Free Download phpSearch – Search Engine Platform Latest Version

All About Google Clone – Search Engine Platform that uses the PHP MySQL Project Free Download

Free Download phpSearch is a platform for search engines that is based on Bing’s API that lets users search across the web or your own sites for images, web pages or videos as well as news. There are a variety of filters that can be used to improve the results of a search, and it has regional search capabilities as well as a dark and light interface, and much more.

Free Download phpSearch - Search Engine Platform Last Version

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The Features in Free Download phpSearch

  • WEB SEARCH Web Search – Web Search allows you to search the web , or specific websites, by using filters, such as File Format, Period and many more operands. Images Search This Images Search lets you search and preview images on the internet or on specific websites. Images search results can be filtered according to size, color, aspect and so on. Videos Search Video Search, you can browse the websites or sites that are specific Filters like Duration, Quality , or Duration will allow you to find the exact video you’re looking for. News Search Stay up-to-date with the most recent, relevant regional and world news and refine the news with Google’s built-in filtering system to never skip a beat. Instant Answers In the event of instant answers, you will be able to see results directly on the page with results. Examples include: “QR Code”, “Stopwatch”, “Time” and many more. Backgrounds The users of your website will be welcomed by a different background each when they visit your site. Make your website more personal and let them feel like they are at the heart of your business. Dark Mode Change the appearance of your website from dark to light mode. It is ideal for dim light conditions such as working on an airplane , or in the dark.

User Features

  • SITE Settings Control of the entire website Control your website, including the ability to disable or enable search options, modify the region of search as well as the page’s results or even restrict the search results to specific domains. Themes Its built-in themes system lets you to switch themes at a single click and change the appearance of your website to a new, fresh design. LANGUAGES A built-in system for language allows users to feel the same place by offering a simple option to switch between various languages. ADVERTISEMENT The pre-defined advertising spots allow users to insert their third party ad-unit on the home page or result pages of searches.

Administration Features

Control of the entire website Control your website, enable or disable search options, alter the search area and the number of results per page and even limit the search results to specific domains.

The built-in theme system lets you the switching of themes at a moment’s notice changing the look of your website to give it a fresh, new appearance.

The built-in system for language makes your user feel at ease by offering an easy way to change between various languages.

The predefined advertisements allow you to embed your third party advertisement code on the home page as well as the pages that show results of searches.


  • Apache 2+ (mod_rewrite)
  • PHP 7+ (MySQLnd, OpenSSL, Mbstring, cURL)
  • MySQL 5+
  • Bing Search API Key


Importing the database

  1. Create a brand new MySQL Database (optional).
  2. Create a brand new MySQL account username, password and email address (optional).
  3. Incorporate your Database.sql file from the MySQL folder into your MySQL database.

Uploading and setting up the files

  1. With a text editor open the Script/app/includes/config.php file and update the values with your own information.
  2. The contents from the script folder to the location that you would like the application to be installed.
  3. Configure your CHMOD to 755, 775 or 775 or (depending on your setting of your server) in the directory and subfolders.

Finalizing the installation

The next step is to login to your Administration Panel (via) with the standard login credentials.


  1. Go to the Bing Web Search API portal to create a brand new Bing Search v7 API.
  2. Select the plan that best suits your needs such as for example, the S1 plan, however you are able to choose other plans (for instance, if you intend exclusively using the Web only for searching, you should select S2 plan). S2 option).
  3. Once you’ve activated this API copy it and paste an API Key1 to the Administration Panel > Search section.



  1. If I have a concern about support or a query or issue, how do I get in touch with you?
  2. What is the best hosting option? We suggest making use of DigitalOcean (free $10 upon signup) They provide excellent performance and flexibility for the most affordable cost.
  3. Does installation come with the cost? Installation is not included. We provide installation services at an additional cost.
  4. What exactly is Safe Ads? Safe Ads work? When it is enabled, Safe Ads will only display your ad units when the strict Secure Search filter is in use.
  5. What is the process behind how Search Answers work? If enabled, Search Answers will display Images, Videos and News on the Web Results.
  6. What is the process behind how Search Entities work? If enabled, Search Entities will show an extensive content result on the right-hand side of your screen.
  7. How do Related Searches work? When the option is enabled, Related Searches will show the suggestions for related searches.
  8. What is the process behind how Search Suggestions perform? If enabled, Search Suggestions will show suggestions for searching while typing into your search field.
  9. How do Searches / IP work? IP and Searches limit the amount of searches users are allowed to perform every day.
  10. How do Suggestions /IP function? Suggestions/IP limit the amount of suggestions a user is allowed to receive in a day.
  11. What is the process of Search Privacy perform? If enabled, Search Privacy will load all external resources through the proxy server, ensuring that the user’s identity isn’t monitored by third parties.

Free Download phpSearch – Search Engine Platform Latest Version

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