Free Download Salon Booking Online System Last Version

Free Download Online Salon Booking System Last Version

About the Complete Online Salon Booking System using PHP MySQL Project Free Download

Free Download a complete Online Salon Booking Reservation System that utilizes PHP MySQL The free version is a straightforward application that lets clients make appointments quickly. Anyone can utilize this application to manage online appointments.

Online Salon Booking System was built with Laravel, Vue.js & MySQL database. It’s easy to install , and you’ll receive free updates for the duration of. Online Salon Booking System is an application on the web where users can quickly book various services on the internet.

It is possible to add several hourly or daily services. Its user-friendly interface helps make booking process much easier. It allows users to book the services they want within just a few minutes.

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Server of Free Download Salon Booking needs

  • PHP > 7.4
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension
  • XML PHP Extension
  • Ctype PHP Extension
  • JSON PHP Extension
  • ZIP PHP Extension
  • BCMath PHP Extension

Installation of Free Download Salon Booking

  1. Transfer the downloaded file onto your server that you downloaded via CodeCanyon. Be sure to display hidden files. There are two files named .env and .htaccess that are not visible by default. Be sure to upload all the files.
  2. Create the database and keep these details for future reference.
    • Name of the database
    • Username
    • Password
  3. Go to URL your_domain/subfolder_name/public/app/environment or your_domain/app/environment. Configure your database. Provide your purchase number and click Save & Next.
  4. After you configure, you’ll go to the next step. In this step, you must provide Email, Password , and Full name. It will create a account in the system. It is necessary to log in to your system with these credentials.
  5. To install this application in a sub folder:Please go to URL your_domain/subfolder_name/public” and follow the instructions there.We recommend to install this in root directory or in a subdomin. If you install it in a subfolder, you have to browse the urls using your_domain/subfolder_name/public”

How do you make (Free Download Salon Booking)

Application settings

1. Please go to “Settings”>”Application Settings”.

Set up all the settings that your application requires.

Email settings

You must configure the email setting before you use this application. If this setting causes a configuration error, the mail may not be delivered to clients.

Then you must go into “Settings”>”Email”.

If you would like to include your server’s email address to this configuration, choose “Send mail” from “Email driver”. You may also select “SMTP” in case you’d like to add an alternative email service providers.

You can also test whether the setting is functioning or not by entering an address for mail in “Test mail” after saving the changes.

Create an email address that is sent to your the address of your choice.

Set your Email address as email. [N.B Give access to your email to this application, if required. (example for Gmail Allow applications that are less secure”ON ‘)].

Select email driver. If you are using smtp:

Type email host name. For example : for gmail, ]

The port number is For example for Google: port 587

Enter password: password for the email address that is used as an email address.

Choose the type of encryption you want: Port 465 (SSL required), Port 587 (TLS required).

Working days

1. Click on “Settings”>”Off Day”. Select the days you want to be off and save the modifications. The days you do not check will be the default working days.

2. Go to “Settings”>”Holidays”>”Add”. You can add holidays to the calendar. When the holidays are in effect, clients are not able to make bookings.

Days off from set-off

Client permissions

1. Clients can be granted the right to access your site.

Visit “Settings”>”Client”. If “Client is able to sign up” and “Client can log in” is enabled, clients will be have the ability to sign up and log in into their accounts.

If you wish to receive reservations only from registered customers make sure you check “Client is able to submit bookings only upon login” then save your modifications.

Permissions granted to users

1. You can assign roles for users.

Go to “Settings”>”Roles”>”Add”. Then , add a role by giving permissions.

2. The role can be assigned to anyone you want to invite by email.

Go to “Settings”>”Users”>”Add”. Then invite a user entering their email address, and then selecting the role. The person who has been invited will receive an email with confirmation, and all permissions are granted to the role.

Payment methods

1. We offer “Stripe” payments gateway within the system. If you wish to get the bill for your booking via “Stripe” then you should enable this option.

Click on “Settings”>”Payment Methods”>”Edit” Option of Stripe.

