The best places for charities for fundraising money online

There are a lot more online fundraising platforms for charities than ever before. This makes it easy for charities and their supporters to raise money quickly and effectively. But not all of them are free to use or as good for charities in terms of how much they cost.

The best places for charities for fundraising money online

Since its launch in 2001, JustGiving has helped raise more than £4 billion for charities. It was one of the first online fundraising sites. As of March 2019, the company stopped charging a 5% platform fee in favor of donors who give money voluntarily to help the platform run.

There are a lot of other platforms on the market, and each of them has different features and costs. Charities need to do their research and choose the best option for them. We hope this information helps.

We included some less well-known platforms on purpose to give a more complete picture of how online fundraising works. Most of the time, the alternative platforms take a much smaller cut of donations and don’t charge a subscription fee. They may also have different donation models and be used for different kinds of fundraising.

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  • BOPP

When BOPP comes out in the beginning of 2021, it will make it as easy as possible for charities to get payments right away, without chargebacks or card fees.

BOPP can be used without an app; all charities have to do is sign up on a monthly or “pay as you go” basis, make QR codes, and put them in places where their supporters can easily scan them, like on buckets, posters, and t-shirts. All the people who want to donate have to do is scan the QR code with their smart device, confirm the payment, and the process is done.

Charities that use BOPP can make as many QR codes as they want, and they can be all different sizes and shapes. Supporters can also donate by clicking on a remote payment link that can be sent to them by email or messenger.

BOPP is easy to put together and, most importantly, cheap. Organizations can get a 10% discount on BOPP’s monthly Value Bundle if they buy it through Charity Digital. This makes it £9 a month, with no fees on the first £5,000 raised.

After that, charities are charged up to 50p per transaction, which is the same as BOPP’s Pay As You Go rate. All prices exclude VAT.

  • Donate to CAF

CAF Donate is an online fundraising tool made by the registered charity Charities Aid Foundation (CAF). It helps more than 8,000 small and medium-sized UK charities raise £44 million in 2020 alone.

CAF Donate lets you create online donation forms and buttons that you can add to your website. This way, donors don’t have to go to a third-party platform to give money.

You can also set up regular donations through direct debit, process donations over the phone and through the mail, and choose CAF to claim Gift Aid on your behalf.

Before you can see detailed reports about your campaigns, donors, and donations, you’ll need to sign up for CAF’s free reporting tool, CAF Charity Dashboard.

They have a fee structure that is a little different from other platforms, and there are no monthly fees. Instead, they charge different fees for different kinds of donations.

The processing fee of 3.6% is only for one-time donations. For regular donations, the processing fee goes down to 2% (plus £1 to set up a new direct debit and £1.50 for a paper direct debit).

  • Crowdfunder

Crowdfunder has helped 267,000 projects raise more than £200 million. There are coaches on the platform to help fundraisers get as much money as possible, and there are no platform fees for charities. Gift aid is already built in, so charities can get a boost of up to 25% of their totals.

Fundraisers and charities can offer rewards to get people to donate, and they can also use Crowdfunder’s network of trusts and public bodies to get a variety of match-funding opportunities.

Crowdfunder’s reputation as a charity has grown over the past year, as they try to help all kinds of groups working to help the world recover after a pandemic. This includes their VaccinAid partnership with UNICEF UK to deliver COVID-19 vaccines around the world and their upcoming Nectar Donate partnership, which will let Nectar customers spend their points with charities for the first time.


Registered charity National Funding Scheme, which is known to the public as DONATETM, gives charitable organizations a variety of mobile and contactless fundraising tools to help them raise as much money as possible.

DONATETM, which came out in 2013, is an integrated platform that makes it easy and convenient for people to give through SMS text, contactless, and mobile web. There are also text-raffles and full charity auctions as part of the services. Because it is easy to use, case studies have shown that the amount raised went up by 17 times.

The DONATETM platform has many important benefits for charities, such as real-time integrated reporting across text, web, and contactless, case studies, fundraising advice and PR support, regular payments of donated funds to charities, and much more.

  • Donr

Donr is a text-based service for giving money that was made from the ground up to make it easy to raise money. The platform is proud of how simple and easy it is to use.

The service lets charities set their own custom keywords that supporters can text to a short code mobile phone number to make a quick and easy donation.

Users can sign up for Donr in minutes, use the Donr Dashboard to make a campaign, add keywords, and start raising money. That’s all there is to it!

Donr says it’s the only Text Giving provider that doesn’t charge for keywords.

  • Enthuse

Instead of being its own platform, Enthuse lets charities run their own fundraising platform on their website and set up branded fundraising pages with their own custom branding.

It lets charities set up branded fundraising pages through a variety of paid packages. This lets charities have a more direct relationship with their supporters, which the company says significantly increases the donations charities get.

For access to its online fundraising tools, Enthuse charges extra fees. These fees depend on whether you are setting up a hosted website or adding donations to your existing website. Donors can pay some of the transaction fee if they want to.

Through different paid packages, the platform lets charities set up fundraising pages that can be changed to fit their needs. Enthuse gives charities full control over how their fundraising pages look and feel, as well as custom data management, event fundraising management, customized corporate fundraising, and a community fundraising portal that is connected to everything else.

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