The top free landscape design software for architects and designers

Imagination enables us to visualize objects. When describing a landscape design to a customer, you must go beyond words to convey your mental images. Your clients must be able to see how their garden will look once your plan has been implemented. For that, we picked some free design software of landscape to aide every need of a professional architect.

The top free landscape design software for architects and designers

Numerous landscape architects and designers use landscape design software to convert 2D drawings into 3D views, thereby enabling their clients to visualize proposed design changes. This type of software also encourages client participation. Start with the free edition or free trials to evaluate your specific demands and see how the software can help the expansion of your business.

Landscape design solutions anticipate expenses, digitize blueprints, and interact with other computer-aided design (CAD) tools, whether you are a do-it-yourself (DIY) homeowner looking to restore your backyard or a professional landscape architect.

In addition, free landscape design tools provide comparable, albeit far more limited, capability to professional landscape design software. Access to a library or database of materials, hardscapes, and plants is an excellent element of both the free and paid versions.

Several of the free landscape design programs included in the following list also provide access to materials, manufacturers, and a network of landscapers and contractors.

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Best free software for landscape design

Landscape design software facilitates landscape architects’ and designers’ processes. It decreases the amount of time required assessing locations, writing architectural designs, and cooperating with the appropriate partners. This software provides a variety of strategies for home, public, and commercial lawn care, gardening, and tree maintenance.

The most advanced landscape design software incorporates CAD, simulation, and drone mapping tools. Integrations with third-party accounting and customer relationship management (CRM) applications are also supported.

The list below contains real user ratings within the category of best landscape design software. In the context of this list, free trial-offering providers are also regarded to be free.

To be included in the list of landscape design software, a product must:

  • Permit users to edit and share design templates and visualizations.
  • Create estimates and bids for designs and services
  • Provide a database of existing or uploaded photos with a drag-and-drop interface.
  • Maintain a record of the time, materials, and costs for each job or work order.
  • Provide field staff with mobile applications or mobile-friendly versions of the software.
  • Integrate with CRM, accounting, building design and building information modeling software (BIM)

Land F/X

Land F/X is an AutoCAD add-on that enables landscape architects and designers to create irrigation designs with a comprehensive plant library and document management and personalization options. Its detail management system keeps CAD data consistent and structured, making it easy to create, save, call out, and edit drawings.

What users like:

“Land F/X is an important addition to AutoCAD for landscape architects and designers. I use irrigation tools to construct irrigation designs and confirm that a plan’s water coverage is adequate. Integration between Land F/X and CAD is seamless, and great progress has been achieved in this area over the past few years.

In addition, the plant library is comprehensive, and the tool makes it simple to track quantities of plant types, even for extremely big projects. The majority of my classmates appear to utilize the application solely for this function, and it performs this task really effectively. I also love the available fast tutorials on the Land F/X website. Their assistance and instruction are superb and greatly appreciated.”

What users dislike:

“When plants are labeled, Land F/X disables Ortho mode. Sometimes, while labeling a bunch of plants, not all of them are captured.


Plan-a-Garden makes visual and structural layouts for your garden. Its drag-and-drop interface enables you to select plants and add them to your design so you can observe how their forms and hues interact. The tool allows you to experiment with numerous landscaping trees, shrubs, and perennials. You can also filter by plant kind, size, and light requirements.

What users like:

“The texture tool in Plan-a-Garden is my favorite feature. If you want to test the appearance and feel of redesigning a garden or outdoor space, bricks, paths, and other ground textures are essential.

What users dislike:

“Sometimes the graphics are excessive. Other than that, I have no complaints.”


LMN enhances productivity and revenues through efficient task planning, time management, and job costing features. Using the detailed processes and procedures provided in their training materials, designers may automate the entire landscape business.

The free edition of LMN includes tools such as budgeting, customer relationship management, time monitoring, and estimating.

What users like:

“LMN can provide a high level of granularity for your estimation, progress tracking, and scheduling needs. The more information you provide, the more specific your results will be.

What users dislike:

“Few reports exist. Communication with clients is neither user-friendly nor comprehensive.

RealTime Landscape Design

RealTime Landscaping by Idea Spectrum provides 2D and 3D design tools to assist landscape architects in visualizing their concepts. Users may build stunning presentations and movies using design tools that are both sophisticated and simple to use. RealTime Landscaping is available as a free trial edition from Idea Spectrum.

What users like:

“The software allows me to customize my home according to my preferences. There is no reason to pay the designers for a design that may differ from the one in my head. Since I am not a designer by trade, the most crucial aspect is the simplicity of usage. Using this software, though, I may create my home and garden in the community.”

What users dislike:

Some tools are unavailable based on whether you have the standard or the professional edition of the software.

PRO Landscape

PRO Landscape design software equips architects with picture imaging, CAD, 3D rendering, and customer proposal drafting tools to meet the needs of landscape design projects.

Its free version, PRO Landscape Home, has the same functionality as the commercial version, excluding the ability to edit hardscapes or produce 3D files and customer proposals.

What users enjoy:

“Program that is both PC and mobile application compatible and simple to use. It is simple to make on-the-spot design modifications with the client.”

What users dislike:

“I’m still learning the application, although a couple tutorials are unclear.”


VizTerra by Structure Studios provides a streamlined interface and easy tools for designing 2D and 3D landscapes. The program streamlines processes and makes it simple to develop anything with only a few clicks. Simply drag & drop plants, trees, materials, and furnishings from its intelligent catalog.

This landscape design program comes with a free trial edition for customers to evaluate.

What users like:

“It is difficult to highlight a single exceptional feature. I utilized its 3D rendering capabilities to complete the task. The pricing is reasonably priced, and startups can afford it.”

What users dislike:

“Nothing. The software is excellent, and we have encountered no troubles. Everyone at structure studios, from their training instructors to their support team, is really helpful.”

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