Free Download Jetpack v 10.17 Latest Version

Free download Jetpack is among the most well-known plugins and If you’re brand new to the field, or you’ve been in the business for some time, you’ve heard of is Jetpack. This plugin is among the first things that you’ll see within the WP official directory, and is also the one with the highest number of installations ever!

Free Download Jetpack v 10.17 Latest Version

The issue with well-known plugins like Jetpack is that you’ll see a lot of people who cannot survive without the plugin, while some think it’s the most harmful thing you could do to your new website.

Which one do you think you should trust? The optimists or the pessimists? Do you want to put the plugin on your site? What are the pros and drawbacks of this plugin? Are the claims you hear about it true or are they simply ignorant reviewers?

In this post, we’ll review the full Jetpack review. We’ll look at this plugin based on our experiences in the business however, we’ll be doing it with an objective view, and taking it in the expectations of someone who has never had the opportunity to use this plugin.

We’ve recently revisited this article in March 2022, to ensure that our conclusions are still valid, and to update any changes to the content to reflect the latest developments.

Free Download Jetpack v 10.17 Latest Version

What exactly is Jetpack?

Free download Jetpack is a no-cost WordPress plugin that was developed by Automattic which is the company behind It comprises multiple modules (which can be described as plugins) which users can use to improve monitoring, control, and maintain their WordPress website.

It’s one of the most popular products ever. It has been listed on the Popular tab for several years, bouncing among the top four along alongside other products like Yoast, Contact Form 7, and Akismet Anti-Spam Another product by Automattic. It has more than 1 million installations with more than 1300 customer reviews as of the time of writing.

If we were to summarize the capabilities in a couple of paragraphs consider it as follows: The self-hosted WordPress version WordPress is the raw metal, the flexibly customizable version of

Free Download Jetpack

When you install Jetpack It’s like you’re creating a Self-hosted edition of While they differ in many ways, Jetpack brings the two versions of WordPress one step closer.

Jetpack Features

Here, you’re going to provide a quick review of the major (or I hope every one) of Jetpack’s capabilities. Each feature is referred to as a “module “module” that can be turned on or off at any time. In v6.5 (the version in use at the date of this writing) the listed modules available are:

  1. Themes for professionals JP gives access to one hundred free professional themes. Users who pay for the service have access to the addition of more than 200 themes that are premium.
  2. Image CDN (Formerly Photon) – instead of having your images serve by your server the images are served by WordPress servers, theoretically increasing the speed of loading your site.
  3. Website Statistics It shows the number of visits your website receives as well as the most popular content and pages are.
  4. Related Posts show related posts based on the article or page your user is currently studying.
  5. Automatic publishing for Social Media Once you post a post or page, you can instantly publish it to social media platforms or schedule it for later.
  6. Social sharing Add social sharing icons to your blog posts, allowing your readers to share your content via the social networks they have.
  7. Create Sitemaps XML Create a simple sitemap to index search engines. Two types of sitemaps are generated: a simple sitemap, and one that is designed exclusively designed for Google News.
  8. Ads earn revenue by displaying ads on your website. Only accessible to professional and premium users.
  9. Make payments Add payment buttons that allow your users to make payments via PayPal for purchases, digital downloads, or donations.
  10. Beautiful Math This module allows you to include complicated mathematical equations, formulas, etc. on your posts by using the LaTeX markup language easily.
  11. Carousel Create full-page slideshows from your gallery, complete with comment and EXIF metadata.
  12. Monitoring of Uptime You will be notified via email whenever your website is down.
  13. Protection against brute force attacks Your site is protected from spam attacks, brute force attacks and suspicious sign-in attempts, and more.
  14. Backups of your site Create automatic copies of the backups you have made to your WordPress website. Only available for premium users or above.
  15. Add Extra Sidebar Widgets as well as Customizations lets you create new custom sidebar widgets like social icons RSS and Twitter embeds, forthcoming events, etc.
  16. Create by email lets you publish your posts via email.
  17. publish via any device by using the App with Jetpack and connecting your website to You can also use’s Official mobile application to publish content at any time, from any location.
  18. Comment improvements let your customers make comments on your website using your social accounts.
  19. Contact formsallow you to easily add a contact formsa contact form to your blog posts and pages.
  20. Custom CSS Add custom CSS without altering the code of your theme. It stays intact even after updates.
  21. Custom Content Type Add customized post type types on your website easily.
  22. Gravatar Hovercards – Display your commenters’ gravatar profiles.
  23. infinite scroll Make your website load as fast as Pinterest which loads indefinitely pages or posts in the event that there’s something that needs to be loaded when your users scroll down.
  24. JSON API connects apps as well as services on your website so that you can offer them your content or use their services to improve your site.
  25. manage multiple WordPress installations When you connect your website to Jetpack it automatically connects your website to and allows users to manage the site through’s dashboard. Many WordPress installations can be controlled through only one account (or the same dashboard for accounts).
  26. Markdown Write your blog content with the Markdown syntax.
  27. Mobile Theme Visitors to your website will be shown mobile themes in place of your normal theme. It is useful if you don’t have a responsive theme.
  28. Notifications Get notifiesnotified of any new comments and likes via your admin bar as well as the WordPress mobile application.
  29. Shortcode Embeds – embed YouTube videos, tweets, etc.
  30. Single Sign-on Use your account to sign in to your self-hosted websites.
  31. Website Verification Check your site’s ownership using Google, Bing, Yande,x and Pinterest.
  32. Grammar and Spelling Make sure you check your grammar, spelling, and style while you type in your post editor using After the Deadline technology.
  33. Subscription Allow your readers to join to receive emails regarding new posts and comments.
  34. Galeries with Tiles Display your galleries in either rectangular mosaics or square mosaicmosaics. You can also display them in a thea circular grid.
  35. Video pressis available only to those who subscribe to the premium plan or higher this feature permits users to upload videos on your website that will host on and puts no extra pressure on your servers.
  36. short linksUse wp. me shortlinks to make simple, quick links to your blog posts and pages.
  37. VaultPress Backups that are automated as well as security scanning, and much more, short linksare  available only to premium users.

