MemberPress Pro 1.9.31 Free Download [Updated 2022]

Information about MemberPress Pro 1.9.31 Free Download

MemberPress Pro WordPress Membership Plugin Free Download is a basic membership plugin that works with WordPress. It allows you to begin charging your customers with access to your content immediately.

MemberPress Pro WordPress Membership plugin free download will assist you in managing, creating, and monitoring membership subscriptions and selling digital downloads with confidence. MemberPress lets you manage your members by giving them and restraining access to pages, posts videos, categories, feeds, communities, tags digital content, and many more according to the memberships they’re a part of.

MemberPress Pro 1.9.31 Free Download [Updated 2022]

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The features that are part of MemberPress Pro 1.9.31

  • Amazingly Easy Installation
    • We believe that creating the WordPress Membership Site running and functioning should not require the completion of a PhD of computer science. This is why we designed MemberPress Pro. It is designed to become the easiest-to-use software for creating a membership site. Install the plugin, input the details of your payment gateway and then create a few products and you’re good to start!
  • Powerful Access Rules
    • MemberPress Pro allows you to modify the content your visitors are able to view based on their membership or digital items they’ve bought. Access to posts, child pages categories, custom post types tags, and almost every other file within your WordPress installation can be limited through MemberPress.
  • Premium Community Forums
    • If you are installing and using the WordPress-based forum you are able to utilize MemberPress Pro to build your own password-secured community. MemberPress can be used with BBPress and a range options of WordPress forums plugins.
  • Coupons That Aren’t Awful
    • Coupons make promotions that run continuously and giveaways simple. This is why they’re essential to every online business. You can design any number of coupons you want, set the time they expire, and the times they can be used, and you can even personalize the discount codes you use using MemberPress Pro.
  • Ultra Stable & Secure
    • We have the skills to create incredible WordPress plugins here at MemberPress Pro. Are you familiar with the words Pretty Links and Easy Affiliate? We invented these, together with a host of additional plug-ins. Since we are familiar with WordPress, MemberPress was created entirely from scratch, with a tight WordPress integration and adheres the PHP and’s best practices in coding for security and reliability. We’ve used MemberPress for many years as an internal system and also for our customers. MemberPress has been tested and proven authentic in real life and is now in a position to put its experience to work for you.
  • Pretty Price Pages
    • MemberPress Pro makes it simple and effective to design interactive price page for your membership products. You can change the order of your items and update the text and alter the look and feel of the page, as well as other things. From the beginning, MemberPress includes many pricing page templates. This means that your pricing page appears amazing without CSS or HTML programming. If you are a more advanced user, you are able to create the custom CSS styles or completely alter you WordPress theme by making a template page. Price pages for groups are easy to alter since they’re typical WordPress custom post kinds.
  • It Works with Any Theme
    • Any WordPress theme is compatible using MemberPress Pro. Also, regardless of whether you’re using StudioPress WooThemes theme, WooThemes, or a different theme from another company, or even an individual theme, MemberPress will work effectively for you.
  • Drip, Drip
    • MemberPress Pro comes with all of the features you’d expect from top-quality membership plugin. Content drip (the time-based dispersal of information) and expiration of access to content are just two of the features.
  • Affiliate Program
    • MemberPress Pro developed an additional plugin called Easy Affiliate. The two remain close until today. Easy Affiliate is an excellent affiliate program that you could easily incorporate in any WordPress blog. Since we created it we’d know! Easy Affiliate was developed with small-business owner in mind, by the writers of MemberPress. We strive to provide the most efficient affiliate program to allow you to significantly increase the amount of money you earn.
  • Information that is relevant and clear
    • By using MemberPress Pro, you’ll never be with no information about what things are going on with your site for members. Our team has put plenty thought into MemberPress reporting to ensure you have all the data you require and nothing that you do not. The reports from MemberPress will always reveal how much revenue you’re pulling in, the products you’re selling, and so on.
  • Simple Integration of Payment Gateway Integration
    • Setting up your website to charge customers for digital goods or to invoice members for memberships isn’t easy and takes a lot of time. We’ve also experienced the sting of complicated gateway configurations. We’ve made easy for you to do all that you need to accomplish in the MemberPress Pro platform is to add the gateway API key, and then create the notifications that your gateway needs and you’re all set to go.
  • The Full Blown Subscription Manager
    • It’s not half-baked–MemberPress Pro allows your subscribers to create, manage, upgrade, or cancel their subscriptions right from your website. It’s not a difficult setup required as MemberPress utilizes its automated payment system. You can be assured the payments you make will be made promptly, and MemberPress will grant or deny access to your members based on the amount of money they pay.
  • Unwavering support
    • When you use MemberPress Pro, it’s incredibly easy to create an WordPress membership website. But there are instances where you’ll need assistance. We have an extensive User Manual which covers every admin page and function accessible in MemberPress. If you need assistance, our customer support team is available to help. Check out what our customers have to say about MemberPress’s customer support.
  • Amazingly Abundant
    • A broad range of services are available through our numerous integrations. As an developer, you are able to effortlessly connect your customized code to the multitude of WordPress actions and filters. Since MemberPress Pro runs on your web server, and utilizes numerous built-in WordPress features, you have the ability to modify almost anything you imagine.
MemberPress Pro 1.9.31 Free Download [Updated 2022]

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What’s new What’s New MemberPress Pro 1.9.31 (free download changelog)

  • Index not defined PHP notices
  • SourceMaps warning error when using the Developer Tools add-on
  • Stripe tax rate errors
  • HTML not matching privacy policy
  • eCommerce tracking shortcodes is not work with Stripe Checkout
  • Two-factor options are not displayed when using BuddyPress integration
  • Return handling may be referred to PayPal Standard Account Page in PayPal Standard
  • Update Credit Card details on imported Stripe subscriptions

MemberPress Pro 1.9.31 Free Download (Latest Version)

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