Complete Free Download Journal Management Updated

More Details About the Full Journal Management Free Download

Free Download Journal Management and Peer Review System using PHP MySQL is a research-related system in which authors can publish their writings and editors can review or deny the content. It is a robust module that includes editions, articles and users as well as managing sites.

Complete Free Download Journal Management Updated

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Features of a Complete Journal Management System Free Download

  • Article Management System
  • Editions Management System
  • Free and paid Articles
  • Reviewer Management System
  • Pay with PayPal for payments
  • Article Listings from Editors
  • Strong Article Search
  • Email Templates
  • Clean Code
  • 100% 100% Fully Responsive
  • Very well established

Requirements of Free Download Journal Management

  • PHP version = 7.1.3
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension
  • XML PHP Extension
  • Ctype PHP Extension
  • JSON PHP Extension
  • BCMath PHP Extension
  • Laravel version = 5.7

Installation of Free Download Journal Management

Live Installation

Simply follow the instructions here and the application is able to be hosted onto the server.

  • This method assumes there is either Cpanel or FTP account details, or both.
  • Log in with Your CPanel account. Then, create databases for the website.
  • Copy the credentials for your database which comprise DB Host, DB User and DB Pass. This is required in the .env file.
  • Go to the File Manager within Cpanel.
  • Go to public_html, the home page or www (depeneds on the servers you use).
  • Create a new folder within the public_html folder. You will then upload all your Laravel project’s files into the folder you created. Then, zip your project and upload it to. In my instance, I’ve created a folder called your_project.
  • Remove the contents of your Laravel Project. Open your public folder.
  • In the public folder, select the items you want to move one step back at the root directory of your project position.
  • Then edit and edit the index.php file. Change the paths.
  • Keep your index file, and edit it in .env file.
  • After making changes, you can open your domain’s URL and you’ll be able to find the project. If it is located in the directory, you can include the name of the folder in the URL.

Local Installation of Free Download Journal Management

Just adhere to the steps below and the application will be created to your personal computer.

  • This method assumes you have apache server, either Xampp or Wamp installed on your system. If not, download the latest version of both from the provided links download Xampp as well as Wamp download.
  • After you have set up apache server, you must copy the your project folder to this folder.
  • If you install Xampp the folder location is installed_directory/xampp/htdocs/your_project_folder
  • If you install Wamp the folder location is installed_directory/wamp/www/your_project_folder
  • Copy the database credentials that comprise DB Host, DB User and DB Pass. This requires in .env file.
  • You can find .env file in the following location /your_project_folder/.env make changes in .env file.
  • It is necessary to download the composer.
  • After installing the composer, navigate to the project folder then open “cmd” as well as “command prompt”. you can open cmd by pressing “shift + right click” and click “open command window here” e.g C:\xampp\htdocs\you_projecr_name
  • Only run the following commands when you install the system.
  • command-1: composer install
  • command-2: composer update
  • The project is set up and is now ready to run. To run the project , type the following command at the command prompt.
  • To run the project PHP artisan serve
  • Type http://localhost:8000/ in your brwoser.

Project Settings of Free Download Journal Management

The all the main settings for the whole project by modifying your .env file.

You can make an individual .env file. We have provided a sample an env file within the package under the name : ( .env.sample ) please modify it and save it in the format of .env file.

  • Navigate to the the Main Project Folder, then .env
  • APP_NAME: Enter your app’s name, site’s name or project name here.
  • APP_URL: Include your website’s URL here.
  • DB_DATABASE: Include your database’s name here.
  • DB_USERNAME: Include your username for the database here.
  • DB_PASSWORD: Include your database password here.
  • MAIL_USERNAME: This is created by the Email settings described within the Email Section
  • MAIL_PASSWORD This is determined in the Email Settings within the Email Section
  • PAYPAL_SANDBOX_API_USERNAME : For the testing purpose and can be set from the Payment Settings
  • PAYPAL_SANDBOX_API_PASSWORD : For the testing purpose and can be set from the Payment Settings
  • PAYPAL_SANDBOX_API_SECRET : For the testing purpose and can be set from the Payment Settings
  • PAYPAL_LIVE_API_USERNAME : For PAYPAL live credentials, it can be set from the Payment Settings
  • PAYPAL_LIVE_API_PASSWORD : For PAYPAL live credentials, it can be set from the Payment Settings
  • PAYPAL_LIVE_API_SECRET : For PAYPAL live credentials, it can be set from the Payment Settings

Roles of Free Download Journal Management

There are five kinds of roles that are part of the Peer Review System, also known as Scientific Journals

  • Super Admin- Access to every aspect of the website, he/she can edit, create or remove anything.
  • Editor/Administrator – Access various functions, including managing users, Create Editions, Create Categories and more.
  • Author- Only have access to write the article and read the final comments from the editor.
  • Reviewer- Only have access to provide reviews for the specific article.
  • Reader- You can access Reader to purchase items, view orders, download the purchased items and examine the invoice of the purchase.
Complete Free Download Journal Management Updated

Changelog of Free Download Journal Management

Version 3


New Features

  • Reviewer User Features
    • New Standalone User Type “Reviewer”
    • added security and Validations to disguise ineffective features
    • Updated Page Designs & Fixed Design Issues
  • Admin Features
    • Email Setup (UPDATE)
      • Send/Receive Email Notifications using SMTP Details OR Default WordPress Email Settings
    • Web Forms (NEW)
      • Manage and Customize Article Submission form
      • Add Additional Fields that have field type = “Text”
    • One Click Migration
      • Migration of Features and Data from version 2.0 to 3.0
    • Manage Reviewers
      • Upload New Reviewers straight to wp-admin
    • Reports (UPDATE)
      • Added Extra Fields
  • Author Features
    • Article Submission Page (UPDATE)
      • Added Extra Fields
    • Article Details Page (UPDATE)
      • Added Sidebar
    • Design Changes & Improvements

Version 2


New Features

  • Reviewer’s Registration Page
  • Reviewer User Features
    • View list of Article(s)
    • Check & Verify Article Credibility
    • Submit Review for Article(s)
  • Admin Features
    • View list of Reviewer Users
    • Reviewer Registration Request Approvals
    • Review & Approve Submitted Review(s)
    • Review Submission at Admin side
    • Remove improper Review(s)
  • Author Features
    • Complete Review Details in Check Article Status Page
    • Updated Email Notices of Review Submission By Reviewer(s)

Version 1


  • Changed Issue Frequency Field added to Wizard’s settings

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Co-Author Field Related Issues


  • Replaced the old option name by new names and constant changes to variables


  • Upload maximum size was increased by 5MB and a custom setting for admin added to modify it at any time
  • Phone number validation changes


  • Fixes for bugs and enhancements


  • Added [siteurl] shortcode in Status Email Formatting

Bug Fixes

  • Other bugs and improvements


  • New field added for journals with a single or multiple author
  • Short-codes function when used in combination with Plain Text.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Email Notification issues.


  • Minor bug fixes


  • added field to allow DOI numbers


  • The site has been updated with “Admin Email ID”. Administrators now get emails with notifications about new submitted articles

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes issue related to Copyright Doc and Payment Receipt View of documents in PDF format
  • Other bug fixes and enhancements


The first release

Complete Free Download Journal Management Updated

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