How to Build a Video Membership Website With WordPress

Developing a video membership website is the best course of action to take, even if your ultimate goal is to sell video material in addition to your regular, text-based content. However, in order to construct a video membership website for your company, you will need the assistance of a reliable website builder like as WordPress.

How to Build a Video Membership Website With WordPress

In this piece, we will cover the most important steps that you need to take in order to develop a successful video membership site using WordPress.

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First thing you need to do is locate a reliable WordPress video membership plugin.

Because WordPress, in its normal configuration, does not come with any built-in capability that enables you to construct a video membership site, you will need to make use of a WordPress plugin in order to do this task.

There are a number of excellent plugins for WordPress video membership sites, some of them are listed below depending on your use case and the amount of money you are ready to invest.

  • The Champion of Paid Memberships

Paid Memberships Pro is a reliable WordPress plugin for managing video memberships. It grants you complete control over the options for restricting access to content as well as the membership subscription tiers.

You can take recurring payments from users in exchange for video material, and you can also provide members with exclusive discounts and access to additional goods and services.

  • Pro Version of Restrict Content

Without requiring you to write any code, Restrict Content Pro provides a user-friendly solution for limiting access to content on your WordPress website.

The user interface of Restrict Content Pro is renowned for its intuitiveness and straightforwardness. This manner, you won’t waste any time getting started with providing quality video content to your users. For business owners who are searching for a “one-off” solution for developing and administering their video membership sites, Restrict Content Pro provides the appropriate solution.

  • MemberPress

MemberPress is a video membership plugin for WordPress that is both straightforward and packed with features.

With the help of the plugin, establishing a video membership website that appears polished and professional can be done without the need to write any code. It provides a straightforward method for establishing different payment gateways and membership tiers, freeing up your time to put more effort into producing high-quality video content for your audience.

Choosing a reliable video membership plugin might be challenging, particularly if this is your first go-round with such a task. For further information, please have a look at our post that compares and contrasts the top 4 membership plugins for WordPress.

The second step is to create the necessary membership pages.

In an ideal world, you want to make sure that your video membership site has a professional appearance and vibe. This is helpful for making a positive first impression and contributing to the recruitment of additional participants. You shouldn’t just focus on the aesthetics of your membership website; instead, you should concentrate on making the surfing experience of your site natural and straightforward.

For this reason, it is crucial to create up critical membership sites like the ones listed below:

Visit the page labeled “My Account.” On the “My Account” page, the user has access to a variety of crucial account facts, including the ability to reset their password and view the membership plan to which they have subscribed, amongst other pertinent information. It makes it easier for newly registered users to browse your website and makes it possible for them to customize their account data.

  • Login page. The “Login page” may appear to be straightforward, but if it is not configured correctly, it may result in a reduced level of engagement with the content you provide. The login page should only have text forms that are pertinent to the purpose of logging in, and it should provide your subscribers with a quick way to access their accounts. In addition to this, you may also want to include a checkbox labeled “Remember me” as well as a link that enables users to change their password in the event that they have forgotten it.
  • Registrations page. Your membership site’s page for new signups has a significant impact on how many people you are able to attract to the site. Consider the following: customers will be more inclined to join up for your service if your registration page is simple to reach and simple to fill out.
  • About Us page. The “About Us” page is an excellent place to answer one of the most crucial questions that students have, which is, “Why should you select us?” If you describe some of your company’s strong characteristics on this page, it will be very helpful to students.

You can make use of this area to provide insight into your brand as well as give a quick description of yourself and the other members of your crew.

  • Contact Us page. Prospective clients are able to contact out to you through the “Contact Us” page and have a better understanding of how your material might assist them.

The creation of essential membership pages helps bring in new visitors to your website and makes it simple for users of any level of technical expertise to sign up with you and access your content.

Step 3: Give them a variety of payment choices and schedules

Users will have an easier time paying you and signing up for your membership plan if you have a number of different payment alternatives for them to choose from. For instance, you can provide customers with a variety of payment alternatives in WordPress, such as PayPal, credit card payments, and bank transfers. This makes it easier for people of all backgrounds to sign up for your membership program without making them concerned about how they will make payments to you.

In addition to providing customers with a number of different payment options, you should also provide them with a number of different pricing tiers at which they can subscribe to your membership material. For instance, you may have three different tiers of membership: diamond, which costs $150 per year, titanium, which costs $100 per year, and silver, which costs $50 per year. Users who sign up for the Silver membership plan will only have access to the video content, but users who sign up for the Diamond membership plan will have access to the downloadables, community forum, and discussion board in addition to the video content.

