Free Download TableGen V 1.0.5 Latest Version

TableGen is a simple WordPress table plugin that’s free to download.

It supports importing tables via JSON, Zip, CSV, HTML and XLS formats. Tables can also be exported in CSV format.

In the table settings area, you can enable and disable a dozen or so features. Including the table width, pagination and column sorting.

Free Download TableGen

About Free Download TableGen V 1.0.5

The table editor is easy to use. But, if you’re used to more advanced WordPress table plugins, you may find it limiting. There are no styling options, and there’s no way to format cells or insert links or images.

You may want to consider purchasing the themes plugin extension, which is available from $10. It offers eight table theme designs and gives you additional options for customising your table design. Functionality that’s missing from the core plugin.

If you just need a basic table solution, TableGen is worth checking out. The plugin is easy to use.

The ability to export tables in CSV format means migrating to another table solution at a later date will be straightforward.

Do you have huge amount of data you want to display on your website? It is now possible to do this quickly and easily with this amazing plugin.

Infinite Interactive Paginated and Searchable Tables

It is possible to create infinite interactive paginated, sortable, and searchable tables of data using your data and display them on your site using an easy shortcode using this useful plugin.

You can also build endless normal tables with this plugin if not need to use advanced features, such as search, filtering, pagination etc.

If you have a lot of information stored in CSV format, CSV file, then you can import the data into a stunning table using the data. It is also possible to use our extensions to this plugin to transfer your data in a variety of ways , including JSON, Zip, CSV, HTML, XLS and other formats.

In the same way you can also export your table information into an CSV file using this plugin. This way, you can save your table data to be used in the future, or to make use of it in other places.

Free Download TableGen V 1.0.5 Latest Version

TableGen Features

So what is it that makes this plugin the most effective data table generator plugin?

Let’s take a look at the outstanding attributes that this plug-in has to offer.

  • It is extremely simple to use. If you cannot make use of a plugin with ease and comfortably, no matter what the plugin’s capabilities are the plugin is unusable. This plugin was designed with the user’s experience our top priority. This plugin lets you create extremely beautiful data tables or any normal table without any programming knowledge.
  • Beautiful user interface We understand that you don’t enjoy a dull user interfaces when using an application, which is why we spent an enormous amount of time in creating the interface that gives you peace of mind when you use it. We are sure you will love the elegant and simple design of the plugin’s interface.
  • Contemporary and attractive table design If the style of your table isn’t appealing, then your information could not be appealing to your customers too.This is why we’ve added a minimalist and modern design into the table.
  • Design Compatibility No matter what your theme is it will show your data in an flexible table that can be adapted to work with any theme’s style.
  • Extensibility: We understand that every user has their own needs. Therefore, we’ve created a plugin that is modular and extensible. 

Export and Import

  • Export your table or data Data or table: You can transfer your data to an external file and save it in a secure location or access your table’s information and make use of them in another software. Therefore, your data is always portable and secure.
  • Import your table/data you have data stored from a different source, such as google sheets, MS Excel or you exported them using this plugin, then you can import them into this plugin and create tables quickly using that data.
  • Small Size Small Size: The size of the plugin is extremely tiny. It won’t occupy your precious hosting space. There are no useless and junk codes.
  • Rapid and secure: It’s very quick and secure. We do not compromise on security. We designed this plugin with the latest Object-oriented programming techniques and following the most recent security along with the WordPress Coding standard.
  • Extensions are available for new extensions We are constantly developing new extensions for this plugin continuously. Therefore, you can expand the functionality of this plugin with ease.
  • Rapid Updates:We regularly update our plugin with the latest features often , and we fix any issue extremely quickly. Thus, your site is always secure and fast.
  • and many more features.

Why not consider giving this plugin a go. Find out how this plugin will help you whenever you’re in need of creating a robust data table or an overall table

Free Download TableGen

Free Download TableGen V 1.0.5 Latest Version

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