Learn More about JP features

The list changes constantly since modules change. Sometimes, they’re included in WordPress’s core. Other times, they’re completely removed. For instance, an instance of this was the Omnisearch module that is now a distinct plugin, instead of an integrated module in Jetpack.

There are a lot of options within one plugin!

With all the features packed inside a single plugin users are left asking “won’t it affect my website’s performance?”, a natural query. The modules could be considered as separate plugins that are combined into one. For instance, the Omnisearch module is an excellent illustration of this. It is also known that the greater number of plugins you install the more load your server will have to deal with and the more sluggish your website will become. Is that the case for JetPack? Let’s discuss JetPack in the following section.

Does Jetpack slow down WordPress?

The quick and simple answer is: Yes. Jetpack can slow down your website.

However, the est part is that, most of the time it’s not noticeable.

“What?! That shouldn’t be happening! My loading speed needs to remain exactly the same!”

No. Why? Let’s explain.

If Jetpack does nothing or, more precisely the Jetpack module is not activated module it will generate an additional program that needs to run, and additional queries that need to be received and sent. This can mean that you will have to wait longer for processing. All processes take time. It could be a nanosecond or an extra ho,r, but generally every additional step can increase the amount of time required to complete something.

Jetpack isn’t a magic tool. It performs a task, and it requires time to implement additional features on your website.

How do you inst itall and activate?

The process of installing and activating Jetpack is quite simple. It’s easy to install like other plugins by logging into your site’s administrator dashboard, then selecting the Plugins tab, and then Add New. When you’re there enter “Jetpack” into the search box located in the upper right side of the screen. Press Enter to search for the plugin. The first result that appears in the search results will appear to be “Jetpack from”.

Selecto the “Install Now” button and just wait for it to complete. When the button is “Activate” then click it once more and you’ll be taken into the screen that welcomes you like the one below:

Pros and Cons

In this article ,we’ll go over the advantages and disadvantages that come with Jetpack for you to comprehend its features better and to assist you in deciding if Jetpack is a good fit for your needs or not.

Let’s begin with the pros.

Free download jetpack Jetpack Pros

One plugin can be the ultimate

One of the great features of Jetpack is that it’s a single application with several modules (or plug-ins). It’s not necessary to search for plugins and hope it’s compatible with your list of plugins in use. The modules included within Jetpack are compatible and work without problems at all. They coexist in harmony.

Updates and maintenance are effortless

If you upgrade Jetpack the entire module is updated. In addition, the configuration of multiple modules on one dashboard is much easier.

If you install several plugins, updating and setting them up one at a time could be slow and time-consuming. Additionally, when you work with several plugins, they may cooperate well at the same time, however, after the update was completed, you’ll find that your website suddenly stopped working. You discovered that a feature added in one of the plugins interacted with the other plugins.

You’ll be in safe hands – Free download jetpack

In contrast to other similar plugins, Jetpack is developed by people who are behind, Automattic. It’s no surprise that we can be confident that Jetpack won’t disappear from the market (for instance Slimpack which used to be one of the most well-known lightweight Jetpack alternatives at the time and is no longer maintained).

Like other plugins that are developed by independent makers or smaller teams ,You don’t know the length of time they’ll last. They may be excited about the plugin’s development at the moment, but who knows the length of time it will last? Emerging financial problems can impact premium plugin developers.

It’s unsafe to rely uponthird-partyy plugins. But, you could employ a developer to keep making and developing the plugin, if the initial developer disappeared out completely. It all depends on the plugin, and other factors the cost could be high.

