Website in 2022, get rid of the struggles and pressure that comes with driving visitors organically onto your website!

8 Best Ways to Boost Traffic on Your Website in 2022 (Updated)

Make smart decisions and adhere to the most effective strategies to increase your unique value in online business! The companies that make wise decisions swiftly employ multiple strategies to increase their site’s traffic to achieve more results in a short amount of time.

Your SEO practices determine your Keywords’ place on the result page. If you implement the right, effective, and sophisticated SEO strategies You will be able to discover the secrets of the search engine optimization.

There are two primary SEO methods

  • Black-hat and,
  • White-hat SEO.

White hat SEO practices are the most effective SEO practices that search engines such as Google and Bing accept to improve exposure on search engines.

Black-hat SEO techniques are illegal or unapproved methods of increasing your rank on Google or other search engines.

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In this article today, you’ll learn 8 Best Free Ways to Boost Traffic on Your Website in 2022 (Updated) and how to boost your rank on Google using the most effective SEO methods; white-hat SEO techniques.

1. Update and Upgrade Existing Content

To ensure that your content is generating organic traffic frequently You will need to upgrade and update your content as needed. ” Content Freshness ” is a Google ranking algorithm that was introduced in 2011. It is an algorithm which rewards new and fresh content over old and outdated, this is the first of 8 Best Free Ways to Boost Traffic on Your Website in 2022!

We often forget to update and improve our content, which can affect our ranking. According to Google 6 to 10 percent of searches were altered by the algorithm.

If you are looking for

  1. Trending News,
  2. Sports updates(recent football or basketball) scores,
  3. New review articles for the latest editions,
  4. or current statistics(most visited site for 2022),

You’re looking for results that are updated and have the latest information.

Google is determined to provide you with updated information. That’s one motive behind this algorithm. But, not all subjects have been affected by the algorithm.

Should your website’s content fall into the categories listed below, you’ll need to revise your content and make new webpages to keep and improve your ranking.

  • Hot, recent and hot topics

Recent news or events will be always fresh or revised to earn the highest ranking possible from the algorithm that determines freshness of content developed by Google.

Let’s look at a demonstration of how this algorithm functions.

Find the “covid information” or “trending local news,” you will always discover new or up-to-date content at the top of Google.

News sites will be looking to utilize this easy, but highly effective SEO technique to boost their rankings on Google.

  • Recurring events that are regularly scheduled

These are the regular events that happen annually, every month, or frequently or daily. EPL’s most recent scores and Presidential election are in this category.

Looking on “EPL scores during matchdays” will always result in the most recent scores from clubs that are playing in England’s Premier League(EPL) during that particular time.

  • Sites for affiliates that are regularly updated.

Are you an affiliate on a site? You’ll need to upgrade your content in order to increase the value of your real property.

Users searching on the internet for “Review” articles should be able to access regularly updated content to have the most recent details. It is vital to regularly update review articles to ensure they are fresh and can influence the algorithm. Content like “Best A.I. Softwares “””Product Name + Review” are the kinds of content that are impacted by the algorithm for freshness of content.

One of the most effective SEO strategies is to regularly keep your content updated and up-to-date.

If you are upgrading your content by adding or removing the content in your previous piece of content in order to help the article more noticeable.

Google likes in-depth content, so updating and updating your blog will increase your rank on Google.

2. Enhance E-A T

E-A-T. The acronym stands for “Expertise in Authoritativeness, Expertise and Credibility” is an Google quality rater’s guidelines which ranks “YMYL” content based on the author’s expertise as well as the authority of the website and the trustworthiness of the website.

YMYL is a shorthand in the form of “Your Money, Your Life.” YMYL is used to identify websites that focus on your “finance and health, stability security, happiness, and stability.”

Google intends to offer content that doesn’t interrupt users’ experience. This is the primary objective that is the E.A.T. ranking signal.

Here are the most important takeaways to help you improve your E.A.T.


  • Write your own article and prove your knowledge in a particular field.
  • Create an author bio for each piece you make(yours as well as guest articles).
  • Engage or hire experts with a history of writing in an industry.


  • Find backlinks from sites with an established reputation and are related to your site.
  • Find yourself mentioned online on numerous forums, websites and directories with a positive effect.


