The Future and SEO: SEO’s growth, direction and pattern

I’d like to know who can give a clear explanation of how Baidu and Google work. SEO technology can only be learned through experience and actual battles, and finally, my own execution power comes up. Let’s dive in what the future brings to SEO, and it brings to us today.

The Future and SEO: SEO's growth, direction and pattern

When you took SEO training two or three years ago, it might have been mostly to learn skills. Search engine optimization is now done by teams instead of by individuals. These teams are getting better at what they do, and the status quo is always changing.

SEO services have changed, and there are more and more of them. For example, you can now get in-company training, post articles, and SEO analysis, among other things. Some teams and companies have split up because of these changes. The future SEO supervisor is one of the main talents because he or she will be able to work in more fields, divide tasks more precisely, and be strong in all areas.

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1. Why do we do SEO (present and future)

In a narrow sense, SEO is the sum of all the ways to promote using search engines. It is a group of methods.

SEO’s goal is to get as many high-quality clicks as possible from the search engine. There are two parts to this: the number of clicks and how good those clicks are.

There are different sub-methods in different areas, and sometimes they contradict each other. This means that it is hard to balance quality and quantity at the same time.

SEO can be used to promote almost any website, especially ones in gray and black markets that can’t be promoted through legal channels. Second, the three realms, which are the two ends of the SEO field.

In simple terms, the two ends of the SEO field are very white and very black. The very white end is a combination of the fields of website architecture, data analysis, and front-end optimization. The most important thing is to build the site with care.

The very dark end has to do with the hacker business, and the main idea is to take advantage of search engines’ flaws.

Most SEO professionals with a lot of experience are moving closer to the black end of the spectrum. This is because black hats are more realistic and get you closer to money, while SEO methods that search engines officially support are closer to the white end.

In the past, SEO has always been a part of the black world. In the beginning, search engines didn’t like SEO methods as much as they do now. As there are more and more implementers, the official has more and more SPAM data. Not paying much attention to this area at first, SEO implementers slowly started to take steps to move closer to the white field.

2. People who work in SEO:

In the world of SEO, there are three types of people: SEOers, search engines, and people who visit websites.

Search engines will always use website visitors as a way to get users to say deep things about God while pretending to do a good job on the website and forgetting that search engines exist. In fact, what it means is: do SEO gang locusts get rid of all quickly! I’ve done better without you in my life. If the so-called “God’s visitors” cared about how visitors felt, they would have taken down the criticized bidding promotion a long time ago.

The reason for this is that the search engine knows it has many rules that are hard to reach and hard to fix quickly, so it tries to confuse newcomers so they don’t DEBUG themselves. If you do, your life will keep getting worse and worse. Many people have tried this, but they haven’t even started learning, so they will give up on martial arts.

In terms of goals, each SEO implementer will serve the conversion rate. Since the conversion rate is mostly about giving visitors what they want, the ultimate goal of a serious SEO website is to help visitors, not hurt them.

But what is the conversion rate if no one visits the site? Because of this, you need to use the “black hat” method if you want to get traffic. But Black Hat is just a way to do things. It is not an end in itself. No one would think that the traffic from Nine Cows and Two Tigers’ hard work would just jump out of it without being converted. This SEOer is an idiot.

So, for visitors, there isn’t much difference between black hat and white hat.

If you click on an auction link, it takes you to a shopping site. If you click on a site group site, it takes you to Taobao. That is, means and effects are not the same.

Officials use sophistry a lot to try to change the results or just to confuse people.

So, people who call themselves SEOers say that they focus on website architecture and content construction, which is basically the same as denying that they have any value. Either it’s a low-level person who doesn’t know what SEO is, or it’s a seasoned conspirator with another plan.

If everyone did white hats, SEO wouldn’t be worth anything. What else do you have besides product manager, content builder, website editor, log analyst, data miner, website structure, architect/programmer, and SEOer? Or can it be boiled down to just an outside chain publisher?

The white-hat method focuses on fair competition, which seems to be more in line with moral rules. In many fields, this is true. Putting aside differences of opinion, everyone wants to be a good person and a saint who helps people and makes the world a better place. But the real world is so cruel all the time. If you do nothing when your front, back, left, right, up, and down are broken, people will step on you.

3. How SEO is doing right now

The current status of SEO is based on two facts about the business world: in the field of search engines, it’s hard to make a big change in a short amount of time; SEO is hard to kill off quickly.

There can’t be a breakthrough that changes everything. This sentence means that you will always have parasites on your body, no matter how you play on Baidu or Google. SEO needs to be able to parasitize or more advanced symbiosis without getting killed by antibiotics that kill people who cheat.

Search engine optimization will be around for a long time based on how the Internet works now. So, SEO can always play the role of a parasite, even if multiple antibiotics are used together. As long as they are persistent and have enough interest support, they can always survive in a tough environment.

Where do SEO’s advantages come from? SEO’s main source of power comes from the dark side of human nature, which gives rise to a wide range of black and gray markets. Look more closely at the most popular SEO areas, private servers, fake cards, etc. Isn’t that right?

So, SEO won’t go away as long as people are greedy. Even if the search engine goes away, SEO will still be around in some other way for a long time.

SEO comes with the search engine and grows with the search engine. SEO won’t go away as long as there are search engines, so the outlook for SEO is good. I think that the way SEO is going to change is to help search engines solve problems for users.

4. The direction and future of SEO strategy’s growth

With the growth of the Internet and the constant improvement and updating of search engine technology, we need to know where SEO is going in the future. This is important for our SEO work in the future. Let’s talk about the future of SEO!

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