Advice on how to use an email marketing plan to sell memberships

Did you know that the average return on investment for email marketing is over 3000%? Putting together and running a good email marketing plan for your membership site is a great way to get your members more involved and bring in new ones. This also keeps people who have signed up interested in your brand over time.

Advice on how to use email marketing to sell memberships

In this article, we’ll talk about some of the best things you can do to improve your business’s email marketing plan.

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1. Send new members welcome emails

One of the most important emails you can send to potential members is the “welcome” email. This is why it’s a good idea to write down how you’ll get new members to join your membership website.

It could be helpful to show off the different “types” of content on your membership site or the different topics that your membership program covers. This will make it easier for new members to find their way around your site and find the content they want. For example, if your content is both basic and advanced, you can show some of the basic topics to new members to make it easier for them to start the program.

Also, it’s a good idea to send new members tips in the welcome emails you send them when they join your website. You can tell them what steps they need to take to set up their accounts on your membership site and how they can get in touch with you quickly if they get stuck. Also, you can include tips that will help new members figure out what the best topic is for them.

2. Send re-engagement emails to “lost” members

Even though some registered members will leave your membership site, you might want to try to get them back because they already know your brand and your content.

Send “lost” members an email asking, “What went wrong?” to get things going.

”. This gives you a better idea of why a paying member of your membership site chose to leave for good. You can also ask what your business can do to help them come back as a loyal customer. People may want to sign up for your membership site again if they feel like they are part of a small group.

You should try to give as much value as you can in your emails to get people to come back. For example, to get more people to come back, you could give them your best free content.

Let’s talk about some of the best kinds of content to keep people coming back to your membership site:

E-books. Besides the premium content in your membership program, giving your registered members a free e-book is a great way to give them more value. This makes people more likely to sign up for your membership site again, especially if they can get free e-books or other premium content.

PDFs you can download. Downloadable PDFs are also a great way to give members more value and give them a strong reason to join your membership program again.

Free and paid online classes. You don’t have to give your online course away for free. Instead, you can make a “freemium” version of it in exchange for a resubscription. This is basically a cut-down version of the full online course, and it shows users what they can expect from the full version.

If you know more about the kinds of content you can include in your “re-engagement” emails, “lost” members will find your membership program more useful and be more likely to sign up again.

You can also give discounts to old members who aren’t currently signed up for your membership site when they renew their membership. This can make people who left your membership site because they didn’t have enough money to join again and pay.

3. Send emails with ads

Sending promotional emails to people on your email list is a great way to get more people to interact with your new posts or content.

Since people on your email list are already interested in your content, sending them an email about new content or upcoming content is a great way to get them more involved.

Let’s look more closely at some of the different types of promotional emails you can send to improve your email marketing plan:

One of the best ways to raise the average order value on your membership site is to offer upsells to people who have already joined. For example, you can tell people who have signed up for the “Silver membership plan” about the “Gold membership plan.” This is basically a “upgrade” to the membership plan they already have.

There are deals. By offering discounts in your promotional emails, you can get people to spend more on your membership site. It gives them a reason to sign up for your membership program again and use the discount. As a result, this helps keep customers and keep them coming back.

Notifications of new content. It’s always a good idea to send emails to registered users when you add new content. This not only makes your content creation efforts more profitable, but it also helps registered members stay up to date with your content.

You can also use promotional emails to show customer testimonials and how they have used your membership service. This makes it more likely that registered members will upgrade their plan or buy something from you.

Conclusion to a Great Email Marketing Plan

Putting together and running an effective email marketing plan can be hard, especially if you’re doing it for the first time.

We told you some of the best things you can do to improve your email marketing campaigns. Now, you should be in a much better place to move forward.

Do you know of any other good tips that can help membership sites make effective email marketing plans? Tell us what you think in the box below.

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