Free Download TablePress Premium v.1.14 Latest Version

About Free Download TablePress Premium v.1.14

Download TablePress for free and easily build and manage stunning tables. It is possible to integrate tables into pages, posts or text widgets using an easy Shortcode. The table data is editable with the spreadsheet-like interface, which means there is no need to code. 

Tables can be filled with any kind of data, including formulas that are assessed. Additionally, the JavaScript library provides features such as pagination, sorting, filtering and many more features for users of the website. 

The tables can be loaded or exported from or to Excel, CSV, HTML as well as JSON files.

Free Download TablePress Premium v.1.14 Latest Version

Visit the plugin’s website on for more details or for a demonstration. For the latest information, follow @TablePress on Twitter.

Supporting the development of future technologies

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Other features and beneficial enhancements are offered in separate plugins, referred to as Extensions for TablePress on the website of the plugin.

Do you have lots of tables? It is possible to organize them into folders! Wicked Folders Pro supports TablePress and may be the ideal solution for you.

Free TablePress Premium v1.14 Latest Version

Free Download TablePress Premium v1.14 Latest Version

Usage TabePress Premium v1.14

After installing the plugin you can manage and create tables using”TablePress” or the “TablePress” screen of the WordPress Dashboard.

To display one of your tables an article or page embed the Shortcode [table id= /] transform into an “Shortcode” block in the appropriate location within your block editor. Each table has its own unique ID that must be altered in the Shortcode.

In the future, you may need to alter the design for the table. This can be done by typing CSS commands in the “Custom CSS” textarea on the “Plugin Options” screen. A few examples of typical styling modifications are available at TablePress’s tablepress FAQ.

You could also add specific features (like pagination, sorting and filtering and alternating colors for rows and row highlighting) or print name, description and/or title, …) by enabling the appropriate checkboxes on the Table’s “Edit” page.

The Core The Features in TabePress Premium v1.14 WordPress Table Builder Plugin

TablePress allows you to do the following (not necessarily a complete list):

  • Manage and edit tables in your site’s WordPress Dashboard
  • Embed tables in your posts, on pages, or in text widgets using a Shortcode
  • Show tables anywhere in your theme using a Template Tag function (see Usage)
  • Table features include (may be enabled for each table individually):
    • Any content you like: Text, numbers, images, links, even HTML or JavaScript
    •  Excel-like math formulas in tables
    • Table structure can contain connected/combined cells
    • First row can be table head row
    • Last row can be table foot row
    • Alternating row background colors
    • Row highlighting (when hovered with the mouse)
    • Print table name above or under the table
    • Print table description above or under the table
    • Features of the DataTables JavaScript library, like sorting, pagination, filtering/search, scrolling of table data (see the Demo Table)
    • Individual styling of your table via CSS code possible (e.g. for sizing or color changes)
  • Functions in the editing interface include:
    • Add/create tables (by manual input)
    • Import tables (in Excel (.xls/.xlsx), CSV, HTML, or JSON format, from file upload, URLs, server location, or direct input), even with bulk import
    • Export/save/backup tables to most of these formats, even with bulk export
    • Edit the table data and structure (add/insert/delete/move/swap/duplicate/hide columns/rows, sort columns)
    • Easily add links or images to your table (from the Media Library)
    • Advanced editor for styling changes without having to know HTML
    • Copy/duplicate and delete tables
    • Preview of the table

What’s new in TabePress Premium v1.14 (Changelog)

  • Full compatibility with WordPress 5.8.
  • Enhancement: Make behavior of bulk action selectors on the “All tables” screen more user-friendly.
  • Enhancement: Apply and enforce more granular coding standards for better code maintainability.
  • Enhancement: Allow import files with an .xlsm file extension, in addition to .xlsx files.
  • Enhancement: Add more options (filter and action hooks) for external integration of custom code.
  • Bugfix: Fix handling of the help box on the “Edit” screen when it’s opened again after closing it.
  • Bugfix: Properly return modified table data when external code integrates into TablePress.
  • Bugfix: Correctly localize dates in files names of downloaded export files.
  • Bugfix: Fix typos in the code for math formula parsing that could lead to error messages in rare cases.
  • Updated external libraries (DataTables, SimpleXLSX, Build tools).
  • Some internal changes for better stability, translations, and documentation.

License TablePress v1.14

This plugin is Free Software, released and licensed under the GPL, version 2 ( 
You can use it without cost to any use.

Free TablePress Premium v1.14 Latest Version

Free Download TablePress Premium v.1.14 Latest Version

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