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Did you know The Events Calendar Pro v5.12.0? Websites with different functions may require a calendar on their primary page so that visitors can determine the date prior to the beginning of the event.

For instance, in the case of an online store, this could be the time of the start or the close of a sale and for a site that uses multimedia when the expected information or content can be downloaded.

For blogs this might be the start of the countdown, or the date on which when a new post will be published.

If you are looking for a solution to any of these issues, Events Calendar PRO is appropriate. With the plugin, you can make your own custom events (not only one, but many times per day, over the course of a week, month, etc.).

Events Calendar PRO v5.12.0 Pro Download Free

This Events Calendar PRO plugin is not just simple to use, but simple to setup, simply install and download it into WordPress and the software will be installed and ready to use. It is compatible with all versions of WordPress.

The plugin is compatible with the majority of versions of WordPress and without interfering with the operation of widely used plugins, extensions and theme.

Events Calendar PRO plugin is an add-on that is premium for the no-cost Events Calendar plugin which adds several new features.

Premium features are recurring events views of the week, different photos map view location search, more advanced widgets, shortcodes additional fields, etc.

Features Events Calendar PRO – Events Calendar for WordPress

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What’s New in The Events Calendar Pro v5.12.0 (New Features)

  • Month View
  • List View
  • Day View
  • Saved Content
  • Keyword Search
  • AJAX
  • iCal & Gcal Export
  • Widget for Events List
  • Receptive
  • Premium Support Access
  • Recurring Events
  • Week View
  • Photo View
  • Map View
  • Location Locate
  • Venue & Organizer View
  • Advanced Widgets
  • Shortcodes
  • Additional Fields

Free Download of The Events Calendar Pro v5.12.0 Latest Version – WordPress Plugin

Installation Manual (Must Read before installing):

  •  Note: It is possible that you must unzip your plugin prior to installing it. We don’t offer any warranty if a theme or plugin is infected with viruses. Make sure to check Virustotal prior to using it on your local host.

The Events Calendar Premium v5.12.0 Latest Version – WordPress Plugin

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What’s New in The Events Calendar Pro v5.12.0 (Changelog)

= [v5.12.0] 2022-01-19 =

* Optional Feature: Include the `Events Countdown` block to the editor for blocks, which is built on the `Events Countdown` widget. [ECP-1016]

* Optional – Add an ‘Events Block Featured Venue” into the block editor, which is based on the Events Venue Featured’ widget. [ECP-1022]

= [v5.11.2] 2022-01-10 =

*Version 5.11.2 : Events Calendar PRO 5.11.2 is only compatible with The Events Calendar 5.12.3 and higher.

* Fix – Use new hooks inside TEC to allow ECP control show mobile default view. [TEC-3826]

* Fix – Ensure the modifications made through the `tribe_events_views_v2_category_title` are respected. [TEC-4110]

* Modify * Tweak Boost SEO on category archive pages by changing the tag for title. [TEC-4110]

* Language : 0 strings added 6 updated, 0 fuzzied and 0 outdated

= [v5.11.1] 2021-12-14 =

* Fix – Don’t load two CSS files from the same source. [CE-13] 

* Correction – Correct pagination for shortcodes if the date parameter is set. [ECP-362]

Fix – Correctly monitor the deactivation of JSON-LD output for widget blocks within Block Editor. [TEC-4077]

Adjust the settings – Make sure that the’Hide location search’ setting isn’t applied to the Event Manager page. [ECP-948]

* Language : 0 strings added one changed, one fuzzied and 0 outdated

= [v5.11.0] 2021-12-02 =

* New feature – Hook into TEC calendar subscription feature to adjust for shortcodes. [TEC-4131]

* Language 1 new string added, up-to-date 58 1 fuzzied, 0 updated, and 1 outdated

= [v5.10.0] 2022-11-17 =

* Optional Feature: Add a Mini Calendarblock an inverse of the Mini Calendarwidget in the block editor that users can move around to wherever they would like the block to be displayed. [ECP-974]

* Features – Include options for event status such as scheduled, cancelled and postponed. Display of the two latter options in Pro view and in widgets. [TEC-3465]

Tweak the Calendar Managerlabel to Events Manager under the general settings for events page to ensure the same nomenclature for the features. [ECP-955]

* Fix – Make sure the Calendar Manager link isn’t inserted in pages that aren’t appropriate. [ECP-982]

* Language: 0 new strings added 16 updates 1 fuzzied, 1 was deemed obsolete.

