Yoast SEO 19.7 causes a fatal error and crashes websites

Yoast SEO has released an update in order to correct critical issues that were brought on by a plugin conflict.

Yoast SEO 19.7 causes a fatal error and crashes websites

The Yoast SEO WordPress plugin version 19.7 was found to have a conflict with other plugins, which caused websites to have fatal problems. This conflict was identified after the plugin was updated.

This is the third time that a clash with another plugin has caused an update to Yoast to fail this year.

Fortunately, Yoast conducted an investigation into the concerns and promptly released an updated version of their software that addressed the issue.

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WordPress Error of Fatal Proportions

There are numerous reasons why a fatal mistake may occur; however, in this case, the issue was brought on by an update to Yoast SEO in which the coding was incompatible with that of another plugin.

This may occur if two different plugins are both attempting to achieve the same thing, but one of them is effectively stopping the other from doing its job or preventing it from working in some other way.

A plugin conflict could be thought of as being analogous to two automobiles driving in opposite directions on a road designed for only one vehicle.

In an ideal world, a plugin will create room in its source code for other plugins, particularly those that are widely used, so that neither plugin would attempt to do something that will prohibit the other plugins from performing their intended function.

This is precisely what occurred when the Yoast 19.7 upgrade was applied.

There was a conflict between Yoast 19.7 and other plugins (or custom code) that alter the location of the administrative login page.

Changing the login URL is a security measure that can be used to fool hacker software that is programmed to automatically travel to the default URL for administrator logins and attempt to guess the login password and credentials.

Yoast Has an Update for the Bug

Yoast has maintained complete openness on the flaw and has even posted a tweet in which it explains the situation to its users.

In a tweet, Yoast said:

“After the release of Yoast SEO 19.7, we were notified that this version generates a fatal error when used in combination with plugins or code that alters the default WordPress login URL. This information was provided to us after Yoast SEO 19.7 was made available to the public.

We are aware of the issue, and efforts are currently being made to find a solution.

According to the Yoast plugin development changelog, one of the improvements that was made to the way Yoast handles fatal errors with the release of version 19.7 was to prohibit it from running in the login page. This was one of the changes that were implemented with Yoast 19.7.

“Improves the handling of fatal mistakes in the front-end by stopping Yoast SEO from running in the login page, which enables users to access their dashboard,” the change reads.

Is it possible that this was the cause?

Why do plugins sometimes experience critical errors?

Yoast is not the only plugin that can have compatibility issues. The fact that it affects Yoast, which has millions of users, brings the issue to more people’s attention than it would otherwise.

On the other hand, this is the third time this year that a fatal error plugin conflict has been related with an update to a Yoast plugin.

In a tweet, the founder of the Yoast SEO Plugin, Joost De Valk, said that it is not always possible to account for all of the thousands of plugins that are part of the WordPress ecosystem and with which a coding conflict could occur.

Tweeted by him was:

“This is the kind of #WordPress plugin conflict issue that I honestly have no idea how to prevent from occurring.

How can you test your plugin against more than 60,000 different plugins?

If anyone has any smart suggestions, I’m all ears.”

Joost also tweeted that Yoast always tests their plugin upgrades prior to publication, mentioning that they do so with a number of the most popular plugins.

“We test against the major ones, and we’re not overly concerned about those; nevertheless, a few of the smaller ones working together can still give us enough of a pain.”

He continued by saying:

“…when things fail, it’s never a good experience. Despite the extensive testing that we perform, some errors may still occur. Developing plugins that are compatible with a big number of users is “simply” difficult.

Solution Provided Within the Next Few Hours

After making the announcement that they had found a bug in the update and were working to find a solution, Yoast released a new update less than two hours after making the announcement.

The Suggested Course of Action To Comply With

A new update, numbering 19.7.1, has been made available by Yoast. The following was written in the Yoast development changelog:

“Fixes a bug that caused a fatal error to be thrown in combination with some plugins that change the standard login page URL,” the developer wrote in the change log.

Users of the Yoast SEO plugin should seriously consider upgrading to the most recent available version of Yoast, which is currently version 19.7.1.

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