Ways to Rank a Website on the Front Page of Google

These are a few tips that you’ll get you to rank your website page to the front of google researches.

Ways To Rank A Website On Google's Front Page

Pictures are a distinct Google search channel, the results of which can be viewed on the main page for a variety of queries: grocery, personal, medical, in short, any that imply the possibility of illustration. The images then form a unique element.

If you click the block’s title, you will be transported to the main page for image distribution. If you click on any image, it will appear in a larger size with a link to the website where it was uploaded.

You can only enter the Picture special element after entering the image output – that is, in accordance with all optimization requirements, with the correct alt tags, title, size, and CNC. A short while ago, we penned a comprehensive guide to picture optimization in which everything is discussed in depth.

Google adds an image to the Block with the answer for some queries, with the text in the Block coming from one website and the image from another. For example, similar to this The image that appears in the Featured Snippet typically ranks #1 in image searches and has been carefully optimized for the query. According to the same system, the response block may contain a video.

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The Video special element appends a thumbnail of the video to the result snippet. These are typically results from YouTube and Vimeo, which are huge video hosting websites.

These results include the video’s title, duration, description, download date, and, most significantly, the name of the user who downloaded it. Therefore, it is preferable to build a business profile on a video storage site as opposed to posting branded videos from a personal account.

Moreover, the movies must be appropriately suited for the request in order to appear as a particular element (title, meta description, tags, adequate frame in the preview). And remember to provide a link to your website in the description. The first page of Google’s search results is no longer a list of irrelevant links. This is a canvas of various search features aimed to make the results page as useful as possible while making the life of the optimizer more difficult.

Not only are SERP elements referred to as individual blocks (such as cards or images), but also as various icons (for example, AMP lightning or rating stars). All of these can effect CTR and traffic, thus it’s crucial to keep track of which special aspects and at what request Google tagged your website.

In SE Ranking’s Positions tool, there is a module that enables you to monitor which special blocks are displayed for requests that are significant to you and whether your site is included in these blocks. The system displays information on 16 distinct elements. We shall list the involved components in order.

This section presents the text fragment that, according to the search engine, responds to a query most simply. In addition, there is a clickable title and URL of the page from which the excerpt was extracted. The chunk of information may be accompanied with images or videos.

Google Updates:

Previously, it was possible to concurrently enter the block and view 10 conventional results (as in the screenshot above). Google decided in January 2020 to delete the double link from the issuance. Now, the position of the block containing the answer is not zero, but rather one. And a site cannot appear twice: either in a block with an answer or as a standard link.

The openability of links in the Featured Snippet is greater than that of other links on the results page; therefore, getting into this block is a crucial SEO effort. Google argues that there is no way to mark the desired content for this block. Nevertheless, you can indirectly influence the selection of a search engine:

Display the page in the TOP search results, as pages from the top ten are most frequently shown in the answer block.
Formulate concise, product-related questions to which you may provide an organized response.

For instance:

  • Methods for collecting mercury
  • What is color category?
  • How Bitcoin Functions
  • How to remove an iPhone’s SIM card

What is context-based marketing?

Optimize the page’s content for this specific request. Add a key phrase to the headings and, in addition to the lengthy response to the question, compose a paragraph with a brief, structured response (54-58 words for the English language, 40-50 for the Russian language). To answer a question, begin the paragraph with the explanation of the term (“X is…”) if the inquiry is similar to “what is X?” For queries featuring such instructions, Google only displays headers (h2-h4) in Featured Snippets with step-by-step instructions.

Add microcheck Schema.org

Schema.org is a database of semantic markup. It can be used to designate various components of content, enabling search robots to better comprehend their structure and purpose: what item it is about (itemscope), what category it belongs to (itemtype), what qualities are described (itemprop), etc.

In addition to the map and address beacons, the block includes a list of one to three results. This list includes the company’s name, rating, address, phone number, business hours, and a link to its website.

If you own a local business, you should add it on Google Maps immediately. Local Pack promotes focused traffic, and even if your site is not at the top of the search results, but is featured in a map block, people can find it on the first page of the search results. To help users locate your business in the map-enabled block, do the following:

Create an account with Google My Business

Choose a category (it is preferable to stick to one) to which your business belongs.

Create a descriptive account of your firm.

Include a link to your website.

Ensure you type the correct information (phone, address, schedule).

Work on the rating – amass good testimonials for your product or service.

top stories

Top Stories / Top Stories

Google News is a distinct feed whose results can also be presented in SERP. The block containing the most important news may have a horizontal arrangement without photos or be in the form of image-containing cards.

This block’s selection method is extremely stringent, and only news resources have a chance of being included. There will be no room for e-commerce blog sites, but online media that provides original news content will be permitted.

If you have an online newsletter, you must submit an application for Google News inclusion. Google has created a criterion for both content and technical parameters for sites who wish to be included in the News section. Here, you can study them.

Top Stories can be viewed both by trending news queries, such as “Telegram malfunction” or “Facebook user data leaked,” and by product, as shown in the screenshots above.

Site Links:

In some instances, Google considers that extra connections to the website may assist the user in resolving his query more quickly, thus he includes the Site Links block in the search results.

This block enhances the typical snippet with additional links to specific areas or pages of the site, helping the user to quickly locate the desired information. This particular item is typically displayed in response to a brand or domain search, but Google does not offer clear instructions on how to add such an item to its search results. Hope you enjoyed these suggestions about how to rank your website in the front page of Google!

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