Free Download Smart Slider 3 v. Latest Version

You are looking for a slider plug-in to use on your WordPress website? Do you want to know whether Free Download Smart Slider Smart Slider 3 is the best slider plugin for your needs? 

We’ll help you decide. Smart Slider 3 review, we’ll go over the features of the plugin and help you determine if it’s the right slider plugin to meet your budget and needs.

Free Download Smart Slider

In terms of the ease of use and presentation smart Slider 3 elevates everything up a notch.

The plugin grants you access to a collection of templates that you can use to create your slides. The Free version of Smart Slider 3, it is possible to access just 11 templates. If upgrading to the Pro version, you’ll have access to over 180 templates.

Free Download Smart Slider 3 v. Latest Version

More Information About Smart Slider 3

Smart Slider 3 is one of the most efficient and user-friendly slideshow plugins to use on your WordPress website. It’s created by Nextend an organization that is based in Hungary which sells top-quality applications that works with WordPress as well as Joomla.

Smart Slider 3 is a freemium plug-in with more than 400,000 active installations in the free edition. The free version comes with the most features of any plugin available in the WordPress repository. If you upgrade to the premium version, you can get lifetime updates and hundreds of sliders to test.

Smart Slider 3 Reviews The Smart Slider 3 Review: A Large Variety of Templates with Simple-to-use Interface

The greatest feature of Smart Slider 3 is that even if you’re a complete novice, you can design an amazing slider in no time.

Contrary to many slider plugins, the interface isn’t stuffed with too many functions. This makes it simple for anyone to make any slider, no matter their level of expertise.

Here’s the Smart Slider 3’s workings.

After you have installed and activated the plugin, visit the Smart Slider dashboard to create an entirely new slider. You will find two choices: New Slider and Template Library.

  • A New Slider This option is recommended for creating an entire slider from scratch.
  • Template Library This option is for in case you’d like to import a pre-made slider from the library, and then alter it to your liking. It not only saves time, but can also allow you to build an ideal slider using the right design and color scheme.

In addition to these two alternatives, you can get a demonstration slider to help you to understand the way Smart Slider works even before you decide to create one for your website.

When you click the On the New Slider button after which you’ll be asked to select a slider preset. You can enter the name of your slider, as well as the the width and height that you want to display on your slide. Select a slider’s preset and then click to create.

You’ll then be asked to upload your images or videos to your slider. It’s easy to drag and drop the files to place them in the order you prefer. When you scroll down, you’ll see all of the options for customization, as well as instructions on how to post a slider.

To see the slider in a preview to see the slider in action, click the Preview button on the right.

The features in Smart Slider 3

Now that you’ve seen how simple it is to construct your own slider with the Smart Slider 3 let’s go over more in depth look at the other options.

1. 180+ Slider Examples:

Making a custom slider can be difficult, especially in the event that you’re not a graphic designer. Often, you create mediocre graphics and slides. With a sample slider you’ll be able to rest assured that your slider will look professional, with the correct combinations of colors and elements.

All you need to do is choose the correct slider from the library and modify it to suit your needs.

It is easy to create new layers by using the left taskbar of the builder for sliders. Most importantly, the slides you add are laid out like the ones in Photoshop.

2. Animation:

It is easy to add animation to every layer. The plugin also provides an interactive timeline of each layer where the information can be changed easily.

The plugin is able to handle various effects, including Text effect with Ken Burns, Kenburns Effect backgrounds animations, show animations etc.

3. Easy-to-Use Interface:

smart Slider 3 makes it simple to design an attractive slider with its simple-to-use interface. With its drag-and-drop builder, you are able to customize the slider just like you would the content of a page builder.

Making a slide using this plugin is an easy task. Simply go into the Smart Slider option on the admin menu, and then click Add Slide. add Slide option.

When you upload your photos and media to the slider you’ll see how to display the slider to your pages, posts and themes files. Simply scroll down and you’ll see options for customizing too.

The greatest thing is that if you’d like to completely alter the look of the slider activate expert mode. It will display options for advanced customization.

4. Create Sliders for Any Purpose

Smart Slider 3 allows you to build slideshows for any purpose. Some examples of use cases are:

  • Make a slideshow to show your work
  • Show your blog’s blog posts dynamically or YouTube videos posts on Instagram, blog posts, etc.
  • Show a full-page slider that extends over the fold on the landing pages.

Pricing and Support to Smart Slider 3

Smart Slider 3 comes with a comprehensive document that will guide you through all aspects of creating the sliders for your WordPress website. They also have an YouTube channel that explain the entire series of Smart Slider 3 tutorials, step-by-step.

Free Download Smart Slider

Smart Slider 3 only offers support via ticket. You can connect through their contact form on their Support page.

And, the best part is that with any professional license you’ll be able to use ALL functions of Smart Slider 3. There are 3 pricing plans available:

  • One domain ($35) It is obvious, for one site
  • Business ($150) for 10 sites
  • Unlimited ($250) For Unlimited websites

Free Download Smart Slider 3 v. Latest Version

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