Free Download UpdraftPlus Premium v2. Latest Version

About UpdraftPlus Premium v2.22.3.25

Free Download UpdraftPlus Premium v2. comes with the top-rated and most well-known WordPress Backup plugin. It is utilized by over 2Mplus WordPress site owners which includes Microsoft as well as Cisco. UpdraftPlus also offers a free version that comes with limitations on options. 

The premium version of UpdraftPlus unlocks a variety of useful backup features and also site cloning. With this plugin, you can make backups of each and every item on your WordPress site, such as themes, plugins and uploads, database and so on.

In just one click. If we’re talking about restore of your data, it’s only two clicks away. This plugin can be accessed directly via your WordPress dashboard and you don’t need to be an expert in technology to make use of it.

Free Download UpdraftPlus Premium v2. Latest Version

The plugin also supports incremental backups. This means that it will only backup the latest changes made after the previous full backup. 

The advantage from incremental backups is they’re very small and require only a tiny amount of resources. This plugin can also allow users to save backup data on remote storage devices like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox and many more. 

With UpdraftPlus Premium you can schedule backups to an established date. Overall UpdraftPlus Premium is a versatile WordPress backup plugin that comes with the most modern features. 

Free Download UpdraftPlus Premium v2. Latest Version

Free Download UpdraftPlus Premium v2. Latest Version

The Core The Features in UpdraftPlus Premium v2.22.3.25 (v2.22.3.25) WordPress Backup Plugin

  • Plugin that is highly trusted
  • Interface that is easy to use
  • Complete WordPress backup with a single click
  • Support for scheduled backups
  • Data restoration is easy and quick
  • The option of cloning and migrating sites
  • Remote storage location support
  • Support for incremental backup
  • Highly efficient
  • Uses less memory
  • Encrypts the database
  • Support for WPCLI
  • The backup of files from non-WordPress is also possible.
  • Multi-Site compatibility
  • Automated backups
  • Backups are routinely made
  • UpdraftVault 1GB of free storage
  • Multiple storage options from remotes
  • Latest technologies supported
  • Lightweight plugins
  • Backup reports
  • Update backup status and display warnings and errors
  • Verify the file checksum by checking it.
  • Backups can be restored that were created by other backup plugins
Free Download UpdraftPlus Premium v2. Latest Version

What’s new in UpdraftPlus Premium v2.22.3.25 (Changelog)

  • FIX Unexpected “Backup History array structure after the rescanning of new backup sets, which changed the nature of keys associated with databases from string format to array format
  • FIX: Failure to exclude and wiping out job data during backup and restore can cause the backup to be repeated in certain situations
  • Ref: Upgrade AWS SDK, from 2.8 to version 3
  • TWEAK: Make it easier for log backup and attachments to files are handled in mail-related functions so that they won’t be omitted from certain 3rd party SMTP plugins
  • TWEAK: Overcome the PHP 8 ‘Only the initial bytes will be assigned to the offset string warning when scanning local storage and/or remote storage to create new backup sets
  • TWEAK the following: On Windows the moment that mysqldump.exe software is running to backup database data the program failed to block jobs with updraft_jobdata_* entry due to the function ‘escapeshellarg’ that converts % chars to white space
  • TWEAK: Upgrade to the JStree’s official version this time, as our patch is included
  • TWEAK: Update the updater library with the paid version to the current version
  • TWEAK: When you install the multisite add-on, save the final log messages separately to make it easier for logs that are binary, and large backups
  • Tweak ASSISTANCE: Add Google logo on Google Drive authentication link. Google Drive authentication link
  • TWEAK: Modify the formatting strings to prevent translation errors that can cause PHP errors
  • TWEAK: New versionning scheme; the second part of the version number was previously not used very meaningfully/systematically; together with the third, it now indicates the year of release and number within that year
  • TWEAK: Change the run-time performance by removing one test which was no longer relevant.
  • TWEAK: Reset the next display message for resumption in the event that there isn’t one.
  • TWEAK: Restore the UpdraftVault limit to decrease the number of calls to the network during backups that are long
  • FIX: A bug hindered a final resumption of trying to break the zip and make progress.
  • Fix: Handle LOCK TABLES statements generated by certain mysqldump version correctly in the case of the atomic restores
  • SECURITY: Repair a persistent XSS error that allows an attacker to execute JavaScript in your browser, if you click on the link that was designed specifically for you when you logged into your website (very similar to the fix by 1.16.65/6). A packaging issue caused this to not be correctly addressed in the 1.16.67-68 versions.
  • Change the search and Replace ABSPATH in the event that it’s changed. not trivial, and saved in the DB due to a poor plugin or theme
  • Tweak: Create a complete the label to read “UpdraftPlus temporary clone settings for login” clickable
  • TWEAK: Reword the words to create an advanced tool to improve clarity
  • Tweak: Add UD in the user agent for AWS calls, when you are using AWS SDKs
  • TWEAK: Make sure that WP_Error is accessed during a specific updates to plugins that fail.
  • FIX: Don’t make an unzip manifest file in the event that the zip file is possibley insufficient
  • TWEAK: Increase Dropbox download performance by reducing round-trips, and cutting out unnecessary chunking
  • TWEAK: Update your certificate store to the most current list
  • TWEAK: Improve the precision of the previous check-in record in log
  • Fix: Backblaze endless loops when listing buckets that have huge amounts of objects.
  • TWEAK: Minor adjustments to the organization of class of S3 providers (abstract per-backend logic more efficiently).
  • TWEAK: Add the switch -no tablespaces to the mysqldump invoke (required for MySQL 8.0and up).).
  • Fix: Revert change to Amazon S3 authentication error handling in 1.16.55 which caused the breakage of S3-compatible services.
  • TWEAK: Eliminate some ineffective methods from the class UpdraftPlus_S3.
  • Fix: The wrong prefix is being applied to tables that are not WP in an atomic restore.
  • Fix: Issue that stopped the general (non-UpdraftPlus) SQL databases from being restored.
  • Tweak: JSTree file selector: List folders first, then sort entities alphabetically.
  • TWEAK: Improve efficiency when listing Backblaze files during a multi-delete operation.
  • Some other minor changes and fix bugs.

Free Download UpdraftPlus Premium v2. Latest Version

Free Download UpdraftPlus Premium v2. Latest Version

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