Free Download Beaver Builder Pro v2.5.2.3 Premium WordPress Plugin – Updated Latest Version

About Beaver Builder Pro v2.5.2.3 Premium WordPress Plugin Version Latest Version

Beaver Builder Premium Premium WordPress Plugin Free Download is a powerful visual page builder with a front-end interface for WordPress. Through Beaver Builder, you can create endless custom pages and posts quickly using drag and drop elements. You can arrange text, images videos, icons, as well as other page elements by using Beaver Builder.

The Beaver Builder plugin operates with the what you receive basis which creates a complete front-end editor for pages. Beaver Builder Theme also comes with the Beaver Builder Pro plugin. It can also be used with other themes available on the market. There are more than 50 ready-to-use templates for different web pages as well as landing pages. You can also design your own templates to reuse the templates on other pages on your website.

Free Download Beaver Builder Pro v2.5.2.3 Premium WordPress Plugin - Updated Latest Version

Beaver Builder Pro includes around 30 modules that you could make pages using for creating pre-designed content elements. The user interface of this page creator is clean and free of clutter. To add items to the page, you’ll need to click on the huge plus icon located in the upper right corner.

The main features in Beaver Builder Pro Free Download, Page Builder plugin for WordPress

  • Fully-featured front-end page builder with front-end functionality
  • Response-oriented output
  • Lightweight
  • Beautiful templates from the past
  • Clean code
  • Editor Drag and Drop
  • Reuse templates that you have saved
  • Support for widgets and shortcodes
  • Support for custom post types
  • Optimized for search engines.
  • Import/export is also permitted
  • Reusable rows and columns
  • Simple to utilize
  • Responsive editing
  • Developer friendly

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What’s new with Beaver Builder Pro v2.5.2.3 (Changelog)

Free Download Beaver Builder Pro v2.5.2.3 Premium WordPress Plugin - Updated Latest Version
  • Post Module Fix fatal errors using PHP 8 to save certain settings with empty values
  • TEC Pro: Correct fatal errors while using the Event Manager Date Filters
  • Make sure that it is compatible to work with Google Site Kit plugin and other applications that make use of the Rest API
  • Change the Mod Security filter to prevent it from interfering with column resizing
  • Get rid of code that is no longer needed for the fix to the excerpt that we introduced in 2.5.1
  • When publishing, make sure the assets are properly generated
  • Modul Accordion: Correct items that aren’t being able to close manually , and ensure that smooth closing and opening are that aren’t working
  • Button Module to fix the the color of the hover.
  • Menu Modul: Repair sub-menus items that inherit to ensure backward compatibility
  • Post Grid Module Fix FontAwesome icons that are requested when it’s not required
  • Search module: correct the missing echo statement inside the value attribute
  • Outline Panel: Repair being able to delete non-existent modules
  • Repair ACF cache that isn’t clearing for the option pages properly
  • Correct JS error caused by altering a module’s settings and by using the Publish keyboard shortcut
  • Limits on repeater fields not working in the form field
  • Fix preload issues with FontAwesome icons
  • Enhance visibility fix to stop an endless loop
  • SEO Plugin integrations: Don’t erase assets when fetching data to avoid 404 errors caused by assets
  • We are not as secure in the way we create the unique node IDs we use to ensure that they are strings
  • Set offset option for the Row Parallax Background image
  • Allow the user to choose images for breakpoints that are different in rows that are set as a parallax background
  • Include the ability in Query Monitor to be used within the UI
  • Contact Form and Subscribe Form Modules Display any WP_Errors that are detected, making it easier to pinpoint problems
  • Updating Ace Editor with the the most recent version
  • Update FontAwesome to the latest version
  • Icon Group Module: Make the spacing option to be responsive
  • Reduce the number of queries for saved nodes by switching from using the the get_terms function or get_the_terms because it’s stored
  • Pricing Table Module Create advanced Spacing tooltip icon size, feature Size the Box Top Margin, and Typeography flexible
  • Make sure that Signify theme is not conflicting when you add media to UI
  • Correct the issue Slide Right animation
  • Fixed Saved nodes that were not retaining categories after publishing in BB UI
  • Button Group Module: Fix Background animation not working
  • Video Module: Fix flash during loading when it was set to loop
  • Accordion Module: Repair “Expand the first option” problem with anchor link options
  • Content Slider Module Repair the autoplaying of the module when you click the Arrows
  • Menu Modul: Repair not smooth scrolling on mobiles and also not closing properly after clicking on an anchor link
  • Button Module: Correct column text color and module color.
  • Subscribe Module to fix Mailjet integration not showing 10 lists
  • Callout Module: Repair issues by using rel attribute
  • Select2 text color to UI Dark Mode
  • Fix problem with get_excerpt function giving incorrect information when using the visibility options
  • Pricing Table Module Custom icons are not working in the feature list
  • WPML fix cache clear issue when changing domains
  • Menu Module: Fix missing closing li tags
  • Correct fatal bug in the UI under certain conditions when plugins are used to add widgets
  • The Menu module: logo option is now properly outputs alt attribute
  • Contact Form Module: Escape the characters within fields.
  • Post Module Fix images that are missing on Safari 13 and lower in the case of Load More or Scroll for pagination.
  • Post Module Fix blurry images on Safari by using the scroll function to paginate and when using certain CDNs for images.
  • Revert fix to apply button styling to inputs within the Subscribe Module.
  • Improved compatibility ClassicPress.
  • Make it compatible to Assistant 6.
  • Improvement: Small tweaks to the message Updates Unavailable that will explain why updates are not available.
  • The opt-in for updates to Alpha/Beta has been added on the Settings > Tool admin page.
  • Audio Module: Fix issue if audio file URL contains query strings.
  • Callout Module: Fix border-radius , not impacting the image.
  • and a few other minor bugs and enhancements.

Free Download Beaver Builder Pro v2.5.2.3 Premium WordPress Plugin – Updated Latest Version

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