Free Download Social Auto Poster 4.1.5 – Updated

Concerning Social Auto Poster 4.1.5 nulled WordPress Plugin

Free Download Social Auto Poster Nulledlets you automate the posting of all of your content to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, BufferApp. Social Auto Poster Nulled plugin is the ideal option for automatically posting your content to popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter. Linkedin. Tumblr, Buffer App. Pinterest and Instagram You can set up your social accounts to publish new content and also repost your older content to ensure it stays alive and get it to the maximum number of people.

Free Download Social Auto Poster 4.1.5 - Updated

Social Auto’s Core Features Poster 4.1.5 Nulled – WordPress Plugin

  • Let auto-posting be made to a social network that has been configured.
  • You can choose the type of post you would like to publish.
  • The ability to publish content to all of your Facebook Accounts.
  • Ability to compress long URLs into a smaller URL.
  • Post your updates to your an appropriate social network.

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Supported Social Media Networks

You’ll be able post your content, pages or posts to 11 social media platforms simultaneously:

  • Facebook (pages or groups, and pages)
  • Twitter (accounts)
  • LinkedIn (accounts and companies)
  • Pinterest (account boards)
  • Reddit (accounts, subreddits)
  • Tumblr (accounts)
  • (accounts)
  • Telegram (chats channels, chats)
  • Medium (profiles)
  • Google My business (locations, grouping locations)
  • WordPress sites based on WordPress

Most Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

The posts created using the plugin won’t display an correct image or image on Facebook. Why is that? The Facebook API 2.9 update was released with the end of manually setting information for shared hyperlinks. Facebook sets the image for automatic setting based upon the open graph (OG) meta-tags. For more information go here.

Does it be compatible in conjunction with the theme I have?
Our plugins function independently of the themes you’re using. If your site runs on WordPress the plugins will work.

Who should benefit from Social Auto Poster?
Social Auto Poster is a ideal solution for anyone looking to increase visitors to their site as well as to attract more visitors and improve their website’s visibility. From Marketing agencies, Social Media Marketers, developers, bloggers eCommerce websites to other small-scale companies All of them require Social Auto Poster as their Social Media Strategy.

What are the requirements to be able to use Social Auto Poster?
Since this plugin was created in order to link your WordPress website to Social Media, you need to have at least a WordPress website to be able for the plugin to function. Additionally, you need an accounts on all social network if you don’t already have one.

Does this allow posting to Pages on Facebook?
Yes, this plugin supports posting to Facebook pages, however you be an administrator of the page.

Does this permit posting to groups on Facebook?
Yes, this plugin allows posting to Facebook groups. You must be an administrator of the group.

Does this allow post to private accounts of Facebook?
Sorry, postings on personal profiles is not supported through Facebook’s Facebook Offecial Graph API. Hence, plugins don’t support postings from personal accounts.

Does this allow images for posting on Facebook?
Yes, the plugin supports custom/featured image posting for Facebook however, only if the facebook application version is lower than 2.9 otherwise facebook will randomly select an image that is displayed on your page. Discover more.

Does this allow group posts on LinkedIn?
Groups are no longer available through the their native LinkedIn API. We have eliminated this feature in the plugin since version 1.7.7.

Does LinkedIn have multi-user accounts?
Yes, linkedin allows multiple accounts since version 2.7.1.

Does this allow the posting of company pages on LinkedIn?
Yes, this plugin supports posting on LinkedIn corporate pages, however you must be the administrator of your company’s page. Also, required permissions rw_organization_social and r_organization_social approved from LinkedIn.

Are you experiencing Social Auto Poster not working with any Frontend Submission plugin?
The plugin can be used with third-party plugins. To work you must make sure to enable Third-party plugins settings. If it’s not working, then you can add the delay to your posting. For a delay of 10 minutes you can set the scheduling of minutes for 10 minutes.

WordFence is considering as a maleware URL. Why?
There is nothing to worry about with Social Auto Poster. The plugin is using the an official shorte.stAPI for URL shortner. WordFence will display the the same warning to all plugins that are using API.

Does it the standard WordPress cron not working in your website?
If the default WordPress cron is not working on your domain , add this line in your wp-config.php file. Certain servers disable the function that allows WordPress cron to function properly. To enable cron you must add the following lines into you wp-comfig.php file.
define(‘ALTERNATE_WP_CRON’, true);

What’s new on the Social Auto Poster 4.1.5 (Changelog)

  • Integrated the most recent Graph API to fetch Facebook pages and then auto-post to these pages.
  • The plugin’s name was changed change to Social Auto Poster however this plugin is only available with Facebook auto-posts as it was previously.
  • Changed Banner images, thumbnails, and screen shots.
Free Download Social Auto Poster 4.1.5 - Updated

The benefits of SOCIAL MEDIA Auto-Poster AND SCHEDULER

  • Time Saver It will save you time by automatically sharing your custom post types and posts to all the top social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, BufferApp, YouTube, Google My Business, Reddit, Telegram, Medium, WordPress and Pinterest). You only need to set it up it at the time of installing the plugin, and it will manage everything following the initial configuration.
  • SEO-friendly: It boosts SEO of your site by gaining more backlinks from Social Networks, and also the most efficient way for your site to draw more customers.
  • Cost-effective: You become your own Social Media Marketing Manager & so you save money.
  • easily manageable: It’s the simplest method to schedule, manage updates and distribute them to your social media sites.
  • Category-specific posts: It’s adaptable to any platform, meaning you can utilize tags and specific posts on each platform to reach an audience that is specifically targeted.
  • Follow Post PerformanceTrack Post Performance: Utilize Google Analytics to track post interactions and clicks to determine performance and establish strategies for marketing on social media for each social network.
  • Unlimited Lifetime updatesThe plugin is free for life. With this program, you’ll receive lifetime updates at no cost even after your support time expires.
  • Create a Social Media Presence: You can ensure that your social media posts up to date thanks to Social Auto Poster. A consistent online presence since content is published automatically, customers are able to find your posts through their social media channels. It’s a long-lasting method to build a strong presence on social media.
  • Compatible: Social Auto Poster works with nearly all eCommerce plugins seamlessly and flawlessly.

Free Download Social Auto Poster 4.1.5 – Updated

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