Free Download wpDataTables v.2.1.26 Latest Version

About Free Download wpDataTables v.2.1.26

A well-known WordPress plugin the wpDataTables plugin is a plugin that can build interactive charts and tables. Free Download wpDataTables.

Free Download wpDataTables WordPress Plugin

smaller edition of the plugin is available on This allows you see what’s offered for the complete version in the event that you are contemplating changing to a higher version. It does, however, live up to its “lite” name by limiting the majority of tables and charts functionality.

If you want to create tables there are five choices: create a table that is connected with an already existing source of data make a table by hand and import it into a database and then generate a query for the WordPress database; or create queries to an MySQL database.

For the version that is free, you are able to create tables by importing tables in Excel, CSV, JSON, XML or serialized PHP array format.

NEW! The table builder feature is now available in wpDataTables, creating tables that are simple starting from scratch. The tables are not simple, however they can be quite complex, since you are able to join cells, style every cell in a different way, add star ratings to cells and so on.

Free Download wpDataTables v.2.1.26 Latest Version

Here is a list of new features in those tables that are simple:

  • Merge cells
  • Excel like editor
  • Response mode
  • Add/Remove columns as well as rows
  • Columns and rows can be resized/reordered.
  • Cell custom formatting
  • Font family and size of the font
  • Undo/Redo
  • Add star rating
  • Custom-made links
  • Add media
  • Custom HTML
  • Shortcodes in cell
  • NEW Options for border crossing

wpDataTables lets you create 14 different chart types by using Google Charts rendering engine. Google Charts rendering engine:

The creation of charts and tables with the WordPress tables plugin is never easier.

 It’s only 3 simple steps:

Step 1 – Provide table data

You can upload table data to WordPress table by the upload of Excel, CSV , JSON, XML or Serialized PHP arrays or create a basic tables from scratch using the table builder that is new.

Step 2 Step 2 – Customization

You are able to customize and set column layouts of your WordPress table (rename or reorder them, add CSS classes and hide, alter colors) and you can modify and customize table Color and the font settings( Header, Font Border, Table border Row, Cell, and pagination) in any way you want.

Step 3: Publish on the form of a page or post.

When you’re happy with the layout for your WordPress table, it are able to effortlessly add it to any page or post using Gutenberg, the standard WP Editor and shortcodes or by using page builders such as Avada Page Builder Divi Page Builder WPBakery Page Builder, or Elementor. All tables (except the basic table) can be sortable and paginated as a default.

Furthermore, every table (except simple tables) is able to have an option to search and include the following functions: “Copy to Clipboard”, “Export to CSV”, “Export to PDF”, “Export to XLS”. The functions are all configurable and it’s your choice whether to turn them either on or off.

The following column data types are supported by tables of data (Data tables made using Excel, CSV , JSON, XML or Serialized PHP array). All column types, with the exception of images, have specific sorting rules for them:

There are some limitations to Premium versions of plugin wpDataTables:

The paid version, wpDataTables Premium, unlocks many great features, including advanced email and SMS notifications, front-end editable tables, conditional formatting, filtering, and support for foreign key table relations. Data can also be presented in over 40 types of charts.

  1. MySQL-based tables are not part of the.
  2. Making tables using Google Spreadsheet files is not included.
  3. Manually create tables isn’t included.
  4. Processing on the server side is not included.
  5. The responsive mode for tables isn’t included.
  6. Table filters aren’t included.
  7. Table editing at the front end is not included.
  8. Editing in Excel is not part of the package.
  9. Advanced HighCharts as well as Chart.js aren’t part of the package.
  10. The Table Constructor Wizard (step-by-step table generator) is not included.
  11. Options for customization of each table do not come with the table.
  12. Access to our support system for premium customers does not come with the service.

You can avail all these features when you purchase the Premium version of the site of the plugin.

Note that wpDataTables is compatible with PHP 5.6 or higher!

