Digital Downloads – Selling, promoting and making money

Digital downloads are a simple and lucrative way for business owners to serve their customers. You don’t have to restock inventory when you sell digital products. You only have to make them once, and then you can sell them through your website over and over again.

Digital Downloads - Selling, promoting and making money

But you still need to make sure your digital product can be sold if you want your work to be worth it and make you money. In this post, we’ll talk about how you can sell digital downloads, promote them, and make money from them.

Let’s talk about some tips that will help you sell, market, and make money from digital downloads on your business website.

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1: Look for ideas for products

build on and give your audience the quality they expect from your business. For example, if you sell tripods, it might be a good idea to make an online course on how to take better photos. Your customers would be interested in that.

It’s a good idea to keep looking for ways to improve your digital downloads. You can use Facebook Groups to find out about new trends people are interested in, or you can use forums for your industry to meet people in your field and talk to them about their problems. You can also use comments on your blog posts and feedback from reviews of your products to make better digital download products. When coming up with ideas for new digital products for your business, it’s also a good idea to look through emails with your customers or clients.

2: Test ideas before you fully commit to them

If you put time, money, and work into making a digital product, you want to make sure it sells so that your business can make money from it. Before fully committing to a new digital download, it’s a good idea to test it out to see if it will sell. It saves you time and makes you more money if you only offer your audience the “best” digital download ideas.

You can make sure that your ideas for digital download products are good by doing keyword research, looking at Google Trends, and asking customers what they think about your business and products. Also, if you want to try out new ideas for digital download products, it’s best to start small and grow if it works. Because of this, you might want to start by making a minimum viable product (MVP).

3. Implement email marketing

Giving away free digital products is a great way to get more people to download things from your business website. It’s pretty easy to use: just ask site visitors to enter their email address in exchange for the download link. It’s one of the best ways to get qualified leads for your business and improve your business’s content marketing strategies.

You can also let people sign up for the “pre-release” or “early access” to the digital download on your website. This lets you make a waiting list for people who want to download the digital product as soon as it comes out. Users can sign up by giving you their email address, and you’ll keep them informed about the new digital product you’re going to put out. So, it can help you make more money and increase sales for your business.

4: Market on social media

Through free and paid social media ads, social media marketing is one of the best ways to reach a wide range of people. Social media is a great platform that can help you build and maintain better relationships with your customers, which will lead to faster sales in the long run. For example, you can connect with your audience and learn more about them through social media. This lets you include them in your email marketing campaigns and use targeted ads to move users down the sales funnel.

On the other hand, you can also use paid or premium social media ads to get a lot of interested users to see your digital product. Promoting your new digital product on social media is a fast way to get people interested in it.

You can also use Facebook, Twitter, Discord, and Telegram and other popular social media sites to connect with your audience and promote your digital products better.

5. On the product page, show upsells and cross-sells

Putting upsells or cross-sells on the single product page for a digital download can help raise the average order value. It’s a great way to sell more digital products and make more money for your business by getting customers to buy complementary products or the more expensive option.

For example, if someone is looking at your online course on how to be more productive, you can try to sell them your online course on how to manage their time. When someone is looking at an e-book, you can also try to sell them an online course to get them to spend more money.

By adding upsells and cross-sells to your digital downloads, you can get more people interested in your new products and make them more visible. This is also a great way to get the word out about old or new products. You can put them on your website as add-ons to digital products that are popular at the moment.

6. Provide a freemium product

Since you’re selling digital downloads, letting customers “test drive” the final product before they buy it can convince them to buy it. Offering a “freemium” product is just a fancy way of saying that it can encourage customers to buy and download the final “premium” digital product.

As a “freemium” product, you could, for example, offer a free version, a free trial, or a free sample of your digital product. This means that if you have an online course, you can make some parts of it available for free download while keeping the paid content locked.

It’s very important that the freemium product doesn’t give away the whole experience. This way, customers won’t see a reason to buy the paid digital product if the free trial you offer solves all their problems. You should keep “exclusive” content for the final premium version of the digital product on your website, if possible.

7: Set up price tiers

Having different levels of payment for your digital downloads can help you sell more and get more customers. You can serve all kinds of customers this way, even those who want to buy your digital product but can’t pay the full price.

You can offer a “core” product that doesn’t cost too much and add-ons that cost more for people who want to pay more. You can make more money this way by getting customers who are already interested to “upgrade” their digital download by choosing premium add-ons.

But if your “core” product is too expensive, you might want to make a lighter, cheaper version for people on a tight budget. Because of this, you can serve more customers and make more sales, which gives your business more money.

8. Make sure your site is set up for digital downloads

Even if you’ve convinced people to buy your digital download, you still need to make it easy for them to get the product from your business website. To do this, you’ll need to make sure your website is set up for digital downloads. This will make it easier for all users, even those who aren’t very tech-savvy, to buy from your website.

You need to make sure that your website is easy to navigate so that all kinds of users can easily look around and buy digital products from you. On your digital downloads website, it’s also important to place the “call to action” buttons in a way that will get people to click on them. So, you give people a quick way to download the digital products before they get distracted by other things on your site and leave.

8. Conclusion

Making and selling digital downloads is a good way to make money without having to work all the time. You can offer music albums, e-books, and online courses as digital downloads on your website. You don’t have to worry about keeping track of inventory or shipping the products.

Before fully committing to a digital download product idea, it’s important to come up with and test a few digital download product ideas. This helps you avoid putting in a lot of work only to find out that your audience doesn’t want to buy them. You can get the word out about your digital products through email marketing and social media marketing. In addition to this, showing upsells or cross-sells and having different price levels for your digital products can also help you sell more of them.

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