= [v5.9.2.1] 2021-10-14 =

* Fix – Fixed bug where our Events->Settings->General->”Calendar Manager” option could cause some child admin pages to not route properly. [ECP-962]

= [v5.9.1] 2021-09-14 =

* Update – Now showing multiple-day events throughout the day with date ranges to provide better user experience on the photos list page. [ECP-525* Fix – Now showing multi-day all day events on the photo list view page [

* Fix – Make sure we do not run any of the older Customizer and its obsolete functions. [ECP-941]

* Correct Make sure you use an appropriate text label when creating customized URL field. [ECP-921]

The Language is 0 strings added 14 updating, zero fuzzed and 0 outdated.

= [v5.9.0] 2021-08-24 =

* Version 5.9.0 Events Calendar PRO 5.9.0 is only compatible with The Events Calendar 5.9.0 and higher.

*Feature: Calendar events can be viewed in a calendar on the dashboard with the brand Event Manager!

* Features Stop making CSS custom props, and leave them open and accessible to the Customizer as well as third parties. [TEC-3011]

* Features update customizing styles for hooked Customizers to accommodate the surfaced CSS custom properties, as well as the brand new TEC Controls for fonts in Customizer. [TEC-3897]

* Language 2 new strings have been added five revised, none fuzzied and 0 of them obsolete.

= [v5.8.2] 2021-08-17 =

* Fix the issue with months names that are not translated. This was due to an unresolved moment localization dependency of JSS. [ECP-739]

Fixed – Add function that adds “Additional Fields” category to the editor for WP > 5.8. [ECP-922]

* Language – 0 strings added 4 changed, 1 fuzzied and 2 outdated

= [v5.8.1] 2021-07-20 =

* Fix to prevent pagination from impacting the retrieval of events from The Events List as well as the Featured Venue widgets. [TEC-3954]

* Fix – Display the correct price on the Summary View of events that do not yet have tickets to the event or RSVPs but have a cost setting. [ECP-904]

* Fix – Make sure “Summary” is correctly translated in the view selector. [ECP-889]

• Fix: Don’t queue scripts (and localized scripts) in the event that they’re already queued. [ECP-880]

* Fix – Don’t attempt to queue scripts too early, so that they aren’t enqueued later. [ECP-888]

* Modify the language of the featured venue Widget “view further” link. [ECP-878]

* Modify to add an empty alt tags to images featured in the map view if the users don’t define it explicitly. [ECP-395]

* Language 1 new string added 22 updated 1 fuzzied and 1 obsoleted.

= [v5.8.0] 2021-07-01 =

* Version 5.8.0 Events Calendar PRO 5.8.0 is only compatible with The Events Calendar 5.8.0 and higher.

• Feature: Add a new Events bar section in the Customizer to manage the styles of the Events Bar. [TEC-3672]

* Language 3 new strings were added, one updated, zero fuzzied and 0 outdated

= v5.7.1 [2021-06-23] =

* Fix – Ensure Month Widget translates date in navigation. [ECP-851]

* Fix – Ensure that month name appears on the Event card in Map view. [ECP-875]

* Modify – Remove the incorrect aria-labels from icons, and use the pass icon label when it is needed. [TEC-3396]

The Language is 0 strings added 9 updates, and 0 fuzzy and 0 old versions

= [v5.7.0] 2021-05-27 =

* Feature – We are introducing the brand new Summary View! [ECP-799]

* Fix – Correctly display hide, and then update the “every one” text for the Daily monthly, weekly, and Yearly Recurrence rules. [ECP-599]

* Fix – Display the icon that recurs within the Map View tooltips [ECP-807]

* Correction Output JavaScript variables needed on events pages when JavaScript is minified [ECP-736(ECP-737)

* Modify – Replace the steps used to determine whether Yoast Premiumwas in use [ECP-21]

* Tweak – Deprecate `tribe_events_meta_copier_blacklist` for `tribe_events_meta_copier_block_list` [ECP-846]

* Tweak – Deprecate `tribe_events_meta_copier_whitelist` for `tribe_events_meta_copier_block_list` [ECP-846]

* Modify helper text to match to the Events Per Page option of the Events View Elementor widget. [ECP-820]

* Modification – Added Elementor Event Widget support to render an event-related hybrid indicator that are part of the Virtual Events add-on. [ECP-834]

* Tweak – Added filters: `tribe_events_pro_editor_recurrence_saver_queue_max_tries`, `tribe_events_pro_elementor_registered_`, `tribe_events_meta_copier_copy_meta_value`, `tribe_events_meta_copier_block_list`, `tribe_events_pro_shortcodes_countdown_widget_class`, `tribe_events_pro_shortcodes_venue_widget_class`, `tribe_customizer_should_print_shortcode_customizer_styles`, `tribe_events_views_v2_summary_second_date_in_range`, `tribe_events_views_v2_week_events_per_day`, `tribe_events_pro_views_v2_widgets_compatibility_id_migration_map`, `tribe_widget_hide_subsequent_recurring_events`, `tribe_events_widget_featured_venue_default_venue_id`, `tribe_events_pro_events_by_week_widget_hide_weekends`, `tribe_events_pro_events_by_week_widget_title_date_format`

