Mobile-friendly tips for WordPress plugins

Plugins for WordPress can make it easy to get your site ready for mobile users. You could try some of these mobile-friendly options.

Mobile-friendly tips for WordPress plugins

With the rise of technology in the 21st century, we now live in a time when a mobile phone can do many things and store a lot of information, pictures, and documents.

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When it comes to getting information, shopping online, and getting services, a huge number of people now use their phones instead of their desktops.

Statista says that more than half of all web traffic now comes from mobile devices, and this number is likely to keep going up.

This means that you will lose business if you don’t pay attention to your website, especially if you don’t work on making it better for users and mobile-friendly.

You only have a few seconds to catch someone’s eye and make them want to stay on your site. If your site doesn’t work or takes a long time to load, that person won’t return.

Optimizing your site for mobile isn’t exactly rocket science, and you can do it yourself with the help of WordPress plugins.

These plugins can change the way your website looks to fit any screen and improve the way it works on mobile devices, giving your visitors the best possible experience.

In this column, you’ll learn about eight of the best WordPress plugins you can use right now. But first we need to talk about some high-level basics.

What is a plug-in for WordPress?

Plugins can be added to WordPress by almost anyone and add new features to the core platform.

A plugin is a piece of software that adds new features to your site. It is also called a module or an extension.

WordPress is loved by both developers and designers because of how powerful and flexible it is. Another important part of the workflow is the plugins. Since WordPress is open source, there are tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of these plugins.

From a technical point of view, they are written in the PHP programming language, which is the basis of the WordPress platform. They are also made to be easily installed from the administration panel of your WordPress site.

In the end, using WordPress plugins can save you both time and money when building a site.

How to install a plugin in WordPress

In the WordPress community, there is a saying that “there is a plugin for everything.”

In fact, plugins are like mobile apps and can help you put even your most crazy ideas into action. To add a WordPress plugin, go to the Plugins section of your admin panel and click the “Add New” button.

Use the search function to find the plugin you want, then click “Install Now” to start the process of installing it.

Note: You should make a Restore Point of your site before installing or updating a plugin. This will let you undo this action in just a few minutes if it breaks your site’s theme or how it works.

Two plugins for WordPress that make your site mobile-friendly

Now that you know what WordPress plugins are and what they do, we’ll show you two of our top choices for making your site mobile-friendly.

  1. WPTouch

Your website needs a WordPress plugin that Google recommends. One of these plugins is WPTouch, which makes your WordPress site look good on any screen.

It doesn’t change your original WordPress desktop site or its content. Instead, it just makes it work better on different screens.

The people who made WPTouch made sure to follow Google’s suggestions for a good mobile user experience by adding the following:

When a user visits your WordPress site from a mobile phone or tablet, it will automatically switch to a mobile-friendly theme.

With the admin panel, you can change the mobile theme to fit your brand and how you like your pages to look. You can change the language, some of the colors, and some of the parts.

WPTouch is small and doesn’t slow down the performance of your WordPress site.

It’s easy to set up and doesn’t change how WordPress works.

What if you have pictures, infographics, and a lot of information that might not work well on a phone?

In that case, the WPTouch WordPress customizer lets you leave them out of the mobile version and add other pages instead. It also lets you change and control menus.

The free version only comes with one beautiful mobile theme and a few ways to customize it.

The premium version comes with extra features like:

More stylish themes for business and ecommerce sites.

Add-ons for display ads.

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Caching on mobile.

  1. JetPack

JetPack is a must-have if you want to cut down on the number of plugins on your site to make it run faster.

Jetpack is an all-in-one WordPress plugin with many features that improve the security of your WordPress site, help you market it better, give you SEO analytics, speed up your site, and give you powerful design tools.

Let’s look at it in more detail.

How fast and how well:

– CDN imaging for images and files that don’t change, like CSS and JavaScript.

– Load images only when they are needed. This will improve the user experience and make other content load faster.

– Hosting for videos with no ads, fast speeds, and no limits.

– Custom site search is more specific and helps users find what they’re looking for quickly.

Website safety:

– Backs up your WordPress site automatically, and you can store as much as you want.

You can move your site to a different hosting company without losing any content.

– Looks for codeware and malware and fixes it right away.

– Updates each plugin automatically and requires you to do less.

Growth and business:

– Useful stats and analytics for your WordPress site to learn more about your audience.

– Posts content to social media on its own.

– Worked with PayPal and Stripe to send and receive money.

Find good ads to put on your site to make money.

Powerful tool for design: You can quickly change the look of your site with tools that don’t require coding. There are tools for galleries, slideshows, related posts, contact forms, and slideshows.

Jetpack’s software is updated every month to make sure that its features work with other WordPress plugins.

JetPack has been downloaded more than 5 million times. It works with WP and PHP versions 5.6 and up and is available in more than 44 languages.

These were some great tips for improving your site through WordPress plugins that make it mobile-friendly!

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