Top WordPress Plugins 2022 – 11 Option for Every Website in 2022

There’s a good chance you’ve heard the saying ‘ there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch’. Here you can find 11 Top WordPress Plugins 2022. However no matter how much I enjoy reading Heinlein and all that, within the realm of WordPress there’s actually a free lunch!

If you look hard enough there are a myriad of absolutely free WordPress plugins that provide many useful functions to your WordPress website. These plugins will help you write better content, promote your website better and ensure that it loads fast and running seamlessly… All without having to pay any money.

To pay tribute to the kind creators of these pluginsand to aid you find the best free WordPress plugins to help your website We’ve compiled what we believe to be the most popular free WordPress plugins available Based on personal experience as well as reviews of users and their popularity on

The plugins we’ll break down into 4 broad classes. These plugins are ideal for:

  • producing content of all kinds (everything that is simple form to eCommerce capabilities)
  •  Marketing and SEO
  •  performance, security and maintenance
  • experienced users that enjoy playing around with.

If you’re a regular user or enjoys playing in custom post type fields or custom fields, you’ll look for some free alternatives in this list.

Let’s get started…
Top WordPress Plugins 2022.

The Best WordPress Plugins Free to create content of all Sorts

If you’re looking to build an contact form, create beautiful websites or even add eCommerce capabilities to your WordPress website The plugins listed below can help.


Top 11 Free WordPress Plugins for Every Website in 2022

Every website should have contact pages, and with regards to Contact forms (or other kinds of form), Ninja Forms is among the top free options you’ll come across. That’s likely why it’s available for use on over a million sites.

It has a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface and AJAX form submission, so that users can fill out a form without having to reload the page.

If you do are feeling a bit restricted with the (generous) core version that is free it is possible to upgrade for additional features with Ninja Forms’ huge library of premium extensions.

WordPress is another excellent form-making tool that is completely freeIt’s all dependent on the interface you prefer. I personally like Ninja Forms’ interface a smaller amount and that’s why I’ve decided to include it.


Top 11 Free WordPress Plugins for Every Website in 2022

Elementor is an interface that is a front-end drag-and-drop builder for pages. This allows you to create complex-looking websites without having to be able to write the smallest bit of code.

In essence, it allows web design to everyone.

Although Elementor just launched in the year 2016 it’s already expanded to the point that it’s active on over five million websites. In addition, it has also kept an average 4.8-star score on over five-seventy reviews.


Top 11 Free WordPress Plugins for Every Website in 2022
Free Download WooCommerce Smart Cupons 4.36.0 Premium

If you’re looking to set up an eCommerce store using WordPress, WooCommerce is the ideal way to go about it. If you’re looking to build the first eCommerce store for a period of time, WooCommerce is the method to go about it. Based on BuiltWith the free plugin can power more than 28 percent of all eCommerce sites, and is more well-known than Shopify.

It’s present on over five million websites, boasts a an average 4.5-star review rating on over 3700 reviews and, most important, it simply works.

Take a look at some of these examples from WooCommerce stores..


Top 11 Free WordPress Plugins for Every Website in 2022

TablePress is one of the best scores I’ve ever seen for an WordPress plugin:

It is an five-star perfect rating with 4114+ votes on

As an individual who has used this plugin a lot and I’m able to say that it’s worthy of every one of the 5-star reviews.

If you require any kind or Table on your WordPress website, TablePress can handle it.

It provides a basic interface that resembles Excel right from the WordPress dashboard. It lets you import information directly from Excel and Google Sheets, use any kind of media within the table and expand the functionality with a variety of add-ons for free.

The Best Free WordPress plugins for Marketing and SEO

You may be marketing by ranking your website in Google’s SERPs, or expanding your email list These free plugins can assist in moving the needle for advertising efforts. Top WordPress Plugins 2022.


Top 11 Free WordPress Plugins for Every Website in 2022
Yoast SEO Premium v17.9 Premium WordPress Plugin Latest Version Free Download

It is active on more than five million websites and boasting a staggering 4.8-star rating on over 27,000 reviews Yoast SEO is the official SEO plugin on the majority of WordPress websites — WinningWP is also included.

This free tool can manage every aspect of your website’s SEO on-page including managing your meta description to printing XML sitemaps. Additionally, it will even assist you to evaluate your content for SEO improvement and accessibility.

Overall there’s a reason Yoast SEO is among the most well-known WordPress plugins currently available.