* Tweak – Removed filters: `tribe_events_meta_copier_blacklist`, `tribe_events_meta_copier_whitelist`

* Tweak – Added actions: `tribe_events_pro_shortcode_month_widget_add_hooks`, `tribe_events_pro_shortcode_month_widget_remove_hooks`

* Language 9 new strings have been added, up to 73 updates 1 fuzzied, 1 is obsoleted

= [v5.6.0] 2021-04-29 =

* Version 5.6.0 Events Calendar PRO 5.6.0 is only compatible with The Events Calendar 5.6.0 and higher.

* New feature Update The Events Calendar widget with a new templates and styles. [ECP-531]

* New feature Make changes to the Events according to Week widget to reflect a new style and template. [ECP-532]

* Correction – Widgets are now able to expire caches for Week and Month view views [ECP-826] [ECP-824(ECP-824)

* Fix – Ensure that assets are queued for rendering cached views within shortcodes. [ECP-770]

* Correction * Fix Switch the widget as well as the recurrence the use of The Events Calendar Select2 to keep out conflict with the other plugins [TEC-348]

* Correction * Repair Elementor changes are now reflected across all recurring events , and keep the formatting. [ECP-469]

* Correction * Fix Shortcode styles are now loaded correctly when you use the twenty Seventeen theme. [ECP-816]

* Fix – Increase the escape rate for messages that have no results obtained with search (Thanks Steve Pollak)

* Tweak – Added filters: `tribe_events_meta_copier_copy_meta_value`, `tribe_customizer_should_print_shortcode_customizer_styles`, `tribe_events_views_v2_week_events_per_day`, `tribe_events_pro_views_v2_widgets_compatibility_id_migration_map`, `tribe_events_pro_events_by_week_widget_hide_weekends`, `tribe_events_pro_events_by_week_widget_title_date_format`

* Tweak – Removed filters: `tribe_events_pro_shortcode_compatibility_required`

* Tweak – Added actions: `tribe_events_pro_shortcode_month_widget_add_hooks`, `tribe_events_pro_shortcode_month_widget_remove_hooks`

* Tweak – Changed views: `pro/week/single-event`, `v2/map`, `v2/week`, `v2/week/grid-body`, `v2/week/grid-body/events-day`, `v2/week/grid-body/events-day/more-events`, `v2/week/grid-body/multiday-events-day/more-events`, `v2/week/mobile-events/day`, `v2/week/mobile-events/day/more-events`, `v2/widgets/shortcodes/components/after`, `v2/widgets/shortcodes/components/before`, `v2/widgets/shortcodes/components/icons/caret-left`, `v2/widgets/shortcodes/components/icons/caret-right`, `v2/widgets/shortcodes/components/top-bar`, `v2/widgets/shortcodes/components/top-bar/nav`, `v2/widgets/shortcodes/components/top-bar/nav/next-disabled`, `v2/widgets/shortcodes/components/top-bar/nav/next`, `v2/widgets/shortcodes/components/top-bar/nav/prev-disabled`, `v2/widgets/shortcodes/components/top-bar/nav/prev`, `v2/widgets/shortcodes/components/top-bar/week-nav`, `v2/widgets/shortcodes/components/view-more`, `v2/widgets/shortcodes/components/week-top-bar`, `v2/widgets/shortcodes/events-month`, `v2/widgets/shortcodes/events-week`, `v2/widgets/widget-countdown/complete`, `v2/widgets/widget-countdown/widget-title`, `v2/widgets/widget-events-list/event/cost`, `v2/widgets/widget-events-list/event/organizers`, `v2/widgets/widget-events-list/event/venue`

* Language New strings added: 12 and updated to 99 7 fuzzied and 6 old ones

= [v5.5.0.2] 2021-04-05 =

* Fix – Correct `tribe_get_event_website_link_label` filter in template-tags to match params of all other usages.

