Free Download AffiliateWP v2.8.4 Premium Amazon WP Plugin Updated

Free Download AffiliateWP v2.8.4 Premium Amazon WP Plugin Updated is one of the most effective affiliate management plugin designed specifically for WordPress.

It lets you create an entire affiliate program in a matter of minutes and allows you to control affiliates, payouts and referrals as well as referrals, payouts, etc. all through the WordPress dashboard.

Free Download AffiliateWP v2.8.4 Premium Amazon WP Plugin Updated

The AffiliateWP plugin creates an Affiliate page after you have installed the plugin in your WordPress. It is also possible to create this page manually by putting an affiliate_area shortcode into the page’s content area.

The affiliate page lets users sign up or log into the affiliate programs you have created. After login, users can generate referral URLs and check the statistics, enter information about payment as well as many other features.

In simple terms the affiliate area is a professional-designed dashboard for affiliates.

AffiliateWP gives you a wide range of options for managing your affiliate programs. You can edit, add or delete affiliates, as well as check the details of other affiliates on the affiliates page of this plugin.

This plugin can also allow you to integrate with the most of the most popular WordPress plug-ins as well as payment options in just one click. AffiliateWP’s referral tracking is extremely sophisticated and precise.

It is also possible to set the expiration date for this referral tracking cookie by using this plugin.

Review of AffiliateWP v2.8.4 Premium Amazon WP Plugin Updated

As an WordPress Design and Development firm, this was a natural fit for us. It was easy for us to set up and integrate an affiliate dashboard that we created for our affiliate partners. AffiliateWP provides a wide range of built-in integrations that work with WordPress E-commerce products, such as WooCommerce.

Free Download AffiliateWP v2.8.4 Premium Amazon WP Plugin Updated

As an agency , we sell services using a third-party CRM (HubSpot) we did not possess an automatic integration but the flexibility of the system enabled us to create our own integration that makes sure that any leads that are incoming through our CRM system will be linked as AffiliateWP affiliates. AffiliateWP affiliate.


The most appealing aspect of this software is that it works straight into WordPress making it incredibly simple to set up the basic setup.


We’d like to see additional development of this External Referral Links add-on for the product. It would allow lead capture forms to be placed on an independent site, but then report back to the website with AffiliateWP installed.

The current workflow permits referral traffic to come from Site B, but be connected to Site A, and also include the required tracking from beginning to the end. We’d like to find a way for transactions to take place on Site B, and then transmit the data through an API on the Site A which is where AffiliateWP has been installed.

For instance, when Site B has a lead capture form, and it’s filled out by a user on Site B, keep the user on Site B but credit the affiliate with the AffiliateWP installation in Site A.

Free Download AffiliateWP v2.8.4 Premium Amazon WP Plugin Updated has many features!

  • Simple to setup and to use
  • Advanced tracking of referrals
  • Service of Integrated Payout
  • Real-time referrals, visits Earning Reporting
  • Fully integrates with all the WordPress plugins. It is compatible with all WordPress plugins
  • Unlimited Affiliates support
  • Coupons from affiliates
  • Easy management of affiliates
  • Manual affiliate approval
  • The area is professionally designed and developed for affiliates.
  • Referral link generator
  • Set expiration date for cookies
  • Shortcode to login and register page
  • Custom-designed notification emails

Free Download AffiliateWP v2.8.4 Premium Amazon WP Plugin Updated Now!

Free Download AffiliateWP v2.8.4 Premium Amazon WP Plugin Updated Now!

What’s new with AffiliateWP v2.8.4 Premium Amazon WP Plugin Updated (Changelog)

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  • Corrected: Batch error while updating databases to 2.8
  • Corrected: WordPress 5.9 breaks AffiliateWP blocks
  • Corrected: WooCommerce: Invalid referrals are displayed unexpectedly in the order view
  • Fixed Restrict Content Pro: Referrals are not generated using an affiliate link when the there is a discount coupon in the payment
  • Dev: Allow you to disable or enable debug mode directly from the command line
  • Enhanced: Create a “failed report status’ for draft referrals who failed to be waiting for
  • Enhanced: Include Payouts Services support for six more Countries: Egypt, Israel, Croatia, Iceland, Uruguay and Peru
  • Fixed: Block registration Confirm Password label not working
  • Corrected: Passwords entered on registration forms that are block-based don’t get saved.
  • Fixed: Index not defined for checkbox fields on blocks-based forms.
  • Correction: Affiliate registrations aren’t always working for users with existing accounts.
  • Corrected: Add referral screen permits negative sums to be added
  • New: Create customized affiliate registration forms and login forms with the block editor
  • New Controls for formatting dynamic coupons based upon affiliate information
  • New Add-on: Merge Blocks into the core
  • New A draft referral status to facilitate the recording of the history of referrals
  • Updated: Needs WordPress 5.2 or higher
  • Improved: Add an affiliate filter within the affiliate area > coupon template
  • Improved: Introduce a brand new “type” column in the table of Coupons in the database
  • Improved: Include an option to filter the class list table for the ability to easily customize views that are filtered.
  • Improved: Migrate old affiliate information from the meta of the user to meta for affiliates
  • Improved display of context in logs of integration
  • Enhanced the length of coupon codes to 191 characters
  • Correction: Correct strings that have incorrectly formed placeholders, causing problems on the Danish translation
  • Corrected: Improve error handling within the licensing API.
  • Fixed Fix: Avoid modifications on the percentage of conversion after making changes to the campaign
  • Enhanced: introduce a Cookies Compat Mode to use with caching configurations that are specialized.
  • Corrected Fix: Avoid fatal errors when looking at Settings using the Danish translation
  • Improved Payouts: Update the Payouts Services URL across all sites to ensure consistency
  • Corrected Correction of a typo in the amount merge tag in the NL_NL translation
  • New: Support for 7 additional countries in the service for payouts.
  • Improved: Make sure that all payouts Service requests are directed via official REST endpoints.
  • Improvement: Update payout records when an Payments Service pay method is modified.
  • Improvements: Standardize the headers that are sent for every payout Service request.
  • Corrected: The wrong URL was displayed in the notice when creating Payouts Service accounts with an email address registered.
  • Improved: Enhance upgrade routine notifications by providing AffiliateWP version number. AffiliateWP Version number.
  • Improvements: Add capacity to display affiliates’ payouts, affiliates visitors, referrals, and affiliates according to a date range with the help of wp-cli.
  • Corrected WooCommerce Order status of Refunded should always change the referral status to Rejected when it is enabled.
  • Dev: Fix the order of arguments passed to affwp_auth_hash() in Affiliate_WP_REST::get_token().
  • Corrected: Do not show a message in the settings tab for Coupons and WooCommerce is not active.
  • Some other minor improvements and UI improvements.

Free Download AffiliateWP v2.8.4 Premium Amazon WP Plugin Updated Now!

Free Download AffiliateWP v2.8.4 Premium Amazon WP Plugin Updated Now!

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