Free Presentation Applications for 2022

We’ve all been there: laboring to create the ideal presentations for a crucial meeting or school assignment. Bringing a visual assistance to the table is essential for maintaining audience interest. Nevertheless, it is difficult to locate the ideal location to construct your presentation. Exist template files? Exist personalization tools? How much will this setback cost me? So let’s see the best free presentation applications for 2022!

Free Presentation Applications for 2022

To enhance your message, you can construct interactive slide decks using presentation software. Users of presentation software are able to create dynamic slides, maintain brand consistency, and incorporate media such as photographs and videos. Integrating audience response systems to create live polls and quizzes and video conferencing software to make everything digitally seamless can make these presentations even more interactive.

Free trials and basic memberships. Make improving your presentations slightly less costly. You may begin creating virtual presentations, using immersive components like as animations and live participation tools, and gathering audience metrics for free.

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Best free presentation solutions and applications for 2022

Whether you’re building an educational onboarding deck or showcasing your latest KPIs in a team meeting, there is a free presentation option that will satisfy your needs and preferences.

The list below comprises real user ratings within the category of best presentation software. In the context of this list, free trial-offering providers are also regarded to be free.

To qualify for this category, software must:

  • Provide tools for creating slides for presentations
  • Provide PowerPoint templates and themes
  • Utilize innovative slide animations and transitions
  • Permit users to embed text, music, photos, and videos into a presentation.


DocSend by Dropbox assists businesses in creating and managing presentations and other vital documents. The free trial of DocSend enables customers to enhance file security, exchange material inside their business, and monitor link analytics.

What users like:

“DocSend is a superior method for sharing content with prospective clients, including documents, presentations, video clips, and proposals. Prospective customers like the streamlined access to pertinent content. It has rapidly become an indispensable resource for us.”

What users dislike:

“Once a version is deleted, all of its insights are lost. It would be preferable to have everyone examine the presentation or document in advance and to improve version management.”


Renderforest is an all-inclusive platform that puts images, movies, and animations to life in presentations. A free Renderforest account includes access to over 200,000 stock films and free subdomains.

What users like:

“Renderforest is one of the best online video editing applications for my video productions. Whether you’re creating an animation, intro, corporate presentation, or slideshow, Renderforest provides you with user-friendly, editable templates, and the finished product is of the highest quality. Since utilizing this site, the quantity of praise received for my projects has been astounding.”

What users dislike:

“I wish Renderforest had more templates and greater flexibility.”


Powtoon is an animated presentation-creation platform for visual communication. Powtoon offers free and subscription plans with access to hundreds of presentation themes, brand-consistent slides, and shareable folders.

What users like:

“Powtoon’s best feature is its user interface. The professionally designed template library is loaded with scenes, characters, props, and background music, among other elements.”

What users dislike:

“The free qualities are distinctive but quite limited. It would be fantastic if they included more.”’s intelligent presentation templates make creating presentations a breeze. The paid plan choices for include of onboarding tutorials, collaborative workspaces, viewing metrics, and more. Their free trial allows users to sample all of their offerings.

What users like:


AI facilitates the creation of presentations. Just completed your presentation and wish to add another point? You may effortlessly add a bullet, object, or chart, and the entire presentation will move and correct itself for you.”

What users dislike:

“There is a little learning curve while utilizing the site for the first time. Due of the automation of the design, some individuals struggle with the slight constraints surrounding modification. Be patient and thoroughly investigate the platform. Eventually, you’ll realize that the constraints are quite useful for establishing consistency and professionalism in your presentations.”


emaze provides customers with the tools necessary to automate the process of creating digital presentations. The free basic plan of emaze offers limitless PowerPoint imports, widgets, embedding, graphs, contact lists, and audience statistics, among other features.

What users like:

“I adore emaze’s user-friendliness, together with its added professionalism and elegance. Every template is unique, and there are templates for every conceivable theme. When I update the same topic from year to year, the editability and ease of use are helpful.”

What users dislike:

“I wish there were more templates accessible for less imaginative individuals.” In addition, when giving a presentation, I wish the bar at the bottom disappeared so that the audience cannot see how much of the presentation remains.”


RELAYTO is a tool for generating immersive presentations using documents. RELAYTO includes options for sharing, embedding, converting, and auto-generation. These features are available at no cost to qualified users.

What users like:

“My experience with RELAYTO has been enlightening to say the least. The ability to add depth and texture to presentations boosts our standing as a company that delivers professionalism and genuine value to prospects and clients. We are aware of the quality of our products and services, but other platforms are not as effective as RELAYTO at conveying this to clients.”

What users dislike:

“I’ve only ever created for print, so there’s a learning curve, but their customer service is excellent. You can schedule a session with an expert to discuss your desired platform usage. Once this curve is overcome, the results are astounding.”


Video enhances presentations with Vyond. Presenters can use video animations, character creation, and social media sharing capabilities with Vyond. Users can join up for a free trial to determine whether Vyond meets their needs.

What users like:

“Vyond is extremely user-friendly, making it an ideal tool for our onboarding team members to quickly learn and use. There is a low barrier to entry for new users, so we can rely on Vyond as a valuable and results-driven platform that our new team members can immediately begin utilizing.”

What users dislike:

“The Vyond library’s objects are not entirely modifiable, and the library itself is minimal. It is possible that you will not always find what you are looking for. Adding a functionality that allows users to edit these items would solve this issue.”


Knovio is an intelligent platform for making films and presentations on demand. It provides tools for incorporating video and audio narration into presentation slides, sharing content collections, and analyzing audience interaction. The free lite edition of Knovio allows users to test out some of these capabilities.

What users like:

“Since I originally used Knovio, it has come a long way. I like the company’s openness to improvement recommendations. I particularly appreciate the ability to alter recordings and replace slides.”

What users dislike:

“The analytics are robust; nevertheless, I believe the ability to generate bespoke reports should be enhanced.”

These were the best free presentation applications for 2022. Hope you enjoyed!

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