The Best Laptop for Making Videos – All You Need to Know

I’ve been interested in video editing for a long time, but so far I’ve only used music to cut videos. When I bought metallurgy cameras, GoPros, drones, etc., I wanted to do it a little better because I thought the video was a way to show the trip as it was in its most natural state. It was hard, but it was also fun and rewarding. So here are my picks for what makes the best laptop possible to make videos and editing.

The Best Laptop for Making Videos - All You Need to Know

Using a laptop to make changes to a Premier video

For me, a common, the following conditions had to be met:

-You have to be pretty enough to make heads turn at the cafe.

-It should be thin and light so you can carry it around with ease.

Since you’re going to edit videos, it should have high specs.

-It must fit into the budget.

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Size and performance are inversely related, so the conclusion that the image can be rotated easily while being thin doesn’t mean anything. It’s similar to why we say it’s hard to go on a trip because there’s no money for students with time, no time for workers with money, and no retirement after retirement. There is nothing that is both thin and good, and if something is both, it will probably be expensive.

Pretty is a very subjective area, but thin and light + high specs + budget is a domain of numbers, so when I sell a little more and make it real, I need to meet these conditions. Specifications for a Video Editing Notebook: Things to think about when buying a laptop

Keomteo good guys, why it does explain how the mix of tough-talking,

As one that weighs 1kg less than the other, try every single door and carefully organize for those who don’t know even one computer, as I didn’t know only about the greater good capacity. With what I’ve learned, it’s easy to do just enough to buy a computer that I can understand.

*The specs of the notebook I bought are in the brackets.

Space for storage (256GB plus an extra 256GB): Bookcase

More books can be picked up if they are bigger.

There are HDDs and SSDs. HDDs are big and break easily if they aren’t turned off properly, but they are cheap. SSDs are very different, but instead of being expensive, they are small and stable. Since it affects how fast the computer starts up, you should switch to SSD if you live in 2018. The more space it has, the more comfortable it will be, but most people back up their photos and videos on external hard drives or in the cloud.

Using LG 2018 Gram to edit videos: CPU (8th generation i5-8550u, quad-core)

In charge. How many smart kids can help solve the problem?

In general, i7 is a high-spec processor for video games, i5 is a high-spec processor for the office, and i3 is a general-purpose processor. i3 will be great if all you do is surf the web and write your own words. Even if it’s the same i5, i7, it’s said to be better for a PC than a laptop, and the order of the letters at the end is K>HQ>U. U is a CPU made for thin laptops that uses less power. Many people thought that editing videos on low-power CPUs would be hard. Check how many generations of CPUs you have because the number of “cores” you can run on each generation varies. Based on low-power CPUs, it is said that it can run quad-core (4 cores) on i7 and i5 from 8th-generation CPUs that came out last fall. Dual-core processors up to the 7th generation (2).

People say that the quad-core 8th generation i5, which is better than the dual-core 7th generation i7. For instance, it means that four children with an IQ of 50 can work faster than two children with an IQ of 70. I think that doubling the number of cores is a big change, but I thought it was lucky that I was able to buy an 8th generation CPU with four cores by accident.

I tried to make it easy to understand, but when I wrote it down, it’s hard to understand. Can we just write how many CPU performances it has on a scale from 0 to 100?

RAM (8GB plus an additional 8GB): desk.

How many books can you open at the same time?

Some people edit a blog while posting a baseball broadcast and blogging with 15 internet windows open. These people need a big desk so they can open and read several books at once. 8GB is also not a big problem for image programs like Photoshop and Lightroom or for regular work, but I added 8GB to 16GB to be helpful.

Pictures (UHD620)

I don’t feel confident enough to explain what it is, but it is necessary when working with graphics (?). People say that it is often used in games and after effects and has external graphics. But when I was using Premiere, I didn’t think about it because it doesn’t have a big effect. Most likely, the graphics card I bought doesn’t make things look good. If you use the Apex heavy later, you may feel like you don’t have enough.

Monitor / Resolution (14 inch, FHD IPS)

The screen size of a portable laptop is usually between 13 and 15 inches, but it looks and feels different. Each person has different likes and dislikes. In the past, 15 inches felt like a big number, but now the basel (=border) is getting smaller. Even though it’s 15 inches, it seems smaller than it did before. I bought it when it was 14 inches because I wanted it to be easy to carry. If my memory is correct, FHD stands for Full High Definition, but the small pixels are 1920 (horizontal) * 1080. (vertical) It means the screen won’t come out. 1080p is the best quality you can see on YouTube.

I have no plans to edit 4K, so I thought this was fine. IPS and TN are on the panel. It’s said to be a modern panel with a good viewing angle that doesn’t get dark, and all of the laptops I’m thinking about have IPS panels.


It is also 14 inches long, but it is much thinner and lighter.

Other (1.1 lb, 72 Wh battery, supports USB PD charging)

The lighter the weight, the better, but I think it belongs to the lighter shaft if it weighs less than 1.3kg. When I lived in the same place five years ago, I said that a thin laptop that weighed less than 2 kg was easy to carry. It’s amazing how much technology has changed since then. The bigger the battery, the better, but the 72Wh battery has a large capacity and can be used for close to 30 hours.

In the ad for a Samsung laptop, I thought it would be nice to see the laptop turned on as a secondary battery. However, in general, the secondary battery is weak, so it can’t charge a normal laptop. Instead, it can be charged with USB PD (Power Delivery), so if you buy a slightly smaller USB PD adapter or a larger backup battery that supports USB PD, you can charge it as soon as possible.

As I wrote, I didn’t add many pictures, so the post turned into a lot of explanations. Anyway, when I learned about these conditions, I started with the minimum requirements, so I kept worrying about what I bought.

Top 5 – Best Laptops for Video Editing (2022)

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