  • Positive reviews are an indication of trust; you should get more reviews for your service or business to alter the algorithm.
  • Your website must be secure and also demonstrates trust since visitors feel secure on your website and buying through your online store.

E.A.T. is broad SEO issue to talk about and one of the top SEO methods to boost organic traffic.

3. Create Unique Content on Trendy Topics

The majority of people read the content about current subjects. Thus, websites that provide comprehensive and current information about current topics have a lot of success.

They cover a variety of aspects of the subject and write in a unique style! The regular uploading of original content on websites is the best method to increase users to the site and make them feel more involved.

A internet-based plagiarism tester is a reliable source which reveals the distinctiveness of content on websites. The content should be attractive to look at by making use of appealing and high-resolution photos.

4. Create Unique Content on Trendy Topics

Additionally, you must focus the structure of your website and include the attractive headings and subheadings into the content in every way you can!

The visitor will stay on the site only when the content that is available on the site is original and simple to be able to. Verify the authenticity of your blog posts and website content by removing it through the plagiarism detector.

If your content is found to have little to no plagiarism in plagiarism checker’s report it is a sign of excellent quality of the content.

5. Enhance UX

User experience is among the most important SEO strategies which improves your ranking on Google. Certain ranking signals from Google are based on user experiences(core vitals of the web and the rank brain).

This shows how important it is to optimize your site for the visitors who visit your website.

If visitors have a positive experience on your site and are satisfied, they will remain longer and visit more pages. They also return to your website.

There are a variety of ways to improve the user experience on your website. You will need to

  1. Speed up your site’s speed,
  2. Design for mobile visitors
  3. Create a good structure for your website,
  4. A simple to navigate website.
  5. Utilize popups in a strategic manner on mobile devices,
  6. Create a captivating website and much more.

6. Optimize for Google Discover

Google Discover uses a different method of personalizing the content you receive within your feed. Contrary to Google Search, Discover allows users to add their favorite site or topic to receive your own personalized feed. This is a great tip for one of the 8 Best Free Ways to Boost Traffic on Your Website in 2022.

According to Google the search engine, your site is automatically suitable to be included in Google Discover when it’s indexed and complies with Discover’s policies on content.

There is no need for a specific tag or data structure to be listed on Google Discover.

Implementing the SEO strategies below will increase the likelihood of your website appearing on Google discover.

  1. Produce high-quality content
  2. Include videos and images in your article.
  3. Optimize your speed for speed or utilize A.M.P. (accelerated mobile webpages),
  4. Create evergreen and trendy content.
  5. Let your followers or subscribers know to add your website’s feed to their feeds,
  6. Perform competitive analysis and follow the most successful websites using Discover.

7. Find Keywords for Low Hanging Fruit

Keyword research is an incredibly popular SEO method that aids SEOs discover keywords that can be lucrative.

What makes a key word an unattractive fruit?

Keywords that appear at the very first pages in Google SERP (between 5-20 positions) are referred to as high-hanging fruits keywords. They are easy to rank at the top of the list by making adjustments to your site’s content.

How can you identify the keywords for low-hanging fruits?

Keyword tools for research have made the process easy. Through Ahrefs or SEMrush Finding low-hanging fruits keywords is a breeze.

Here’s how you can find low-hanging fruits with SEMrush or Ahrefs.

  1. Find a broad keyword with Ahrefs as well as SEMrush and filter the results by “keyword difficultness.”
  2. Using Writerzen, you can filter by “K.G.R. and allintitle” to locate low-hanging fruits which are easy to rank, yet lucrative.

Businesses of all levels strive to improve the amount of traffic they bring to their site! This is why it provides many opportunities to partner with these websites and exchange links.

The exchange of reciprocally beneficial backlinks can open the way to increasing traffic to the site. Websites can earn huge rewards by exchanging backlinks.

8 Best Ways to Boost Traffic on Your Website in 2022 (Updated)

Summary Of SEO Techniques to Ranking on Google and Other Search Engines

SEO is an complex kind of digital marketing that’s constantly changing. The SEO strategies that are effective today might not be the same tomorrow.

Implementing the SEO white hat methods described in this article can help you rank well for your business on Google, Youtube, and other search engines.

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