Free Download WordFence Security v 7.5.8 Latest Version

Free Download WordFence Security comes with an endpoint firewall as well as a malware scanner built from the beginning to secure WordPress. 

Wordfence’s Threat Defense Feed arms Wordfence with the most current security rules for firewalls, signatures of malware, and dangerous IP addresses that it requires to protect your website. 

With rounded out with 2FA as well as a variety of other options, Wordfence is the most extensive WordPress security tool accessible.

Free Download WordFence Security

WordPress is the most well-known CMS for Content Management System. It is the powerhouse behind greater than 25 percent of the websites available on the internet. This makes it a common attack target, hacking attempts, injection of code, etc.

What are the reasons you need the WordPress Security Plugin

The majority of WordPress users aren’t experts or developers in security for online sites. There are security best practices to follow such as regularly backing up your data as well as using strong passwords etc.

You’ll need an WordPress security plug-in to do more advanced things such as scanning for malware or suspicious activity or keeping track of your website’s security.

Free Download WordFence Security v 7.5.8 Latest Version

WordFence Security Features


  • Web Application Firewall identifies and stops malicious traffic. It is maintained and built by a large group of people who are focused completely focused on WordPress security.
  • Premium version of real-time firewall rules and updates to malware signatures via the Threat Defense Feed (free version is delayed by 30 days).
  • [Premium] Real-time Blocklist blocks all requests coming from the most dangerous IPs, ensuring the security of your website while reducing load.
  • Secures your website at the point of entry, allowing an extensive Integration with WordPress. As opposed to cloud-based alternatives, this doesn’t compromise encryption, can’t be accessed and will not expose data.
  • A built-in security measures block requests to contain harmful code or.
  • Protection against attacks using brute force by restricting attempts to log in.


  • Malware scanner scans theme files, core files and plug-ins to identify malware harmful URLs backdoors, search engine optimization spam, harmful redirects, and code injections.
  • Premium Updates on malware signatures in real-time through the Threat Defense Feed (free version ) is delaying by 30 days).
  • Checks your core files as well as themes and plugins to the content of’s repository. repository, ensuring their integrity , and notifying you of any changes.
  • Repair damaged files by overwriting them to an original, clean version. Remove any files that do not belong within Wordfence. Wordfence interface.
  • Examine your website for security flaws and informs you of any problems. It also alerts you to possible security problems in the event that a plugin is shut down or removed.
  • Verifies the security of your content by scanning the contents of files as well as comments and posts for potentially dangerous URLs and suspect content.
  • [Premium] Checks whether your website or IP are blocked for illegal activity, spamming or other security concerns.


  • 2-factor authentication (2FA) is one of the most secure methods that can be used for authentication via remote systems, is accessible using any TOTP-based authenticator app or service.
  • Login Page CAPTCHA stops bots from getting into.
  • Add 2FA or disable it from XML-RPC.
  • Stop administrators from logging in with compromised passwords.


  • Wordfence Central is a powerful and effective method of managing the security of several sites at one time.
  • Effectively evaluate the security status of your sites all in one glance. Access detailed security information without having to leave Wordfence Central.
  • The powerful templates make setting up Wordfence an easy task.
  • Highly customizable alerts are sent via SMS, email or Slack. Increase the signal-to-noise ratio by using severity levels and the option of daily digest.
  • Be aware of and track critical security events, such as administrator logins, password breaches, use, and spikes in attacks.
  • Unlimited use of the free websites.


  • With Live Traffic you can monitor the number of visits and hack attempts that are not visible in other analytics programs in real-time, including the source, the IP address, their duration of the day, and the how long they spend on your site.
  • Stop attackers using IP or develop advanced rules that are based on IP Range Hostname, Referrer and User Agent.
  • Country blocking is available with Wordfence Premium.

Setup WordFence Security plugin 

WordFence Security plugin comes as both a paid and free version. The paid version comes with additional features as well as premium support. The free version is pretty suitable, and is what we’ll be using to conduct our review.

WordFence Security plugin works out of the box . The the default settings should work for the majority of websites. The plugin also includes the option of setting up a page where you can configure the plugin to meet your personal needs.

Simply go to WordFence’s Option page to set up the settings for your plugin.

WordFence Security is a very powerful plugin with a variety of options and features. The first step is to set up the basic plugin options. This includes turning on or off the features of the plugin and adding an additional email address to notifications.

Advanced options allows you to alter how the plugin functions and behaves on your website. In the first place, you’ll have alerts. you can choose to enable or deactivate certain events that you would like to be informed about. If you manage a bustling website , you’ll get many messages from WordFence security, referred to as alerts. Many of these alerts do not involve hazardous actions.

There also are Firewall Rules and Scan rules. This is the place to instruct the plugin on what directories and files to check and modify the behavior of firewalls. Don’t alter these options until you are sure of the exact procedure.

Free Download WordFence Security

Do not forget to click the save changes button after you’re done.

Check your website for threats by using WordFence Security

WordFence Security comes with a robust scanning tool. Visit WordFence > Scan to start the scan. WordFence will examine your WordPress site for typical threats such as backdoors, suspicious and malicious software, MySQL injection, and so on.

Following the completion of the scan, it will inform you the amount of problems it discovered. Each issue will be able to read the details of it , along with suggestions for fixing it.

WordFence is among the most well-known WordPress plugins that are used by over one million websites. They gather data from WordPress websites all over the globe. This helps them to identify new threats and how to recognize them.

But, WordPress forum forums have mixed opinions from people who actually utilize the plugin. Sometimes, it detects backdoors and malicious codes that other scanners aren’t able to detect. Sometimes, it’s not able to identify these types of malware. It is a good method to not rely on a single tool when you believe that your site’s security may be compromised.

Track Your Live Traffic WordFence Security

A significant portion of any website’s traffic is generated by automated bots such as search engines as well as data mining bots and automated spambots. This is normal and not something to be worried about.

If your website is being hit by a DDOS attack, you will be able to see a flurry of hits coming from certain IP addresses for your website. By using WordFence Security’s live traffic tools within WordFence Security you can monitor the IPs in real-time and stop these IPs.

Although the information gathered through this tool could be very useful however, it doesn’t assist a website owner in the least. The majority of attack bots utilize various IP ranges, spread across different internet networks around the world. It is extremely difficult to stop IP addresses.

If blocking an IP network The botnet changes to another. It’s a continuous game that you can’t beat the game by manually checking and blocking things by yourself.

Prices and support for WordFence Security

The base WordFence Security plugin is available at no cost. The price for the premium versions starts at $39 for a year. There are various pricing options for licensing in bulk.

Support for the free version the plugin is offered through’s official forums. Support is not free and is not provided. Premium support is offered through the ticketing system that is based on email.

There is documentation for how to use the different tools within the WordFence Security plugin on the official website.

Our Take regarding WordFence Security Plugin

WordFence Security plugin is a excellent choice for a basic WordPress security configuration. It isn’t the top WordPress security software.

It places a significant burden to your servers. This can affect the speed of your website in the event that you’re using the shared hosting platform. This could cause issues with your WordPress database and keeps many of your data within your database.

The interface for users of the plugin is not very appealing. We believe it could be improved. The choices page is overwhelming, and has too many choices.

(If you’re searching for an alternate security solution, take a look at our IThemes Review of Security.)

Free Download WordFence Security v 7.5.8 Latest Version

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