Free Download All in One SEO Pack Pro [Last 2022 Version – v4.1.9.4]

The All-in-One SEO Pack Pro v4.1.9.4 Premium WordPress Plugin

Free All-in-One SEO Pack Pro Download is among the most well-known plugins that are used for optimizing search results. The plugin comes with professional and free versions. The free version is sufficient for most webmasters.

Free Download All in One SEO Pack Pro [Last 2022 Version - v4.1.9.4]

If you require premium features such as video Sitemaps SEO settings for taxonomies, Image SEO and many more, you must upgrade to the professional version of the plugin. All of the features in One SEO Pack boasts more than 2 millions active users on WordPress. The control panel for This plugin is divided into three parts: General Settings, XML Sitemap and the Feature Manager.

All included in One SEO Pack Pro also allows you to create a video sitemap and manage how SEO is displayed on your photos. It is necessary to enable Videos Sitemap along with Image SEO modules in the section Feature Manager section in order to utilize these advanced features.

Additionally, this plugin comes with a the ability to edit files, robots.txt generator, social metadata, and a host of other features every SEO plugin must have. In the end, All in One SEO Pack Pro is extremely user-friendly, and a efficient SEO plugin designed for WordPress.

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The Core features in All in One SEO Pack Pro SEO Plugin for WordPress

  • Lightweight and simple codes
  • Automatically Generate Sitemaps XML
  • Preview snippets
  • Search engines are notified of every post or page change.
  • Robots.txt editor
  • Video Sitemap Support
  • Image SEO settings
  • The File Editor is for .htaccess file
  • Block bots who are acting badly
  • Importer and Exporter
  • Social meta module
  • WooCommerce SEO settings
  • Connection to Webmaster tools
  • Schema assistance
  • Translation support for 54 languages
  • Options for SEO in Categories and Tags
  • Google tag manager support
  • Google Knowledge Graph support
Free Download All in One SEO Pack Pro [Last 2022 Version - v4.1.9.4]

What’s new in One SEO Pack Pro v4.1.9.4 (Changelog)

  • Ixed: Link attributes are unclear when you add links from outside.
  • Corrected: Social photos weren’t always saved in the editor for posts.
  • Corrected: PHP error in the event that the Redirection Manager extension is not up-to-date.
  • Corrected: PHP error when updating by hand using a zip file.
  • New: Monitor how visitors interact with your website using Microsoft Clarity and gain valuable insight through heatmaps as well as sessions recordings.
  • New: Our brand new REST API add-on allows developers to access our SEO data using REST API of the WordPress REST API, and integrate it on their headless website.
  • Updated Link Assistant’s performance has been upgraded and now allows you to look through your site for suggestions much faster than it did before.
  • New version: AIOSEO now displays a solution page when there was a JavaScript error has occurred or the browser is blocked by JavaScript to run.
  • Update: Improved the look as well as feel phone number field.
  • Update: Links in block previews will no longer open to a new page.
  • Updated Add automatic title and attributes for images on SeedProd’s Page Builder. SeedProd Page Builder.
  • Updated: New RTL styles.
  • Corrected Special regex characters are no longer removed out of the value of Taxonomy Title smart tag.
  • Fix: tagDiv Opt-in Builder does not cause AIOSEO’s menu pages to crash.
  • Correction: Headline Analyzer no longer produces errors in blocks in Editor in WordPress Core versions below 5.2.
  • Correction: Taxonomy-related smart tags may not return the right value.
  • Fixed: Canonical URL for homepage no longer includes query arguments.
  • Corrected Canonical URL for homepage in multisite installations that have subdirectories, no longer contains the base path two times.
  • Fixed: Previous/next links no longer include query arguments.
  • Update: The Page Number Smart tag now displays an accurate page number for paginated pages for comments.
  • Updated: The static homepage now correctly generates customized schema graphs.
  • Corrected: The pagination buttons of the table components are sometimes not properly aligned vertically.
  • Correction: AIOSEO menu not working for Elementor Template posts.
  • Updated: Link counts that are generated by Link Assistant are no longer visible in the AIOSEO Details column for media attachments.
  • Corrected: Link Assistant tab in the metabox is now showing correctly for posts that have been updated.
  • Corrected: “View Post” link to Inbound Internal links now links to the right page.
  • Correction: “All Categories” filter in Links Report no longer triggers an PHP error.
  • Correction: Link suggestions that have been abandoned are now removed correctly when their source or target post is removed.
  • Updated: The URL in the anchor tooltips for Inbound Suggestions now points to the correct page.
  • Corrected: Keywords imported are imported from Yoast SEO sometimes not imported properly.
  • Corrected: Sitemap indexes now correctly make use of the custom filename that was deprecated once more.
  • New Visual breadcrumbs trails using blocks, widgets, as well as shortcodes support.
  • Updated added assistance for WooCommerce Variable Products to the Product schema as well as WooCommerce Smart Tags.
  • Updated with the ability to support Duplicate Post plugin.
  • The support has been added for VideoPress shortcodes.
  • The added support allows for the control of the type of business used for each location.
  • Correction: TruSEO score shown on all pages and posts even when the Meta box has been turned off.
  • Corrected: V3 migration now can also store migrated data in localized post/term data WPML.
  • Bug Correction: Emoji of a heart text removed from description and title.
  • Correction: Server redirects that are not working notification is now automatically canceled when you add the redirect files in the configuration of your server.
  • Other minor modifications and bugs corrections.

All In One SEO Pack (Free Download) Review

The All In One SEO is an all-purpose tool since it handles everything you require to know about the SEO area.

It was designed with in mind the needs of those who are just beginning to learn about SEO and advanced users. While you can get basic information and the set-up wizard, you can also access advanced SEO customizations that are suitable for experts.

Although it is brimming with features, the program is extremely light and well-organized that makes it easy to find and locate the features you require.

It’s easy to access from the WordPress dashboard and in the page editor where you can alter search engine optimization of your entire website and even individual posts and pages.

It lets you connect with other tools, such as WooCommerce as well as MemberPress to assist you in ranking your online store’s physical and digital products.

Free Download All in One SEO Pack Pro

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