Make changes to “Status” from “Enable” as well as “Available to clients” change it to “Yes”. You must provide “Publishable key” as well as “Secret keys” of your account with Stripe and save the modifications.

2. We have a “PayPal” payments gateway within the system. If you wish to receive the bill for your booking via “PayPal” then you should enable this option by following the steps.

Log in to your PayPal account and then click the My Apps & Credentials menu and then click the Create App button

Enter your app’s name and choose your preferred business account. Then click the Create App. Get your Client ID and secret. Click on “Settings”>”Payment Methods”>”Edit” choice of PayPal within the booking.Change “Status” in order to “Enable” in addition to “Available to the client” and change it to “Yes”. Give “Client ID” as well as “Secret secret key” to your PayPal account, and select your account mode and save the modifications.

3. To create a new payment method visit “Settings”>”Payment Methods”>”Add”. Give the “Title” change the “Status” in to “Enable” as well as “Available to the client” in “Yes”. The functionality is the similar to Stripe.

When the method you are using isn’t accessible to clients, but available, you can make use of this method to alter the status of payment for each bookings through your administrator panel.

Free Download Online Salon Booking System Last Version

Google calendar

We offer “Google Calendar” API integration into the system. If you wish to display your reservations in Google Calendar, then you can turn on this calendar using the following steps:

  1. Click on “My Profile” in the drop-down menu on the dashboard of the user.
  2. Click on the “Google Calendar” tab
  3. Copy the redirect URL.

After you’ve accessed the new page, choose a name for the project and then click “Create” click.


1. Certain demo services are provided by the program. You can disable these services.

Visit “Services”>”Setting” choice of the service. Switch “Active” in “No”.

2. You can edit or add services. (Services may be included in two different types such as hourly service and daily service.)

To add, click “Services”>”Add”. Complete the fields. Save the modifications.

To edit, click on “Services”>”Edit” option on the service. Edit the information. Save the modifications.


1. You may also request an appointment for your customers.

Click on “Bookings”>”Add”. Select a service and date, then follow the steps to book the service.

2. You are able to confirm or cancel the bookings that are pending.

Click on “Bookings”. There are bookings have been submitted. To confirm these reservations, hover over the action column and click”Confirm” and then click the “Confirm” option. To cancel any booking, click the “Cancel”.

3. To view the booking information. Click on the link that says “Booking ID”.


1. The report is available of bookings made on a specific service at a specific time.

Visit “Reports” Select your desired “Service” and then select”Date” “Date”.


1. Check clients to view all clients that are listed.

2. You can find any client using the name of their email address, address, or their phone number.


Dashboards are available to review all booking statuses in the categories below:.

1. Confirmed and total bookings for the next 30 calendar days.

2. Today’s total and booked bookings

3. The overview of bookings through the year, in the graph

4. Booking Status in percentages dependent on confirmation of booking and pending bookings in the graph

5. This month, Last month and till now, total bookings


Add a new language
  1. Visit the “resources/lang” directories of this project.
  2. Create a new directory on the new language you’re using.
  3. Copy all the files from “resources/lang/english” directory.
  4. Change “resources/lang/your-new-language-name/default.php” file. Simply make the necessary modifications to the right-sided text of your language. Imagine that you add the new language “Portuguese” within this application. Therefore, you should create the directory “portuguese” within “resources/lang”. Copy all files from “resources/lang/english” directory to “resources/lang/portuguese”. Then , modify to the “default.php” file to the directory. There could be translations to English (such as “add “=>”Add”). This should be changed to portuguese (such such as “add” instead of “Adicionar”).

Update language

  1. Go to “Settings”>”Application Settings”.
  2. Choose the language you prefer from the “Language Options” section. Save the modifications.
  3. If you wish to change the language of any one you can take the content from default.php into custom.php.
  4. We may change all other files, excluding the custom.php in the future update.
  5. If you change any text, remember to remove cache from Settings>Application settings as an administrator.

Free Download Salon Booking Online System Last Version

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