Free Download Gravity Forms v2.6.1 Premium WordPress Plugin – Latest Version

About Free Download Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms Free Latest Download is one of the latest WordPress plugin for creating professional forms. It’s the top and most well-known form builder plugin, with lots of features that will save you time. It is possible to create every web form you can imagine including a simple email form, to a multi-page survey form in just couple of minutes.

Free Download Gravity Forms v2.6.1 Premium WordPress Plugin - Latest Version

Gravity forms include thirty or more ready-to-use forms with 30+ ready-to-use Fields to help you construct any kind of structure. It lets you display or hide sections, fields, and buttons according to the preferences of the user. The forms created with this plugin automatically alter their size based on the screen size. Therefore your forms can be used and will look fantastic on all devices.

Gravity Forms also shield you from spam with Google ReCaptcha and Akismet option for plugins. If you’d like to limit the amount of people who can fill out a form or would like to plan your forms it is possible to utilize Gravity Forms. Gravity Forms WordPress plugin. It is also possible to connect your web-based forms to the other WordPress plugin or application with ease.

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The Core Features of Gravity Forms v2.6.1 — Form Builder for WordPress. WordPress

  • Forms that respond
  • Highly effective tools
  • Builder for Drag and Drop
  • A wide range of fields for form (30+)
  • Conditional logic to reveal the hidden fields
  • Notification via email for each form submission
  • Upload field for files
  • Perform advanced calculations
  • The number of entries on an application form
  • Schedule forms
  • Forms can be used to be used to create WordPress posts by using forms
  • Can stop spam by using captcha
  • Akismet options
  • Integration MailChimp, Paypal, Dropbox, Zappier, and many other integrations.
  • Many premium add-ons are also available
  • Front End forms
  • Lightweight plugins
  • Loads form very quickly.

What’s new with Free Download Gravity Forms v2.6.1 (Changelog)

  • Corrected an issue that can cause Javascript error messages in the Form Editor in the event that there aren’t Conditional Logic fields are present.
  • Correction of an issue that causes Conditional Logic to fail if the first choice in an individual field is chosen.
  • Add accessibility improvements for the editor form in order to improve navigation on keyboards.
  • The form editor has been updated to inform users that resizing options are not possible in the event that the legacy markup form setting is activated.
  • Form editor updated to prevent resizing of fields when the old markup setting is turned on.
  • The accessibility issue was fixed for the uploading of multiple files.
  • Correction of an issue that occurred when the field for description of the form doesn’t permit HTML tags.
  • API: Fixed an issue that causes programmatically-created fo.1rms to break in the form editor.
  • The AF team has updated the set-up fee settings within the framework for payment add-ons to ensure that the field for product is hidden instead of disabled when the setup fee isn’t verified.
Free Download Gravity Forms v2.6.1 Premium WordPress Plugin - Latest Version
  • Additional security enhancements.
  • A fallback save option has been added to be used in case an AJAX save is not successful.
  • Add the merge tag today to show either the date of today or its time. Credit Gravity PDF team. Gravity PDF group.
  • Fixing an issue in which saving the form is not successful when the form has backslashes.
  • Corrected an issue in which the save button in the form editor remains in the saving state when the validation of the form is not successful.
  • Corrected an issue where dropdowns on the Embed Form flyout are not properly displaying their contents.
  • Corrected several issues with display within the editor for forms.
  • We have fixed an issue in which we discovered that our IE11 admin stylesheet is loaded all over the admin.
  • Some issues were fixed where the some text in the 2.6 splash page isn’t translated.
  • Corrected a problem that caused admin pages to break visually when There is no Conflict mode is activated.
  • Corrected the duplicated output of the stylesheet used by admin for the Add-on Results screen.
  • Changed the admin stylesheet’s core route for the Help screen.
  • Changed the labels for radios that are disabled and checkbox inputs to more clearly show that the input is disabled.
  • and a few other minor tweaks and improvements.

Gravity Formulas: Review of the Form The Plugin to Meet Your Ever-Growing Demands

Gravity Forms is the best choice for those who want to build complicated forms on an WordPress site easily. The growing variety of features sets Gravity Forms way apart from the other options. Let’s have a look some of the most amazing features available from Gravity Forms.

  • 30+ fields for form The plugin comes with an array of field types that allow you to create all kinds of WordPress forms easily.
  • Responsive forms The WordPress forms will appear amazing across all devices including mobile, desktop and tablet.
  • Conditionsal logic: Display or hide fields according to the choice of the user.
  • Notifications via email Notifications via email inform you every time a form is filled out.
  • Spam filters to block spam forms submissions with Google ReCaptcha, Really Simple Captcha and Akismet alternatives.
  • Uploading files Let customers to download files using an online application.
  • Save and then continue save a portion of a completed form, and then return later to finish the form.
  • Calculations Gravity Forms also lets you make advanced calculations on base of the field values you submit.
  • Front-end forms Are you looking to allow users to post blog content to review, without giving them with WordPress administrator access? You can accomplish this with front-end forms on your website.
  • Schedule and limit forms Limit the number of entries that a form could be received and make your forms scheduleable.
  • Integrations with Gravity Forms Integration is simple. Connect your web form to any other online application you wish to use.

Gravity Forms is best suited to advanced users who require an all-inclusive WordPress Form plugin. If you’re looking to budget to buy an expensive plugin, you must definitely look into Gravity Forms.

With regards to features, this base plugin offers a vast array of options. It is also possible to find additional plugins that work with Gravity Forms not just on the website for the plugin, but also on the repository.

It is among the most well-known and well-known plugins It is the reason that a majority of WordPress themes include integrated support to Gravity Form styles. It is compatible with all other WordPress plugins perfectly.

Free Download Gravity Forms v2.6.1 Premium WordPress Plugin – Latest Version

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