Free Download Hreflang Manager v1.12 – Latest Version

Free Download Hreflang Manager The implementation of the hreflang attribute in a website powered by WordPress can be a very cumbersome process without a specific plugin, for this reason, we developed Hreflang Manager. The Hreflang Manager Lite plugin provides you an easy and reliable method to implement hreflang in WordPress.


For more information on the technical use of hreflang, please consider reading the official documentation provided by Google.

Free Download Hreflang Manager

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  • Supports the hreflang implementation of different websites or the sub-sites of a WordPress network
  • Supports all the languages defined with ISO_639-1
  • Supports all the scripts defined with ISO 15924
  • Supports all the countries defined with ISO 3166-1 alpha-2
  • A maximum of 10 alternative versions of the page per connection
  • Includes a log system to verify the correct implementation in the front-end
  • Ability to select the default languages, scripts, and countries
  • Automatically deletes the hreflang data of the deleted posts


A-Pro Version of this plugin is available on our website with many additional features, like the ability to move the hreflang implementation in all the websites of the network, a maximum of 100 alternative versions of the page per connection, the ability to mass import hreflang data from a spreadsheet, and much more.

What is the hreflang HTML attribute?

The hreflang HTML attribute, which goes inside link elements included in the HEAD section of the page, helps search engines understand that certain pages are targeted for a specified language or country. By implementing this attribute you can send your users to the targeted pages and greatly increase the SEO performance of your website.

Why a plugin?

The implementation of the hreflang attribute in a website powered by WordPress can be a very cumbersome process without a specific plugin, for this reason we developed Hreflang Manager.

How does it work?

With the “Connections” menu or with the “Hreflang Manager” sidebar you can connect the pages of your website with the related versions targeted for different languages or different countries. The plugin will handle your connections by adding the proper html markup in the HEAD section of the selected pages.

markup in the HEAD section of the selected pages.

Hreflang Manager - 2

Hreflang Manager Demo

Download Link of Hreflang Manager Pro v1.12 – Latest Version


Hreflang – what is it?

Hreflang is a tag that gives Google crawlers information about different language versions of the website. Thanks to that, Google will be able to provide its users with adequate versions of your site depending on the language they use.

Hreflangs – what can go wrong?

Hreflangs can be complicated to implement sometimes but it’s important to make it in the correct way. Here are some of the most common mistakes when it comes to hreflangs:
wrong language/region codes
no hreflangs referring to the current webpage,
implementing hreflang for just one language version of the site,
using wrong URLs,
implementing hreflang on the main page only,
the canonical link that redirects to the default version of the site.

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