= [v5.5.0] 2021-03-29 =

This feature is a new addition to the latest shortcode [tribe_events] is compatible with the Filterbar plugin. [FBAR-36]

Features – Add additional parameters to the [tribe_eventsshortcode, which will hide the datepicker as well as the export button. [FBAR-36]

* Fix for the Fusion Core/Avada implementation The Events Calendar will no longer show warnings on its front-end display. [ECP-538]

* Correction – Correct handling of search parameters in dropdowns for widget admin. [ECP-684]

* Fix – when saving recurring events in blocks editor , Featured and Sticky events have been stored and propagated correctly. [ECP-666]

* Fix: Hide Recurrence settings now apply when Week or Month are the default views and also [tribe_events] shortcodes are used. [ECP-734]

* Fix the “Brand” swiper in order to avoid conflicts. [TEC-3624] 

* Language 16 new strings are added 75 updates with a fuzzier, 0 obsoleted, and zero outdated

= [v5.4.0] 2021-03-02 =

* New feature – Integration with Elementor through 4 Elementor Widgets that include Event Countdowns and Events List, Single along with Event View!

* Features – Added support to alter the number of events that are displayed on a page the [tribe_events] shortcode by using the events_per_page argument.

* Feature – Added support for changing the amount of events to display per day on the Month View when using the `[tribe_events]` shortcode via the `month_events_per_day` argument.

* New feature – added the capability to display the [tribe_eventsshortcode using the default search term that is pre-populated by the keyword argument.

* Tweak – Added filters: `tribe_events_pro_elementor_registered_`, `tribe_events_pro_shortcodes_venue_widget_class`, `tribe_widget_hide_subsequent_recurring_events`, `tribe_events_widget_featured_venue_events_max_limit`, `tribe_events_views_v2_featured_venue_widget_args_to_context`, `tribe_events_widget_featured_venue_default_venue_id`

* Tweak – Changed views: `v2/map/event-cards/event-card/event/distance`, `v2/widgets/widget-countdown`, `v2/widgets/widget-countdown/complete`, `v2/widgets/widget-countdown/event-title`, `v2/widgets/widget-countdown/timer`, `v2/widgets/widget-countdown/widget-title`, `v2/widgets/widget-events-list/event/venue`, `v2/widgets/widget-featured-venue`, `v2/widgets/widget-featured-venue/events-list`, `v2/widgets/widget-featured-venue/events-list/event`, `v2/widgets/widget-featured-venue/events-list/event/date-tag`, `v2/widgets/widget-featured-venue/events-list/event/date`, `v2/widgets/widget-featured-venue/events-list/event/date/featured`, `v2/widgets/widget-featured-venue/events-list/event/date/recurring`, `v2/widgets/widget-featured-venue/events-list/event/title`, `v2/widgets/widget-featured-venue/venue`, `v2/widgets/widget-featured-venue/venue/address`, `v2/widgets/widget-featured-venue/venue/name`, `v2/widgets/widget-featured-venue/venue/phone`, `v2/widgets/widget-featured-venue/venue/website`, `v2/widgets/widget-featured-venue/view-more`, `v2/widgets/widget-featured-venue/widget-title`

* Language New strings added: 89 24 updates 1 fuzzied, 1 obsoleted.

= [v5.2.2] 2021-01-28 =

Features – Add customizing support for location pins with custom settings on the map views in the event that Views V2 is running. [TEC-3276]

* Tweak – Change Hide location Helper text for the search function in v2 only. [ECP-488]

* Fix – Make sure to override the correct the location of folders in certain weeks view template files

* Tweak – Added filters: `tribe_events_pro_shortcodes_countdown_widget_class`, `tribe_events_views_v2_countdown_widget_args_to_context`

* Language 19 new strings have been added 32 updated 1 fuzzied, 2 strings that are obsolete.

= [v5.2.1.2] 2021-01-13 =

* Update Version has rolled back some bug fixes which were included in version 5.2.1 This was to reinstate those features by displaying the prompt to update.

= [v5.2.1.1] 2020-12-21 =

• Fix: Update the Events Calendar minimum required version to prevent problems with activation.

= [v5.2.1] 2020-12-15 =

* The Customizer feature in V2 Feature Include background color CSS overrides. [TEC-3651]

* The Customizer feature in V2 Feature Include Event Title color CSS overrides. [TEC-3334]

* Customizer Feature V2 • Add event date and Time color CSS overrides. [TEC-3675]

The Language is 0.0 strings added 14 updated, and none fuzzier and 0 outdated.

= [v5.2.0] 2020-12-02 =

* Fix – Make sure that there aren’t any pieces of Filter Bar used in shortcodes. [ECP-527]

Fixed – allow the shortcode list widget to be modified in a dynamic manner using an filter. [ECP-541]

* Fix Make use of the Time Format that is defined by WordPress General Settings for Week View grid headers. [ECP-357]

* Tweak to remove unneeded and obsolete momentjslibrary included in the plugin instead, the one included within The Events Calendar. [ECP-576]

* Language 18 new strings have been added 34 updated 1 fuzzied, 2 of them are obsolete.

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