Ways to Make Money – Top 2 Online Income Sources

Well, I have good news: it is not that difficult, and there are numerous ways to make money through the internet. The reality is that not all of them are suitable for all projects and all niches.

Ways to Make Money - Top 2 Online Income Sources

In this essay, I will therefore summarize the formulas that, in my opinion, are the most significant.

After reading this article, you should have a comprehensive understanding of how each one operates, as well as when it will work effectively and when it will not.

In addition, I will provide you with references to other readings that delve deeper into the formulas that most intrigue you.

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Earn money with YouTube

YouTube is an excellent alternative for beginning internet job. Additionally, it appears to be the most cost-effective alternative because creating a channel and getting started is so simple and quick. Also, it appears to be the most cost-effective choice because creating a channel and making videos is so simple and quick.

Tutorial on how to build a YouTube channel

Creating a YouTube channel is now incredibly simple. Even making it “beautiful” is simpler than you may believe. Here, I demonstrate everything from the ground up.

Many affiliates make money on YouTube through advertisements. However, this is only one of the formulas, and it is among the poorest. Discover superior alternatives here.

Moreover, YouTube has a tremendous audience potential. It is evident in the established YouTubers: even in Spanish, there are already several with more than one hundred thousand followers and hundreds of millions of video copies.

We are discussing channels whose videos have millions of views per month. As you can expect, the economic figures they oversee are also significant given these numbers. The greatest disadvantage I perceive is being on multiple platforms (Google in this case). One of the most significant repercussions of this is that Google, not you, has control over your subscriptions.

This, on the one hand, restricts your marketing efforts (you cannot contact them via email, for instance), but it also poses a strategic danger for your firm. Closing your account, for instance, would result in the immediate loss of all your subscribers; you would have “disappeared” from the Internet overnight. Without reaching these extremes, platforms are modifying their terms for creators; these modifications will not always be in your best interests (reduction of the organic scope, for example).

Earn money using a blog

A blog is another good choice for developing a website that generates revenue.

You can also use a platform (Blogger, WordPress.com, Squarespace, etc.) or establish your own platform, which requires hosting and WordPress.

blogger WordPress variations in header

Which is best for you: WordPress or Blogger (Blogspot)?

WordPress and Blogger remain the two most popular platforms for building blogs and websites in general. Which one do you prefer?

how to establish a blog

How to build a blog – an incredibly simple step-by-step method

This guide makes the process very straightforward. How to develop quality content, position your website, monetise your blog, and a great deal more…

Extremely common is the disjunctive blog versus YouTube channel. In addition to my recommendations on what to do, I wish to highlight at least the following crucial considerations:

Video vs. text:

There are individuals who are more adept at writing than video production, and vice versa. Overcome everyone’s first awkwardness with the video and test both mediums to determine which is most effective for you.

This is also a fairly general remark, but the tens of millions of reproductions that many YouTube channels have achieved in a few years are practically hard to obtain with a blog.

However, it is far more difficult to generate clicks in the video medium (which is the mainstay of income in almost all formulas). In the written text, the click is more natural because the link is present; in the video, the user must be prompted to take action. This demands you to urge him significantly more so that he doesn’t forget at the conclusion of the film.

If you decide to use YouTube, you should also develop a blog. If you decide to use YouTube, you should also create a blog where you publish your videos and collect email subscribers. Therefore, you will become independent from YouTube, and you will own your subscribers. You might also consider outsourcing the transcription of your movies to blog posts in order to get visitors from that angle.

It is also essential to stress that a blog and a YouTube channel properly complement one another.

How much money can a website generate?

As you might guess, the income potential of a website is enormous. If you make a mistake, start from fresh and go as far as the cases of “solopreneurs” (solo entrepreneurs) who became billionaires.

Cases of millionaire solopreneurs in the United States, such Tim Ferris, John Lee Dumas, and Lewis Howes, and analogous cases in Spain, including Euge Oller and Isasasweis, are not the consequence of luck. They demonstrate that the Internet has the ability to generate enormously lucrative enterprises on an individual basis.

We must, of course, maintain a realistic viewpoint, as few people will reach the same level as the protagonists in these examples.

What then would be a reasonable compromise?

The “Bloggerview” interviews of “regular” websites that we have conducted here at Citizen 2.0, with subscribers to our blog (members of the “VIP Zone”) like you and me, serve as an excellent reference point.

These stories range from minor “side ventures” (little part-time projects) that create a few hundred euros per month to projects that became professions, such as Revolutionary Fitness by Marcos Vázquez, with an annual revenue in the six figures.

What form of website generates the most income?

If you want for your project to be an online business, the obvious issue is which sort of website is the most effective at generating revenue.

It is a very difficult question… I would go so far as to suggest that there is no answer, as there are many more weight variables than the web itself. But there are still many ways to make money!

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