Free Download Mailster v3.1.3 Premium [Updated]

About Mailster v3.1.3 Premium WordPress Plugin

The free download of the Mailster Premium newsletter WordPress plugin Mailster is one of the most popularnewsletter plugins that work with WordPress that lets youdo everything related to email marketing directly from on your WordPress dashboard.

Free Download Mailster v3.1.3 Premium [Updated]

This plugin lets users to createattractive opt-in-forms to collectyour subscribers’ email addresses. it’s possible toeven make Double-Optin forms. It also integrates with third-party plugins such as Gravity Forms, Ninja Popups and reCaptcha. ConvertPlug, and lots ofothers. You’lldesign your subscriber boxes using anotherplugin and thenconnect it to Mailster for managing your subscriber list.

Mailster is an outstandingcompetitor for other email marketing services such as MailChimp. With Mailster it isn’t necessary to have to visita different dashboard in order to handle our mailing list or build mailer messages; you’lldo everything via the WordPress dashboard. is a dragand drop editor with professional templates to buildemail campaigns for your customers withoutcoding expertise.

The plugin allows users to followyour mailing campaigns as well as your subscribers quickly. Shortly, we willsay that this is typically the bestplugin to buildand manage your blog’s subscriber list.

The main features of Mailster – Premium Newsletter Plugin for WordPress (Free Download)

  • Beautiful email templates that are pre-made.
  • No programming knowledge is required
  • Automatic welcome and birthday emails help
  • Mail auto-responder
  • Real-time insight
  • Click rate tracking
  • Track Unsubscribes
  • Tracking bounced mail
  • The subscribers’ data within your WordPress
  • Integration with popular forms, resulting in plugins
  • It is possible to connect to the SMTP server
  • Allows you to include images or attachments to mailers
  • Support for Single and Double Opt-Ins.
  • Simple to use design
  • Unlimited Subscribers List
  • Complete Statistics for campaigns
  • Multiple email delivery integration
  • WooCommerce Support
  • 120+ amazing mail templates

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What’s new What’s New Mailster v3.1.3 Premium (Changelog):

  • corrected: time-specific auto-responders that are only sent on Sundays cause sending the following messages to be used to the future: type in the test bounce message
    fixed: typo in subscriber query causes database error
    Fixed: PHP warning about an undefined variable in the options bar
    Included: link to unsubscribe the mail app’s unsubscribe email
    added: filter mailster_campaign_meta_defaults to filter default meta values
    updated: defined wp_mail filter filters are now in place if utilized together with Mailster
  • new: Eliminate inactive subscribers immediately
  • new updated: Relative conditions for date fields
  • New: filters in the overview of subscribers
  • Updated Manage Subscribers page
  • Corrected: Add trailing space in preheaders to prevent accidental breakages in previews.
  • Fixed editing template the template’s header was messed up
  • Fixed: bulk deletion actions functioning again
  • Fixed: auto responder is does not trigger if a posts were posted in the last few days.
  • Fixed: shortcodes are now properly handled in the web version.
  • The added text strings are for errors as defined as security setting page.
  • Improved: Ajax handler
  • Fixed: timeframe settings that span beyond midnight
    Fixed: layout issue on the form/lists overview for smaller screens
    Fixed in the absence of dbstructure’s method on queue process
    Option to allow and block individuals from certain nations to sign-up
    Update: Using the function get_user_local() in place of the get_locale() in the event of an emergency.
  • Fixed: bulk options cause an error for subscribers.
  • corrected: duplicated forms cause an error.
  • corrected: some notifications were missed the template-defined settings.
  • Change: the optional warmup period is now made available for 60 days.
  • Improved: Database issues during cron attempted to be repaired automatically.
  • The reminder was added: to turn on automatic updates following an update to Mailster update.
  • Editing templates on the template page is now back
  • Corrected: mergetags now function correctly in the image URL field when fallback is available
  • Corrected: Draft campaigns may be duplicated.
  • Fixed: installing plugins on the addon page. It’s working
  • solved: problem when PHPMailer is loaded into another plugin
  • Fixed: the templates installed could not be accessed if there was no requirement for Mailster version was specified.
  • Improved upgrade process starting beginning with 2.4.x
  • smaller bug fixes
  • NEW test the quality of your email using the built-in Pre-check feature.
    New: Tag your subscriber with tags for better segmentation.
    New: Improved security through dedicated setting page for security.
    New features: Automatic batch size setting to determine your ideal sending rate.
    new: option to design new campaigns using action hook-based auto responders.
    New: Updated add-ons page that allows you to browse and install additional integrations.
    Updated template page includes over 400 premium and free templates.
    New: UI update with new icons inspired by SVG.
    New: Auto Click Prevention to stop bots from auto-clicking and causing problems with your statistics.
    New: Sending warmup when you are sending from a brand newly registered IP or domain.
    Improvements in handling dbs by dividing the table of actions into five different ones.
    Improved the functionality of primary keys in these tables improved: added primary keys to queue, subscriber_meta and subscriber_fields.
    Improvements: the The calculation of user ratings is now offloaded since it is often a server-intensive.
    Improved: improvements to trackers in those who subscribe to the Apple Privacy Protection plans.
    Improved: modification of the random handler that is used in random posts.
    added: a new dynamic tag for labeling buttons post_button:-1.
    Included: indexes to the campaigns to determine when multiple campaigns are being delivered (like birthday wishes).
    Removed: Auto Update Option to use the native solution.
    Removed: Mymail hooks deprecated and filters.
  • Issue fixed: Subscriber button in certain Versions of Firefox.
  • Issue with downloading templates that have special characters in the filepath.
  • Issue with creating images when the content folder isn’t part from WordPress root.
  • Correction: invalid values on form submissions were not saved.
  • Improvements: URL hijacking mechanics to manage subdomains.
  • Fixed: warning on dashboard.
  • Correction: JS error in Firefox on WP 5.6.
  • The new order-by-status system is improved: it now takes into account timestamps for campaigns.
  • Fix: Stop URL hijacking by permitting links that originate from the same domain or in the campaign.
  • Honeypot mechanism has been enabled, because the issue in Chrome has been resolved.
  • Some other minor adjustments.
Free Download Mailster v3.1.3 Premium [Updated]

Free Download Mailster v3.1.3 Premium [Updated]

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