Free Download iThemes Security v8.0.2 Latest Version

Are you looking to secure your WordPress website from hackers? Secure your site and safe with the full-featured security features of the Free Download iThemes Security plugin. We’ll discuss it in this iThemes Security review, you’ll learn how it can protect your website from all types of security threats that range from login attempts that are brute force to a variety of bots that can be a problem and security vulnerabilities.

Free Download iThemes Security

What is the reason you need a Security plugin?

It’s the truth the fact that WordPress can be quite safe CMS from the box. It is updated frequently to fix problems and fix any security vulnerabilities that may arise.

It’s also among the most targeted marketing techniques used that hackers use due to its huge popularity.

Although they make every effort to keep their websites secure, the majority of users aren’t security experts. They might lack knowledge of the best security practices, and may accidentally create weaknesses due to their actions (or inaction).

Every website is susceptible. Hackers attack all kinds of sites, not just to steal information as well as to distribute malware to the website’s users.

If your website is compromised and is compromised, it could be a devastating loss that is difficult to overcome. You don’t just have to repair your site that was compromised and repair the damage, you must also repair the damage that was done to your brand’s reputation. Users may be hesitant about with your website in the future.

Free Download iThemes Security v8.0.2 Latest Version

About IThemes Security

iThemes Security is the most effective WordPress security plug-in designed by specialists in security at iThemes. It helps safeguard your WordPress website against all security risks and gives you confidence. It’s user-friendly and easy to use It can be used quickly even if you’re just an inexperienced user.

The plugin is designed to address the most common security flaws and safeguards your website from hacks or malware as well as attacks. It provides an additional layer of protection for your WordPress website, making it impossible for cyber criminals to compromise your site.

The main features of the plugin are protection against brute force as well as file change detection and 404 detection, as well as strong password enforcement, as well as backups of databases. In addition, there are a lot of amazing security features included that are included in the plugin. In particular, the immediate email notifications following the detection of threats helps you address problems quickly.

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How iThemes Secures Your Website Safe

The iThemes Security provides more than 30 methods to ensure that your website is secure and safe from hackers, which include:

  • Stop those IP addresses associated with known hackers from logging in to your website
  • Lock users out after too many failed Login attempts (similar as Login LockDown)
  • Scan your website to find malware and other code that is suspicious.
  • Make sure that you use strong passwords for all accounts
  • Forcing SSL for your dashboard , or any other page or post for as long as your server supports it.
  • Check your files for any changes that are not authorized
  • Be notified via email about any activity that is suspicious that occurs on your website
  • It conceals and obfuscates crucial system information regarding the WordPress installation. WordPress Installation
  • …and and

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Secure Your Website by using iThemes Security Pro

The Pro version of iThemes offers additional features and automations to speed up your time and make your site safe, such as:

  • 2-Factor Authentication: Install an application for mobile use (such such as Google Authenticator or Authy) to ensure that only you are able to sign in using your phone
  • Scheduled Malware Scan Automatically scan your site for any suspicious code each day
  • Password Expirations: Make users to make new passwords after an amount of time that you choose.
  • Secure Settings for Imports and Exports: You can quickly configure your other WordPress websites using the same settings.
  • Modify Login URL Stop users from attempting to sign in to your website by changing the URL of your dashboard for login.

How to Set-Up iThemes Security on Your Website

Important Prior to downloading the iThemes Security plugin and activating any of its security features, make certain to take a backup of your website. This is due to the fact that the plugin alters the database and site files, which, on a few instances, could cause issues on your website.

After you’ve installed and activated this plugin you’ll get an alert to activate the iThemes Brute Force Network Protection, which is available for free. It connects your site to iThemes network, and so criminals who are already registered in the database are barred from accessing your website.

Simply fill in your email address to receive the complimentary API key.

Then, go through Security > Settings to select the features of security you’d prefer to activate.

The settings screen may be overwhelming with the variety of options available.

You’ll also notice that the most popular options are displayed, while more sophisticated options are obscured.

Each item comes with a brief description of its function. You’re able to select the ones you’d like enable and set up.

The functions which include the enable button are simple to configure: simply press the button and you’re put in place.

The options that have an Configure Settings button might necessitate you to look over the settings or fill in several options before getting going. For instance, if click banned users and then manually input the IP addresses you want to block:

You can also go via Security > Security check to run a scan of your site.

Documentation and Support

The explanations in the dashboard of plugins make clear what each choice accomplishes. This FAQ at provides the most frequently encountered issues and provides steps you could follow to resolve the issue. Additionally, there are more help documents that are available at the main iThemes support website.

For the version that is free for the plug-in, support for the community is available via’s support forums. support forums Users are actively in helping each other. The majority of support issues are solved quickly.

IThemes Security Pro users have access to assistance by the developer.

Pricing for IThemes Security

IThemes Security offers three pricing plans, namely BloggerFreelancer Gold, and Freelancer. Gold. You can select one of these plans based on the amount of websites you’d like to use iThemes Security on.

Free Download iThemes Security

Blogger is the base plan which cost $80 annually and can support one WordPress website. If you’re managing only one website, then you can purchase this plan.

If you own more than one website, and up to 10 sites, then you should consider the Freelancer plan. It’s great for entrepreneurs with medium-sized businesses as well as freelancers.

For large agencies, there’s an option called the gold plan. The plan gives you the ability to create unlimited websites.

All plans include one year of support ticketed, 1 year of updates to plugins, along with 10 iThemes sync websites. iThemes Sync helps you manage multiple WordPress websites from one place that includes the ability to click once for WordPress updates, monitoring uptime, WordPress theme and plugin manager, and more.

iThemes Security vs. WordFence Security

Looking for the most secure Security plugin for your site?

You might have heard about WordFence Security another well-known free security plug-in.

After evaluating both plugins, we discovered that, although WordFence Security may be a excellent security tool however, it places a significant stress on your server and comes with an unwieldy user interface. (See our complete WordFence Security review for more information.)

IThemes Security includes certain features that could make your site slower including file change detection feature however, overall it is more efficient. Remember: any program that continuously searches your files will use the resources of your site.

But, since iThemes Security is so customizable you are able to select the features you want to allow. It is easy to avoid ones that can slow your site, or use them during slow traffic times.

It is recommended to read the complete WordPress security manual for more information.

Our Verdict

We think that all WordPress websites would benefit from installing a security plug-in. The question is which one is the best for your website.

iThemes Security is among the most well-known and well-rated security plugins on the directory.

We discovered that the iThemes Security plugin easy to use, even if not familiar with the terminology of security or the best methods. It is clear about each option in your dashboard. There are plenty of options, they’re laid out in a way that’s not too overpowering.

Free Download iThemes Security v8.0.2 Latest Version

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