Free Download Use-your-Drive v1.19.5 Updated

Concerning Use-Your-Drive 1.19.5 nullified Google Drive plugin for WordPress Google Drive plugin for WordPress Free Download

Free Download Use-your-Drive Nulled is a simple and highly customizable Google Drive integration plugin for WordPress that shows your Google Drive files in stunning fashion. Use-your-Drive Plugin Nulled is top Ultimate Google Drive plugin for WordPress available – and is part of a collection of Cloud Plugins that are currently powering 10.000+ corporate websites to improve their workflow.

Free Download Use-your-Drive v1.19.5 Updated

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The most popular Ultimate Google Drive plugin

Use-your-Drive (Free Download) is a simple highly customizable, ingenuous Google Drive plugin for WordPress that shows your documents media files, images and other documents beautifully on your pages and posts. Google Drive Google Workspaces

It’s really simple to show content from Google Drive on Google Account on your WordPress pages and posts using Use-your-Drive it takes only few clicks required to create:

  1. Join to your Google Account to the plugin by just one click!
  2. When you are in the WordPress Page or Post editor Open the Use-your-Drive Shortcode Builder and select an already-configured mode.
  3. Choose your Google Drive Folder which should be used as the base in the installation of the plugin.
  4. Simply alter the shortcode using the Shortcode Builder by using the simple options and controls.
  5. Input the Shortcode and then publish your page!

Use-your-Drive is the most Ultimate Google Drive plugin for WordPress available and is part of a set of Cloud Plugins that are currently powering 10.000+ corporate websites to improve their workflow. Sign up now to use Google Drive to use your Google Drive even more efficiently by integrating it into your site!

The Use-Your-Drive (Free Download) plugin for WordPress features

  • File Browser
  • Gallery
  • Audio Player & Video Player
  • Uploading to the Cloud
  • Search Files with names and content
  • Inline Preview
  • Embed Files
  • Shared Links
  • User Folders
  • The entire Cloud
  • Fantastic Media Player
  • Permissions for Users
  • Shortcode Builder
  • Notifications
  • Optimized Performance
  • Obj Oriented Code
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Integration of Gravity Form
  • Multilingual Ready
  • Responsive Design
  • Smart Loading
  • Obj Oriented Code
Free Download Use-your-Drive v1.19.5 Updated

Utilize-your-Drive 1.19.5 Nulled Changelog

  • Updated the ability to playback FLAC playback within the File Browser.
  • Fix: GravityView/GravityFlow not rendering plugin field form correctly when both plugins are enabled
  • Correct: If a private Folders automatically created at the time of registration or deleted following deletion of the user the plugin will not make use of the name template that was it is configured in the module’s configuration. Instead, it will use the global value of this setting.
  • Correct: Action events have were not fired correctly when the an action model for Move/Copy has been open
  • Fix: Insert direct download link didn’t include resourcekey
  • Improvements Dark theme added for scrollbars
  • The Embed action has been improved and now offers the option for embedding editable Office documents as well as Google documents.
  • Updated Included CA certificates have been updated.
  • Updated: A number of Javascript libraries
  • Updated PHPthumb library version 1.7.18-202110211855
  • Updated: wp-color-picker-alpha library to version 3.0.1
  • Updated: Tagify version 4.9.2
  • Changed to version 3.7.0: Chart.js up to version 3.7.0
  • Updated: DataTables version 1.11.3
  • Addition: Support for mimetypes within Exclusion filtering in the modules.
  • Addition: Chinese (zn_CN) translation
  • Correct: The authorization procedure for linking new accounts the plugin can also be initiated by users who do not have access to plugin settings.
  • Solution: Opening the Full Screen Lightbox while autoplay is on may leave previews unnoticed.
  • Fix: Creating private folders built on a Template Folder with multiple folders and files can be a problem if API limits are exceeded.
  • Updated: Portuguese (pt_PT) translation
  • Correction: When you add to a new folder the name will be trimmed in order to remove whitespace at the beginning and ending.
  • Correction: ZIP downloads aren’t working properly If the PHP output buffers included data.
  • Improved the sorting order of alphabetical alphabets to be case-insensitive.
  • Improvement: Added placeholders for GravityPDF PDF upload locations.
  • Improvements: small changes to the layout, and a few new assets.
  • Addition new option: From in email notifications. It can be set global as well as per individual module.
  • Correction Problem: Memory is not being read properly on servers that have memory_limit set at -1. This can result in issues with download streams.
  • Correction New WooCommerce download urls for downloads not properly set
  • Correction: Changed the video preview in the File Browser module to an HTML 5 video Player because Google Previewer. Google Previewer isn’t longer working correctly for multimedia files in the vast majority of users when third cookie are blocked by the browser.
  • Correction: Shortcode Builder not showing within the Form Field configuration for some WP Forms plugin versions
  • Improved: Removed unneeded Javascript libraries
  • Addition: Integration with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF). Field Type -> WP Cloud Plugins -> Google Drive items
  • Addition to Beaver Builder: Integration into Beaver Builder with own module
  • Repair: Create new document menus not opening
  • Correction: Files that are larger than 25MB are no longer directly downloaded via using the Google API Those files will continue to be streamed on your server.
  • Solution: The server is not reading the memory available on servers that have memory_limit set at -1. This can result in issues with downloading streams.
  • Improved: Changed event for Drag/Drop to allow move actions on mobile devices
  • Repair: Move dialog is not loading the File Browser when choosing the new location
  • Solution: Images in Gallery lightbox are not appearing even though download actions have been removed and the lightbox wants render original images
  • CorrectionThe “Allow Preview settings that are not displayed correctly in the Gallery module configuration
  • Correction: Private Folders do not get created when users sign up through Gravity Forms User Registration Add-On. Gravity Users Registration add-on for Forms.
  • Fix: Exporting from Google Docs larger than 10MB will fail due to API limitations. This fix is still able to allow the export of these files in the event that the document has the permission that ‘Anyone who has a link is able to view’.
  • Correction: The incorrect storage the sharing rights in caches could cause slow previews, or downloadings
  • Improved: Added an overall upload progress indicator to the Box module. Box module.
  • Improved: New layout of The WooCommerce upload integration, on both the Front-End as well as Back-End
  • Improvements: Layout and function in the Gutenberg block
  • Improved: Numerous layout modifications
  • Improved The font library has been replaced by the Font Awesome icon library by light and speedy Eva icons

Free Download Use-your-Drive v1.19.5 Updated

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