Elite Video Player 6.7.5 Free Download [Latest 2022 Update]

The Elite Video Player 6.7.5 – WordPress plugin free download

Get free download of Elite Video Player, which is a modern and responsive, with a fully customizable high-end video player designed for WordPress that supports advertising and the most well-known video platforms, such as YouTube (single channel, single playlist), Vimeo, self-hosting videos (only MP4 is required), Google drive videos and local videos from Dropbox, local videos from, Amazon S3 and LiveStreaming HLS m3u8 video files.

Display your video content on your website across all devices and browsers by using this exclusive and capable video player available.

Elite Video Player 6.7.5 Free Download [Latest 2022 Update]

The Core features that comprise Elite Video Player 6.7.5 – WordPress plugin free download

  • Support platforms IOS/Android/Windows 10/Windows Phone 8,8.1/BlackBerry 10/Chrome/Safari/Firefox/Opera/Samsung Browser
  • Amazing Geo-fence capabilities, as well as automatic Geo-fence messages to notify any device instantly when is in a specific region
  • Support for BuddyPress, WooCommerce, and bbPress auto events and a powerful tool that can make any custom event you want for WordPress
  • Send messages to groups of users
  • Integrate Ultimate Membership Pro Ultimate Membership Pro.
  • Support localization and you can download the .PO file and make it translate into the own language
  • Send push notification messages through the form of a server cron-job, or fancy immediate sending
  • Send desktop push notification messages for Chrome/Safari/Firefox
  • Three different methods to ask for permission to send push notifications from the popup box of visitors Icon, native-opt-in window or pop-up box
  • Time delay for showing the push request method
  • Icon and popup boxes with different screen locations
  • Option to display the push permission request only for admin and logged users, or only certain sections of your website
  • Pay for reading in order to force users who are enrolled in your notification push service keep reading your content
  • Visual statistics for each campaign
  • Visual stats for all campaigns as well as the overall system performance
  • Track and detect GPS locations for your guests
  • Send push notifications scheduled for the day with repeated times.
  • Support WordPress widgets to get the visitors subscribe to your desktop push by using channels.
  • Meta box to disable the push notification or to select the delivery to particular channel
  • Plugins can notify users via push for certain optional events that occurred
  • Mobile payload builder within the event manager
  • Edit push notification event notifications prior to sending via the WordPress Filters
  • RTL style supported
  • Feedback service to Android and IOS to locate and deactivate invalid devices (i.e. Devices that remove your application)
  • Provide you with a complete report once the sending operation has been completed
  • Panel that is powerful to manage your registered device token
  • The dashboard is powerful and can be used to send messages
  • Archive for messages sent to it.
  • Smart tool to eliminate duplicate tokens’ information
  • Insert the tokens of your device’ information and then prepare to transmit it into the queue system
  • Connect and send messages through the queue system, which stops any overloads on the server
  • Pause/Resume the preparation and sending process at any moment
  • Send 1 million messages in just 20 hours (Tested using Hostgator hosted shared Hatchling package)
  • Send iOS messages using custom badges Sound, Lock-key, and Image
  • Very simple to set up, Very simple to use
  • Automatically reconnecting if there are any issues such as push servers not responding
  • Send additional information with the message. It can be in JSON or in normal form (i.e. Developers can use JSON to send values such as the item ID or URL top open.)
  • Processing any errors coming from servers when sending an operation such as
  • Connect to the device and read its token value from any custom table in any localhost/remote database
  • Connect to multiple databases at the same moment
  • Classify the subscribers using the channel system
  • The text messages are processed to allow for sending the maximum amount of characters
  • Cut your message in case it is larger than the size allowed by Apple
  • A simple and easy way to monitor and processing the operation of sending
  • Check the log immediately while sending push messages which will inform you about the status of the connection, the server response and any other errors that may be that may be related to the sending process.
  • Support BuddyPress push notifications
  • Support for wooCommerce push notifications
  • Helpful Support bbPress push notification
  • Get free download now of Elite Video Player latest update!

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Elite Video Player 6.7.5 Free Download [Latest 2022 Update]

Supported Videos:

Local Video

You can view videos on the local host and there is no requirement to use web hosting with the latest Elite Video Player free download.

Mixed Videos

You can easily create a playlist with a combination of YouTube/Vimeo/Self-hosted/GoogleDrive.

supports Openload videos

The plugin plays videos directly from your device or streamed from any place via the internet.

YouTube Videos

This plugin can be embedded using the dropbox to show a video with huge files.

YouTube Videos from Google

With this plugin, you are able to play videos stored on the Google drive.

Vimeo Video

The Vimeo video player can be played Vimeo video using the elite video player. It can also be played with the elite player that you have created or by the the default Vimeo player.

Self-hosted videos

Host your video online by using the mp4 format.

Youtube Video

  • You can play or import any YouTube video player.
  • Support for Youtube 360 VR and Youtube live streaming.

Elite Video Player 6.7.5 Free Download [Latest 2022 Update]

Free Download Elite Video Player’s Wide-ranging Features:

Elite Video Player’s Built-in Scrollbar Types

The plugin is comprised of 12 kinds of scrollbars that are pre-built. The types are listed below.

  • Light, Minimal, Light-2, Light-3
  • Light-thick, Light-thin
  • Inset,Inset-2, Inset-3
  • Rounded, Rounded-dots
  • 3D Support

Elite Video Player’s Pop-ups for Advertising

The pop-up can be displayed during the pre-roll or mid-rollor post-roll for your advertisement. You can also make your ads more personalized by adding skip options or a timer for the ads.

Elite Video Player’s Pop-ups Work Great With

  • Youtube Videos/Playlists/User Channels
  • Self-hosted videos
  • Vimeo Videos

With Elite Video Player make use of free offers

  • This plugin is the option of free customer support for seven every day of the week.
  • Offers you a no-cost update.

Elite Video Player’s Optional Lightboxes Are

  • Set the lightbox image, width and height
  • Lightbox can be closed by clicking outside
  • Autoplay (optional)

Modal Type:

Sticky Mode

This will allow you display videos throughout the day, even when scrolling through the page.

Lightbox Mode

The video player, you will see a lightbox pop-up which dims the background and draw your viewers in.

Features that Support The Elite WordPress plugin:

  • You can choose the social icon you prefer.
  • This plugin includes six videos player that come with already-built shadow effects.
  • It comes with a comprehensive documentation that explains the plugin’s features and functions.
  • It is possible to display a tooltip when a cursor is placed over an image, icon hyperlink, or other object for a more clear explanation by the user.
  • Create two types of players with the playlist, and without the playlist.
  • You can completely modify your created player by choosing from 20 pre-built colors , or any colour you would like. Some of them include: lime green, emerald, teal, etc.
  • Additionally, you can help conceal the self-hosted video sources from users so they don’t take or download the videos.
  • You can display a created movie player in the whole screen.
  • The height and width of the player audio according to your preference.
  • In the exact same web page are a variety of elite video players.

Extra Features

  • The plugin is simple to use.
  • Because of its fluid design, it’s optimized for use on all devices such as smartphones, laptops with touchscreens as well as desktops.
  • Make a top-quality video player.
  • The support for HTTP Live Streaming (HLS .m3u8 files).
  • Google Analytics helps to track how often a video is clicked/opened or downloaded by users.
  • You can benefit from the large number of font awesome icons suitable in retina display.

Elite Video Player 6.7.5 Free Download [Latest 2022 Update]

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