Free download Jetpack Cons

Similar to other plugins Jetpack is not without its list of disadvantages.

Can affect your website’s performance

Based on the modules that you choose to activate as well as the number of active modules, Jetpack can impact your website’s performance.

Depends on Account and Servers

I’m not sure if this is an ad or not, but some people might be put off by the idea of creating the account. Furthermore ,certain Jetpack modules heavily depend on’s servers so should something happen with their servers there’s a high possibility that you’ll also be affected.

The singleSign-in feature is an security danger

Although’s servers are safe Your account is the same as safe ayouryou system and network. If hackers gain an access point to the account of your WordPress account, they could get access to any your WordPress websites.

A few modules are basic.

Use the contact forms and the statistics. If you’re looking for sophisticated features, you’ll be better with a third-party plug-in.

Do You Need It?

We’ve discussed several issues with Jetpack in the past The only question left to answer is: is Jetpack the right choice for you?

For You

If you’re a novice user of self-hosted WordPress and have used services in the past, you may be surprised to discover Jetpack to be a good choice. Jetpack assists in the transition from self-hosted to hosted.

You’ll be able to access many of the features you’ve enjoyed on on your self-hosted WordPress website while gaining familiarity with how self-hosted WordPress functions.

Start by using Jetpack’s modules initially and when you’re comfortable with self-hosted WordPress it is possible to begin changing the modules by using standalone plugins that accomplish similar things, but with additional options.

Users who don’t want to spend much time tmanagingtheir own website will discover Jetpack extremely easy to use. This is also true for those who aren’t inclined to do any tinkering with and setting up dozens of plugins with hundreds of options and settings.

Find it out today

Not for You!

But, if you’re one of those who just require a handful of Jetpack’s features or more control and more options to customize or both, Jetpack may not be the right choice for you. You’re better off using plugins that replace the modules you’re using.

For instance, Jetpack’s Social sharing module is quite easy to use. If you’re looking for more features and more customization options, in addition, to control, look at another option: Sassy’s Social Share. As opposed tcontrollingits’s counterpart, the Jetpack module, comes with many extra features and options for customization and you don’t have to set up a new account to access it.

In a nutshell, Jetpack is designed for those who are new to WordPress or came from or are already bus, or simply want to manage their site, with little effort required to configure and maintain.

Jetpack isn’t or might not be appropriate for people who want total control of every aspect of their website, don’t require the majority of features of Jetpacks modules, doesn’t want to sign up to is a fan of keeping their website up to the very last detail or require more powerful features that aren’t available in Jetpack.

Jetpack Pricing and Plans

Let’s get to the most important section. What is the amount you are expected to shell out to use the software?

Let’s begin with the very first strategy – absolutely FREE!

If you’ve heard correctly, you don’t have to make a single payment to begin it.

However, as with all thin,gs you’ll get what you spend for. Therefore, you won’t have many of the features we’ve described if you choose to go with the no-cost version. The other plans are listed below:

  • $3.50/month or $39 annually
  • $9/month or $99 annually
  • $29/month or $299 annually

Take a look below for the most popular options available by clicking on the image to view the complete list.

Frequently asked questions about Free download Jetpack

Is Jetpack worth it?

,Yes using Jetpack i worth the cost. Jetpack is a plugin or service that offers an impressive amount of options for free. And at $3.50/month for features that are PRO and access to services that you’d need to pay for, should you have to choose other third parties.

Do you think Jetpack affect the speed s indeedaffectsdPress?

The answer is no, Jetpack does not slow down your WordPress website. Contrary to popular belief, Jetpack does not have an impact on performance that is greater than any other third-party plugin. However Jetpack is extremely efficient in its code and comes with particular features that can help make WordPress more efficient.

Is Jetpack appropriate for WordPress?

It’s true, Jetpack is good for WordPress websites, especially for those who aren’t tech-savvy. Jetpack is capable of performing a wide number of necessary and popular functions that go beyond the basic installation. Since Jetpack is owned by Automattic and Automattic, it is guaranteed to bring huge benefits to a variety of users.

Is Jetpack essential to run WooCommerce?

There is no need to have Jetpack installed to start ,a WooCommerce store. Although the service can provide advantages similar to those discussed in this article particularly when it comes to having the CDN enabled installation and activation is completely optional for Woo installation.

What is the price of this Jetpack will cost you?

Jetpack’s core service Jetpack is completely free. If you wish to activate certain Pro features, the cost is $3.50/month for personal blog site, and $9/month for small-business sites. Larger businesses can opt for plans that start at $29 per month.

Does Jetpack a great plugin?

It’s true, Jetpack is a good plugin for people who are new and don’t have a lot of experience with WordPress. The reason is that the plugin provides a variety of fantastic features to your sites that generally require you to install numerous plugins.

Free Download Jetpack v 10.17 Latest Version

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