WpDataTables vs WpDataTables Premium

If you’re still unable to decide which wpDataTables version you should choose You should become familiar with the basics of both versions before you decide from there. The main thing is the type of tables that you want to create in WordPress that you wish to build.


If you do not require the most sophisticated features since you only make tables in WordPress often, wpDataTables is perfect for you.

wpDataTables Premium

While the standard version is ideal for people who want to create simple and small table, wpDataTables Premium can be the most powerful WordPress table plugin, and it includes a wide array of features that are simply amazing.

But what makes WordPress stand out is its ability to handle any quantity of data, and to create massive tables that are responsive in WordPress.

Do I Really Need wpDataTables?

The short answer is yes. If you’re looking to build stunning and fully functional WordPress tables, you must use wpDataTables. The number of users currently using the plugin is about 30,000 and growing. 

The main advantages of wpDataTables include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Create WordPress tables swiftly and easily without any complicated configuration simply clicks;
  • No programming knowledge is required.
  • Fully customizable WordPress charts and tables starting with choosing the color palette , to adding elements like your logo for your business, wpDataTables allows you to alter your charts and tables any way that you like;
  • It is a WordPress Table plugin which functions like a spreadsheet program with all the latest tools and features, wpDataTables really stands out from the rest;
  • 1-year of update and assistance

Other useful features include:

  • NEW! Change the options available to each table You can now customize every table with a different backgrounds, skins, fonts and colors, plus much more.
  • NEW! Create Tables using Google Spreadsheet API – Instant data synchronization with wpDataTables upon modifications to Google sheets. Create tables using private Google Spreadsheets.
  • Multiple databases can be supported – wpDataTables can be the sole WordPress Table plugin which is able to display information that comes from MySQL, MS SQL or PostgreSQL databases.
  • Responsive Tables The Responsive Tables you have created for your WordPress tables are fully functional and will look stunning across all devices and screens.
  • Massive amount of data The wpDataTables premium will create massive tables in just minutes. The entire process are performed via MySQL Server. MySQL server.
  • editable tables – you , or anybody else WordPress user who has access to the tables can modify and/or alter the tables published at any time
  • Advanced Filters as well as SearchYou will be able create your own filters that help filter the results of your search in the table swiftly and easily. It is also possible to set up an automatic filter using an addon called Powerful Filters extension.
  • Highlighting Highlighting the column, rows and and cells in your WordPress tables, etc. is never easier thanks to the conditional formatting feature of this plugin.
  • Charts You can effortlessly transform every WordPress Table into a stunning chart. Charts are created by four strong engine ( GoogleHighchartsChart.js and the newest ApexCharts) and can be changed in real-time.
  • Calculating Tools – the calculation of a sum, an average, minimum , and the maximum value for a specific column is now easier than ever using the advanced calculators
  • The Placeholders Create dynamic SQL queries and apply it with shortcodes as well as predefined values in filters as well as editing.
Free Download wpDataTables WordPress Plugin

Add more functionality to wpDataTables using extensions

Premium and wpDataTable Lite users can enhance the functionality of wpDataTables with free extensions like: 
1. Forminator Forms Integration lets you create wpDataTables using Forminator Forms submissions.

Premium users of wpDataTable have the option of extending wpDataTables features by purchasing premium add-ons, like: 
1. Master-detail tables** – this allows your visitors to view the details of each row with just a click (view in popup, or customized page or post) 
1. Effective filters** for filtering table data within The WordPress Tables frontend with Cascade filters and it also allows users to hide tables before applying the filter as well as to display the search button. 
1. Report Builder*- Create Word reports or Excel reports using tables from your WP with just one click 
1. Gravity Forms Integration* lets you make editable wpDataTables using Gravity Forms entries. 
1. Formidable Forms Integration** – which lets you create wpDataTables using Formidable Forms entries.

These add-ons aren’t included within the plugin’s premium version. They must be bought separately.

Free Download wpDataTables v.2.1.26 Latest Version

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