Free Download League Tables v1.10 Latest Version

About Free Download League Tables v1.10

Free Download League Tables is a table that responds to user input. solution that has column sorting, assistance for WordPress Multisite and support for different languages. 

A spreadsheet editor makes it easier to manage how to copy spreadsheet data into tables. If you prefer, transfer tables into XML format. Tables are also able to be backup using this format.

Free Download League Tables

The range of options the user can choose from in League Table is impressive. It offers 105 options per table, 17 options for each cell, and 13 general options. 

Table width can be changed colors, fonts, and much more. Each cell can be customized as well. You can alter backgrounds and fonts and apply mathematical formulas create customized HTML code , and much more.

There are a variety of sorts of options, and in the event that you desire you want, you can permit users to sort the data in tables on their own.

League Table is available on CodeCanyon for just $23. It’s a budget-friendly table solution that’s extremely flexible, and is an excellent option for those looking to design tables for teams as well as financial data tables, pricing tables, and much more.

Please be aware the fact that this is a lite Version of League Table which is an table WordPress plugin that we have been selling through Envato Market since 2014.

Free Download League Tables v1.10 Latest Version


In the main menu for plugins in the main menu, we’ve embedded a spreadsheet editor created by Handsontable. This feature allows you can transfer tables in the most popular spreadsheet editors like Excel, Google Sheets, OpenOffice Calc. to WordPress and in reverse.

Free Download League Tables


Utilize the customization options included to design the perfect table to fit the setting.


This table plugin can create tables that are either fixed or automatic design layouts. It is also possible to define the table’s width as well as the width of each column, if required.


You may also choose to enable vertical or horizontal scroll bars. We suggest using this feature when tables contains a significant quantity of information.


The plugin lets you specify the font size of the text within the body and header cells. The font size that you choose will automatically adjust cell paddings as well as other table parameters to create tables that are perfectly proportioned and have maximum accessibility.


The table’s margin should be set to the exact width of the table in order to accommodate the table into the layout you have chosen or to create an alternating vertical pattern.


The table can be hidden or displayed header according to the type of data you wish to show.


Create a font family that is custom as well as font weight and font style for text of the header and body cells.

Custom-designed colors

You can choose the colors of these table elements using a convenient color selector:

  • Header Background Color
  • Header Font Color
  • Link Color Link Color
  • Header Border Color
  • Rows Border Color


Enhance the readability of your table by making tables with stripes.

The following table options are available:

  • Even Rows Background Color
  • Odd Rows Background Color
  • The Even Rows font color
  • Odd Rows font color
  • The Even Rows link color
  • Strange Rows Link Color


With the Alignment section you can quickly define an alignment of text that is custom for columns or rows of tables.


The plugin lets you increase the size of fonts according to the width of the viewport. To do this, go to the Responsive section. There, you can set the breakpoints as well as the size of the fonts.

Include images in the table CELLS

You can easily add images to table cells using The WordPress uploader. Make use of this feature to show the flags of teams in sports as well as branding logos, icons for achievements faces of people and much more.


The plugin may also create a column to indicate the location of the entity in the row. The particular column is generated according to your specified sorting criteria. This column can be made the first column in your table, or the final column in your table.


Sort the table data automatically by the column’s values the column you specify. The plugin makes use of tablesorter, which is a tablesorter JavaScript library to complete this task.


You can enable manually Sorting option to create a table that can be sorted by visitors by clicking on the table’s head.


The plugin is currently able to support the maximum of 40 columns and 10,000 rows for each table. In this limit, you can make tables with the maximum number of 400000 cells.

Be aware that these limitations were introduced for reasons of performance and are found on versions Pro. Pro Version.

PRO Version League Tables

When you purchase League Table Version Pro of League Table, you will be able to access the following features:

  • Create backups of plugin’s information or transfer the plugin’s data between various WordPress installations using the Export and Import menus
  • You can use five or more sorting rules to arrange the tables according to the information available in several columns
  • Join the table cells
  • Formulas can be created using the following operations Subtraction, Sum Minimum, Maximum, and Average
  • Manually apply custom colors, typographic styles or custom alignments to cells.
  • Automatically apply specific colors to certain rankings of the table or columns or rows.
  • Customize HTML text in the table cell
  • Display and specify the table’s caption
  • Link to images and text inside the cells of the table
  • Use tables in your posts using a Gutenberg block


Please refer to the League Table Lite documentation for instructions on installing the plugin and more information on plugin’s use, or check out the FAQ for the plugin.


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Free Download League Tables v1.10 Latest Version

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