Why WordPress is the best content management system for SEO

If you are looking for the best CMS that is also good for SEO, look no further: with WordPress, you have full control over your content, from the keywords you use to how it looks.

Why WordPress is the best content management system for SEO

Since it first came out in 2003, WordPress has only grown.

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In fact, it runs 34% of the web right now.

WordPress 5.3, which will come out on November 12, 2019, has already been downloaded 8,088,611 times!

So, why is WordPress so popular?

There are a lot of. But there’s one that stands out to you as a marketer:

For SEO, WordPress is the best CMS.

Here are 10 good ones.

  1. WordPress puts user experience first

Themes and plugins for WordPress work together to make websites look professional, easy to use, and appealing.

What happened?

When people visit a WordPress site, they like what they see and do there.

They stay longer, which makes it less likely that people will leave your site.

This is great news for you if you want to improve your site’s SEO ranking. Google wants to give more credit to websites that are easy to use.

  1. WordPress lets you make permalinks that look good.

The permalink of your website is easy to change on WordPress.

Instead of a URL full of ugly characters, you get something like this:

The great thing about being able to change the permalink of your article is that you can put your keyword into the URL.

This means that your permalink is not only pretty and useful, but it can also help your search rank.

  1. WordPress Makes Metadata Easy to Manage

SEO titles and metadata help search engines figure out why your site is relevant.

Metadata tells search engine crawlers what your pages are about and helps them understand them.

When you add relevant keywords to your metadata, your site is more likely to rank for those keywords.

So how does WordPress help with metadata?

You can get a plugin like Yoast SEO if you use WordPress. With this plugin, you can quickly add metadata to all of your posts.

  1. It is easy to make images SEO-friendly on WordPress

Your blog posts can’t work without pictures. If you use one or two of them at the right time, they can break up your blog into sections that are interesting and easy to read.

But pictures do more than just help readers get to the heart of your writing.

They can also help you with SEO, especially if you use WordPress.

Here are three ways WordPress can optimize your images for better SEO ranking:

You can add “alternative text” to each image you use in WordPress. This means you can put your keywords in the image descriptions, where search engine crawlers will see them.

You can use a plugin in WordPress to make alt text for your images automatically.

You can change the size of your images so they don’t slow down the speed at which your page loads.

  1. WordPress sites don’t make people angry by taking too long to load.

Google uses page speed as a ranking factor in mobile search results. So if your site is slow, it will not only make people angry, but it will also drop you down Google’s SERPs.

The good news is that WordPress has great plugins that can help speed up a site.

ShortPixel Image Optimizer is just one example. This plugin reduces the size of your PDF files and images so that your site loads faster.

WPOptimize is another great plugin for speeding up a site. This plugin saves a copy of your site in a cache, clears your database, and makes your images smaller so they load faster.

  1. WordPress is set up to work well on mobile devices

In the past few years, mobile use has grown quickly. Look at the chart below from BroadbandSearch.

As you can see, mobile traffic has increased by 222% in the last five years.

If you’re a marketer trying to make a name for yourself online, this means that your website needs to be mobile-friendly.

The good news is that if your site is powered by WordPress, you don’t have to do anything else to make it accessible on mobile devices.

Why? Most WordPress themes work well on mobile devices already.

  1. WordPress makes it easy to connect your campaign to social media.

Social media is huge now, and it’s one of the best ways to get your brand out there.

Also, if your social media campaign goes well, it will indirectly help your SEO rank.

Check out this LYFE Marketing cycle to see how it works.

What this means for you as a marketer is that your online marketing campaign should include social media.

And WordPress can help you do this.

On WordPress, you can add customized social media buttons to your blog to make it easier for readers to share your posts.

Your site can have a feed from social media.

You can even automate your social media campaigns!

  1. WordPress has great plug-ins that are made just for SEO.

When you use WordPress, it’s easy to get your site to rank higher. You just need to add the right plugins.

Here are three of the best WordPress SEO plugins.

Yoast Search Engine Optimization

Yoast SEO has been downloaded millions of times all over the world because it makes website optimization easy for even people who don’t know much about technology.

So, what does Yoast SEO do for you?

It helps you find the best way to use your focus keyword in the content you write.

It helps you make content that both people and search engine spiders can understand.

It has templates for SEO title and meta description.

Yoast SEO Premium users can also get full support whenever they need it.

  1. It’s easy to connect WordPress to other software tools

You already know how easy it is to use Google Analytics and Yoast with WordPress.

But those aren’t the only pieces of software that work well with WordPress.

Here are a few more:

ConvertKit is an online marketing tool (for email campaigns, landing pages, and forms).

Sucuri (one of the best software for security).

G Suite (for your documents, spreadsheets, and emails).

By making sure these software tools work well with your site, you can increase engagement, which will help your SEO rank even more.

  1. WordPress has themes that are good for SEO

Search engine spiders look at more than just keywords and metadata to decide if a page is relevant.

Good web design is something else they look for that is very important.

When you use WordPress, you don’t have to worry about making sure that the design of your site is SEO-friendly.

Choose a theme that is good for SEO, and you’ll be on your way to getting spiders to visit your site.

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