What a Twitter power user is and how to become one

More than 192 million people use Twitter every day, and that number is expected to keep going up in the years to come. Even if you tweet a lot, the fact that Twitter has millions of users doesn’t mean that you’ll become a power user or get thousands of followers.

What a Twitter power user is and how to become one

It’s easier to say than to do: getting followers and engagement on Twitter. Even when you try your hardest, it can feel like you’re yelling into nothing. Still, the good news is that it is possible to get more followers on Twitter and become a power user.

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In this article, we’ll talk about what makes Twitter power users different from everyone else and how you can become one too.

A “power user” is someone who knows a lot about the rare or advanced features of an app, system, or other tool.

People who spend a lot of time using a system, app, or tool are also called power users. And because they are almost obsessed with the device, app, or system, they know it better than people who just use it occasionally.

What is a Power User on Twitter?

A Twitter power user is someone who uses Twitter a lot and tweets at least several times a day. Power users are important to Twitter because their tweets are what bring in new users and other power users.

According to research done by the Pew Research Center, only 10% of Twitter users are “Power users,” and about 80% of all tweets come from this small group.

People also call them “SuperTweeters.” Power users don’t have to stick to only a few tweets. Instead, they have tens of thousands or even more Tweets.

This number isn’t too big of a surprise when you think that most of them have had Twitter accounts since the beginning. Since they’ve been around for a long time and have been very busy, it makes sense that they have a lot of tweets.

For instance, Naval is a very popular Twitter user with more than 200,000 tweets.

Even though they may look alike, most celebrities are not power users.

For example, pop star Taylor Swift has more than 90 million fans, but she has only sent out about 700 tweets since 2008. So her account is definitely not a power user account.

On the other hand, power users might not be well-known people or brands right away, but they use Twitter so well that their accounts have grown to a huge size over time.

How do you know if you’re a Twitter power user?

So, what sets power users of Twitter apart from other Twitter users? Here are five things that make them different than other users.

  1. They tweet more than once a day.

The power user doesn’t just look at Twitter for fun. Instead of just sitting back and reading other people’s tweets, they use the app themselves, which shows in how many tweets they post every day and over time. Also, most of their tweets get a lot of retweets and replies, which is a great sign of engagement.

  1. They have a lot of people who follow them.

Power users also have a lot of people who want to be like them. We’re talking about accounts that have tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of followers, and some even have millions of followers.

  1. They fill a certain need.

Twitter power users rarely talk about many different things. Most of the time, they only talk about a small area of business, tech, politics, or marketing.

  1. They probably have a website or blog.

Power users often have a lot of fans because they are well-known in other areas. Several of them usually have a website or blog where they write more about what they say on Twitter.

  1. They can use features that no one else can.

Since Twitter Blue came out, one thing that many power users have in common is that they can use special features like folders for bookmarks, custom icons, and more.

Examples of Power Users on Twitter

Here are some of the most powerful people on Twitter:

  1. Elon Musk (@elonmusk)

Is there anyone in business who is more powerful than Elon Musk right now? We don’t agree. Even though some people like him and others don’t, his tweets move markets and get people talking. Because of this, he is without a doubt a power user.

  1. SlimJim (@SlimJim)

The American snack brand’s official Twitter account is a power user.

Even though it is a business account, it is personal and calls itself “the CEO of follow backs.” It’s not hard to find a Slim Jim tweet that has been turned into a meme, like this one.

  1. Robert Scoble (@scobleizer)

This is one of the app’s most well-known power users. He tweets a lot about technology, and his account makes use of some of Twitter’s newest and best features.

  1. Guy Kawaski (@GuyKawaski)

Guy Kawaski is also a person who uses power. He has written several books that have sold a lot of copies, and he shares useful information about economics, technology, and business.

  1. Fabrizio Romano (@FabrizioRomano)

Fabrizio is one of the most well-known sports reporters in the world, and he is a power user of Twitter. He tweets more than once in an hour, and as soon as he posts, he gets thousands of likes and retweets.

  1. Chris Brogan (@chrisbrogan)

Chris is one of the most well-known experts on social media because he shares a lot of information about it every day. Like the other Twitter power users on this list, he tweets several times a day, giving his followers information that either makes them laugh or teaches them something.

How to Start Using Twitter

You can also become an expert Twitter user. Even if you don’t get millions of followers, you can still reach and interact with a lot more people.

Here are some things you can do to help.

  1. Tweet at the right times.

One of the most important parts of becoming a Twitter power user is tweeting at the right time. This tip is in almost every post about how to improve your Twitter presence, and for good reason.

So, you need to find the best time when your followers will be free enough to interact with your tweets. Each audience has different peak times, so it’s up to you to figure out when your audience is most active.

By keeping track of when your followers interact with your posts, Twitter analytics tools can help you figure out when this time is.

  1. Focus on people who use mobile devices.

Mobile is king when it comes to Twitter. Since most people use the app on their phones, you should focus on making it appealing to this group. Twitter does a great job of making sure your tweets work well on mobile devices, but if you want to be a power user, you have to go above and beyond what Twitter offers to give your audience the best experience.

Use images that are clear on mobile is one thing you could do. Also, if you link to your website or blog, make sure it’s set up for mobile users.

  1. Don’t wait for users to interact; ask them to.

Ask, and you shall receive, which is what happens with Twitter. So, if you want people to like, retweet, or reply to your tweets, all you have to do is ask them to.

Tweets that say “please retweet,” “like this,” or “reply to this” are more likely to get a lot of attention than tweets that don’t say those things.

But you should make sure to give something of value in return. This doesn’t mean that you should start a chain of likes or retweets. Instead, it’s important to provide useful information or content that people will want to share and retweet.

  1. Use words that tell you what to do.

People are more likely to do something you ask them to do, so use “action words” in your tweets.

People are more likely to read your tweets and do what you want them to do if you ask them to do something in a subtle or even direct way. Keep in mind that this method works best if you give your followers something of value.

Slim Jim is a great example of a powerful person who uses this method. See how it asks people who follow it to answer this tweet? You can do so too.

This is where you can start to become a Twitter power user.

We think this is a great place to start for anyone who wants to become an expert Twitter user. Even though there’s a lot more to Twitter than these tips, following them will help you get more people to interact with your account. Don’t forget that the goal isn’t to get a million followers. The goal is to make content that is so good that other users can’t help but retweet it. This will help you become a power user.

How to Become a Twitter Power User

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