The best free WordPress plugins for performance Safety, Security, and Maintenance

The back-end management of your site isn’t glamorous however, the plugins that are free that are listed in this section could be the most crucial of the list. They’ll speed up your website as well as secure it and keep everything moving along. Top WordPress Plugins 2022.


Top 11 Free WordPress Plugins for Every Website in 2022

It is active on over four million websites, Wordfence is the most well-known WordPress Security plugin. It is able to implement the majority of the necessary WordPress security measures in a single package which includes:

  • a firewall
  • malware scans
  • login hardening.

While there’s an upgraded version but Wordfence’s free version is an excellent choice for the majority of websites. That’s why Wordfence is rated an average 4.7-star score from more than 3600 reviews.

The primary difference between the free and one that is paid lets you wait for 30 days before you can refresh the malware and firewall threats, whereas the paid version receives immediate updates.


Top 11 Free WordPress Plugins for Every Website in 2022

It’s absolutely essential that you back up your WordPress site, so, if anything ever goes wrong, you have a working copy just in case.

There are some fantastic premium backup options, such as VaultPress However, when it is time to use free backup plugins there is nothing better than UpdraftPlus.

The plugin is free and comes with an 4.8-star reviewon greater than 4900 user reviews and is currently active on more than 3 million websites.

It allows you to backup your site manually or automatically your site in just one mouse click. You can also set it up to automatically UpdraftPlus keep your backups on cloud-based services like DropboxGoogle Drive and Amazon S3.

If you’re ever required to repair your website, UpdraftPlus lets you do it with just one click.


Top 11 Free WordPress Plugins for Every Website in 2022

Smush is a different free plugin which can boost your website’s performance, this time, it does so by automating compression and scalingthe images that you upload to your WordPress website.

Smush employs the loss-free compression, meaning that your photos won’t lose quality, they’ll have a smaller size!

It allows you to optimize unlimited images for no cost (with five megabytes of max file size per image) It is also user-friendly and that’s why it is rated with received a 4.8-star rating on more than 5500 reviews and is available in over a million web sites.

The Top Free WordPress plugins for advanced users That Love playing with a tinker

If the addition of code snippets and custom post types are the ideal way to spend a great Saturday night (or in the case of an experienced user) These plugins can help you out without spending a dime. Top WordPress Plugins 2022.


Advanced Custom Fields can make your WordPress website more adaptable. Like the name implies it can do this by allowing users to add a range of custom fields to your WordPress website.

It is possible to use these fields in custom settings to do… The answer is it’s pretty much anything! This is why this plugin is hugely popular among developers and boasts received a 4.9-star rating on over 1,100 reviews on

If you’ve ever felt a little restricted by the default WordPress Editor, you can make use of Advanced Custom Fields to create an enhanced editor with fields that can make your life simpler and increase the efficiency of your work.

You’ll need to be somewhat tech-savvy to use the plugin, however it’s not necessary to be a developer in order to utilize it. I’m not and still enjoy it!


Code Snippets greatly simplify using functions.php code Snippets can be used by two methods:

  • It allows you to include each code snippet in a separate way by using a unique title. You can also deactivate or activate the individual snippets and make it simpler to keep track of your data.
  • Your code snippets will be on your website regardless of the theme you choose.

This is the reason it is awarded an 4.7-star ranking on and is present across 400,000+ websites.

11. HEAD, FOOTER and POST INJECTIONS                           

Head Post Injections, Footer and Head is based on the same basis similar to Code Snippets — but instead of assisting you to include code in the functions.php file, it assists you in adding code snippets to:

  • Header
  • footer
  • Content posted to the blog.

This is logical given the name It’s logical, isn’t it?

This feature actually offers many advantages. You can:

  • include tracking scripts, like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel and any other JavaScript code that must be included in your Section
  • Inject ads or other content over or beneath the content of your blog post.

The plugin also lets you inject code based on whether a user is using a computer and mobile.

Each of these features explains the reason Head, Footer and Post Injections are awarded and has a five-star rating that is perfect in more than 600 user reviews on and is currently active on over 300,000+ websites.

Which are your favorite free WordPress plugins?

There you go! Top WordPress Plugins 2022 Based on my personal experience, and the numerous reviewers on These are the 11 of the best and most useful and most popular Free WordPress plugins.

Are you using any of these? Did we miss any? Thoughts?

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