Fourth Step: Produce Video Content for the Membership

In light of the fact that you intend to generate video content, it is essential to invest time and energy into coming up with ideas for content that will prove to be effective. You need to give some thought to the areas in which your company excels as well as the subjects with which you have the greatest experience.

You have the ability to generate a variety of various forms of video material for your membership website, including the following:

Podcasts are an excellent medium via which one may present a comprehensive and in-depth discussion or explanation of a subject matter. You are able to produce podcasts on longer themes or on subjects that are of the highest interest to your audience. However, in order to record a video podcast, you will need to allot some time in advance to prepare the necessary video equipment and ensure that everything is in order.

Webinars give you the opportunity to educate your audience on a topic that might otherwise be difficult to explain to them. You can go into greater detail about certain issues or host webinars to walk people through how to utilize a product. This makes it possible for new users and existing members to connect with your brand in a simple and straightforward manner by means of an interactive experience.

  • Online events. One of the most effective methods for attracting a sizable audience and showcasing your material is to host an online event. In addition to that, it’s a fantastic method for expanding your email list.
  • Streaming in real time. Hosting live streaming is one of the most effective ways to engage in conversation with your audience and establish a more meaningful connection with them. For example, you might organize a live stream titled “Q&A session” and invite users to ask you questions in a manner that was more direct and on a more personal level.
  • Video courses. The primary function of video courses is to present high-quality content that has been compiled and presented in the form of a video course. It is an excellent method for discussing larger, more in-depth subjects that call for more than just a blog post’s worth of coverage. You could, for instance, put together a video course by compiling a series of video courses that you’ve already created.

Set up a video library that is accessible only to members as the fifth step.

It is essential to be aware that the vast majority of membership plugins for WordPress do not include the functionality necessary to create a private video library. Instead, you may simply upload all of your unique video content directly to the media library in WordPress. You’ll be able to embed video content onto the page that’s only accessible to members this way, and you’ll still have access to all of the other content restriction options.

Regular site visitors will not be able to see the premium video material on your video membership site as a result of this restriction.

Measure how well your video membership site is doing in the next step, which is the sixth one.

It is crucial to keep your website speedy and responsive if you want to run a membership site that is effective. The user experience can be negatively impacted when a video membership website is both slow and prone to bugs. If the content on your website takes a long time to load, you will see a decrease in the number of people converting into customers and an increase in the number of people leaving your website.

Because video-based content typically results in bigger file sizes on the back end, it has the potential to significantly increase the stress placed on the server that powers your website. Because of this, it is really suggested that you make use of a WordPress optimization plugin in order to improve the efficiency of your membership site and make certain that it is functioning normally.

The following is a list of excellent plugins that are well worth evaluating for your video membership website:

  • WP-Optimize

Your WordPress site’s functionality can be improved in a straightforward and expedient manner with the assistance of the WP-Optimize plugin.

It will compress photos on your membership site, clean and optimize your WordPress database, and cache material so that pages on your WordPress site will load more rapidly.

  • Autoptimize

The “one-off” solution provided by Autoptimize allows you to optimize your WordPress site without having to expend a lot of work.

The plugin automatically optimizes all scripts and styles, minifies and compresses those scripts and styles, and also reduces the size of the HTML code by either minifying it or cutting it down. Your WordPress website will have a more streamlined and responsive appearance as a result of this change.

  • WP-Rocket

When it comes to increasing the efficiency of WordPress websites, WP-Rocket is one of the most widely used plugins available.

It provides all of the significant functionality that is required to completely optimize your WordPress site. Your website’s response times can be improved with the help of WP-Rocket, which also helps load pages more quickly. As a consequence of this, it may assist in attracting new site visitors and improving SEO.


Putting out a video membership website may at first appear difficult, but if you have the “correct direction” in mind, you’ll find that the process is actually rather simple.

To begin, you need to select a reliable membership plugin for WordPress that offers the features you require while remaining within your financial means. Once you have it in place, you can begin putting together the necessary membership pages. If the membership plugin you’ve chosen to use allows you to establish private video libraries, this is an excellent approach to provide subscribers with access to video content that is only available to them.

However, this capability is not often pre-installed in the majority of plugins. Because of this, you should add all of your exclusive video content to your WordPress media library and then embed it into sites that are only accessible to members or restricted to certain users.

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